Transform Your Life With Astrology

Nothing happens by chance. The stars have aligned so you can land on this page.

There is a connection between the movement of the stars and what happens here on earthOur inner world is a reflection of the world outside, and everything is synchronized. As above, so below.

Astro Butterfly stands for astrologyAstro” and transformationButterfly“. Astrology can transform your life.

What is Astro Butterfly?

Astro Butterfly is a blog, a community and an astrology school.

  • The Astro Butterfly School is an acclaimed astrology education service. With more than 4.000 students, the Astro Butterfly online courses are appreciated by astrology lovers from all around the world.
  • Astro Butterfly’s “Age Of Aquarius Community” is an astrology community for astrology lovers from all around the world.
  • The Astro Butterfly Blog is a free weekly email newsletter. When you subscribe, you get access to astrology forecast, new and full moon reports, and other important transits and astrology information.

I. Astro Butterfly School

In 2023, the Astro Butterfly School will host 2 live online courses: “Chiron – Your Deepest Wound, Your Greatest Gift” and “Astro Butterfly Wings” natal chart reading certification program

Online Courses (On-Demand)

If you like Astro Butterfly’s approach to astrology, we offer several online courses you can get access to straight away. You can find an overview of the Astro Butterfly courses HERE

Astro Butterfly Wings PRO Certification Program – January -March 2024

Astro Butterfly Wings is a 10-week natal chart reading certification program that runs from September to November 2023.

    1. Astro Butterfly Wings is for beginner and intermediate astrology students.
    2. Astro Butterfly Wings PRO is for upper-intermediate and advanced students. To get notified when the course opens for enrollment, make sure you SAVE THE DATE

Chiron, Your Deepest Wound, Your Greatest Gift  – 2024

In February 2024 we will run a special live program dedicated to the Chiron-North Node conjunction in Aries. To get notified when the program opens for enrollment, make sure you SAVE THE DATE

Pluto In Aquarius  – 2024

In November 2024 we will run a special live program dedicated to Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius. To get notified when the program opens for enrollment, make sure you SAVE THE DATE

Saturn Conjunct Neptune – 2025

In April 2025 we will run a special live program “Genesis” dedicated to the Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Aries.

Uranus In Gemini – 2025

In July 2025 we will run a special live program dedicated to Uranus’ ingress into Gemini.

Astrological Aspects – 2025

In this highly practical, workshop-format program, we study and learn how to read aspects. Aspects are the secret sauce of natal chart reading interpretation and the #1 reason why people get stuck when they learn astrology. To get notified when the program opens for enrollment, make sure you SAVE THE DATE

II. Astro Butterfly’s Age Of Aquarius Community

If you love Astro Butterfly’s approach to Astrology and would you like to be part of a vibrant community of 400+ astrology enthusiasts around the world, join the Age Of Aquarius Community.  Registration opens January 2024. 

III. Astro Butterfly Blog

Subscribe to Astro Butterfly’s