North Node Conjunct Uranus In Taurus – Freedom, On My Terms

On July 31st, 2022 North Node and Uranus meet for the much anticipated North Node-Uranus conjunction in Taurus.

The North Node and Uranus only meet every 15 years, so this is BIG! This epochal conjunction is further fueled by Mars – at the end of the month we will have a very intense, triple Mars-North Node-Uranus conjunction at 18° Taurus. 

Whenever we have a Uranus transit we ‘expect’ the unexpected.

Most people are filled with positive anticipation when there’s a Uranus transit, because they hope that Uranus will bring them something they want, that Uranus will somehow make the impossible possible. 

In reality, “expect the unexpected” means that what we expect to happen will not happen; what will eventually happen is something that is not even on the radar of our awareness. 

The good news is that North-Node conjunct Uranus will only bring us those events, opportunities, and people that serve our highest good.

Pay attention to whatever it is that happens during this time, and in the buildup to this conjunction. Keep your eyes wide open.

At an individual level, the conjunction will be experienced as a pull to live our life on our own terms. We can discover resources and talents we didn’t know we had, or finally shake off mental models or behaviors that have been sabotaging us for years. 

The conjunction can be either really really unsettling, or really really freeing – perhaps a bit of both.

Astrology lovers tend to be excited about Uranus and the North Node, since both Uranus and the North Node are connected with the future, with progress, with possibilities.  

Taurus – Freedom? Only On My Terms

However, Taurus, the most fixed and change-adverse sign of the zodiac, doesn’t naturally ‘gel’ with Uranus and the North Node.

Taurus will fight tooth and nail to conserve the status quo.

However, when Uranus and North Node join forces, there’s not much the Bull can do. The time for change has come. If there is a time in life when the Taurus part of our charts can be revolutionized, this is it! 

Many people think of Taurus as the fierce, stubborn Bull that it is better not to mess with. And there’s some truth to that – Taurus IS stubborn.

But that’s not because Taurus likes confrontations. In fact, Taurus hates conflict. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of harmony and cooperation. Taurus people don’t like to fight for what they want – instead, they use their Venusian charm to attract things and people to them. 

However, sometimes things in life don’t come easy. Some things are inherently difficult. And this is where Taurus’ preference for what’s familiar can become problematic.

Taurus people sometimes settle for less than they’re capable of, exactly because of this resistance to change, because of this reluctance to fight for what they want. 

And here comes Uranus, the most unpredictable, change-oriented astrological archetype. On a similar note, the North Node, our soul’s purpose, is an invitation to embrace the unknown – the most terrifying thing for a Bull.

The combined effect of Uranus and the North Node (plus the action-oriented Mars) will challenge Taurus at its core. 

Uranus And The North Node – Change. Future. Purpose

To better understand what we’re up for, let’s deep dive into the archetype of Uranus and the North Nodes.

The key word for Uranus is “paradigm shift”.

“Paradigm shift” means that whatever our Jupiter beliefs are, whatever our Saturn reality is, Uranus will come along and change it.

If, for example, you believe that getting a college education is a good thing, Uranus will make you change your mind. If instead, you believe that getting a college education is a waste of time and money, Uranus will change your mind too.

Many people think Uranus transits bring divorces. That’s true only if your paradigm is “don’t divorce”. People who don’t believe in committed relationships, change their minds too when they have a Uranus transit. One of the most convinced celibates, Taurus George Clooney got married in 2014, when transit Uranus was exactly conjunct his Venus. 

Uranus transits ask us to acknowledge the obvious.

When Uranus strikes, as shocked as we may be, deep inside we recognize that change was long overdue. Uranus in Taurus is the big elephant in the room. When we finally see it, we realize that it was always there, dominating the space – it’s just that we’ve been too blind to notice it. 

When we finally bump into it, we may feel shocked, or frustrated “Why are you tempering with my plans?”. “Because these plans no longer serve you”.

Uranus energy is non-emotional, and has no attachments. It just ‘knows’ what’s best. And this is where the freeing quality of Uranus comes from. When we’re stuck in our old ways, we don’t have the awareness to look into the future, to move beyond the status quo.

Just like an earthquake shakes foundations that are not solid and future-proof, Uranus shakes us to the core, removing all the attachments to what no longer serves us, freeing us from the past, and creating space for the future. 

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What about the North Node?

The North Node is our compass, our life purpose.

Unlike the South Node, which is our comfort zone, the North Node is the uncharted territory – what we must grow into, even if it’s scary, even if we need to become someone else in the process.

The North Node is a foreign energy that is outside of our conscious awareness. When we have a North Node transit, we’re in the dark – we need to trust and just go with the flow.

Uranus and North Node have quite a bit in common. They are both future, progress-oriented energies. Their goal is to set us free from the past, and show us that there are other ways – more freeing, more authentic – to live our lives. 

North Node Conjunct Uranus In Taurus – On My Terms

North Node conjunct Uranus in Taurus will set us free from beliefs, mental models, or life situations that are ruled by Taurus.

Taurus is our self-autonomy. Taurus rules our resources – material (money, assets), physical (energy levels), and everything we can count on because it’s ours – our talents, skills, and psychological resources. 

Uranus and North Node in Taurus will ask us to become autonomous so we can live freely.

Let’s say you’re in the woods: will you be able to survive? Find food, light a fire? If you lose your job, are your skills in demand so that you can easily find another job or start a business?  Being resourceful is not about having lots of money, it’s about being in a position where you can rely on yourself. 

We like to think we’re self-reliant, but if we rely on the government, or on a mindset where someone or something else (a person, the state) will take care of us, we are not – at least, not by Taurus’ terms. 

Self love is the #1 prerequisite to becoming independent and finding the type of freedom Uranus and North Node want us to find.

Unless we love ourselves, we won’t put in the effort to meet our needs, and will continue to stay at the mercy of outside circumstances.

It’s that deep understanding that we are worthy, that will help us get what we need – not by demanding it from others, but by using our own resources to meet these needs ourselves. 

North Node Conjunct Uranus In Taurus – Freedom, On My Terms

We are half-matter, half-spirit. Uranus is the awareness that there is a part of us that will eventually return to Earth, and a part of us that never dies.

In our solar system, Uranus follows Chiron, the half-man, half-horse centaur – a symbol for our dual nature. If with Chiron we become aware of our dual nature, Uranus is what comes when our duality is reconciled: a deep sense of awareness, which will eventually set us free. 

Freedom follows awareness. Once we become aware of our material limitations and circumstances, but also of our infinite possibilities – this awareness that there is a higher orchestration, and that everything is unfolding as it should, will set us free.

We no longer fear life and nature. And we know we owe it to our future self to continuously grow and evolve.

Irrespective of what happens around us, of restrictions and limitations, of how the world oppresses us – we know we are free. We know we have all we need to grow into the best possible version of ourselves. 

Uranus conjunct North Node in Taurus’ promise is freedom on our own terms. This freedom has nothing to do with rebellion, fighting authority, or breaking the law – but with having a deep knowing of who we are – of what we can change and what we cannot change.

This deep awareness of what’s within our area of influence, combined with the call to grow into the best possible version of ourselves, is what will eventually set us free.

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7 thoughts on “North Node Conjunct Uranus In Taurus – Freedom, On My Terms

  1. Thank you, Astro, for this in-depth and enlightening article on this important conjunction of Uranus and the North Node in Taurus. With Mars added to the mix, it definitely will be potent! I’m already feeling these energies at play, especially since that triple conjunction will be exactly conjunct my Jupiter at 18 degrees Taurus in my 4th house. It will also oppose my Mars in Scorpio at 17 degrees Scorpio and further ignite the existing T-square of Jupiter, my stellium in Leo in the 7th and 8th houses, and my North Node in Aquarius in my 1st house (8 degree Capricorn ascendant). The last few years have been very challenging ones for me in all areas of my life, but I have also gone through much growth as I faced those challenges and transmuted energies related to fear and self-worth. I definitely feel like the caterpillar ready to break free of its cocoon and emerge as a beautiful butterfly, preferably a Monarch one.😉 It’s said that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Well, by now, I must be wearing a titanium suit of armour! Lol Thank you again, Astro, for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with all of us. Sending you much Love and Light.❤️💖💞🌟💫

  2. Btw, Astro, I just checked my emails and found your email about the Uranus and North Node conjunction that had arrived in my inbox at 4:44 AM! The repeating numbers have been increasing exponentially for me since awhile!

  3. Interesting that you mentioned chiron. I have natal Chiron at 18 degrees Taurus and just started a transit of Uranus to it – and am already battling depression. Might this doozy of a transit mean I will be hit with more bad luck and shocks to an already strained mind and body (the last 18 months have entrenched the belief that the universe hates me for simply existing, and that anything I am grateful for will be ripped away), or does it mean possible healing?

    Scrounging for some hope as I am pummelled by Saturn conjunct moon and Saturn square Chiron transits this year. I’ve tried everything to heal – therapy, shadow work, EFT, breathwork, spirituality, past life regressions, and I do feel I’ve been brilliantly fooled by a cruel universe that led me on a wild goose chase this whole time. That I was never meant to heal at all but was just being kept alive so I could be shocked with more punishment and traumatised even further.

    Doe anyone have any pointers? Unable to look dispassionately at this and interpret it. I’m genuinely scared because this conjunction will also loosely square my natal moon at 25 Aquarius.

    The July 13th full moon just about did me in because it was in a hard exact aspect to my natal Saturn. It feels like all I can do for the past 18 months is prepare for more and more blows, while I get less resilient because I don’t get a chance to even come back up for air before the next shock or blow. I’m not sure I can handle more.

    Please anyone, I need some help seeing something possibly good for me. All this “for the highest good” has come to mean code for “being pushed to the brink of leaving the planet” so I read this post with a sinking heart.

    1. Janet, I completely understand, because I’m there right. now. The Nodes entering Taurus/Scorpio are doing me in. First, I had roommates move in that were nightmares, on a physical (and spiritual) level; they legit sent demons after me to move me out, they broke into my room using deceit – I trusted the building manager; who turned out to be working with them – and things got so bad with the stealing and messing with my things that I destroyed everything and left. I stayed with my sis for a week; she kicked me out after stealing the money I meant to give her for letting me stay with her and use her things. I’d been on the run ever since, staying in hotels; I’m on the street right now; been since mid-June. My former church people have been attacking me nonstop because they think that because I left the church, and went to a particular city, that I was doing witchcraft (I wasn’t, although I studied what I could, I went for a new life), that I should be punished. I’m energetically trying to heal, but I’m literally all alone. I’m losing faith in God/the Gods right now. Even the girl I love treats me like an option/a mild annoyance and keeps her distance from me because it would ruin her reputation and standing/security for her family. The whole world is against me. Everything smells like tobacco and s#it. Praying is a dearth to my being; I managed to do Warrior I and II poses, but I rarely hardly have the energy. I feel everything, as well. I have no water, no money, no friends or family, lost my luggage, I can barely stay one place on the street b/c folks keep harassing me; including those “godly” folks I mentioned before, who keep harassing my energy after they abused me. I look into myself and attempt to refrain from victimhood/accusations, thinking “well, it must be energies within me that attract this much negativity.” And I see them. The hurt, self-deprecation, childhood wounds, I truly am working on it all. But it hurts, and I’m exhausted on all fronts. I’m just waiting for Saturn to turn direct as an Aqua with a Leo Moon (challenging home) and for the Nodes to exit the current fixed signs. Uranus in Taurus is in my Solar fourth house, shaking things up, opposing my natal fourth, so there’s that too. I hate “waiting” on the planets, as if it couldn’t be any harder. But I’m praying it’s not.

  4. I too have been driven to the brink of leaving this world. Everyday. The “better” days are cruel mercies compared to the miserable ones.

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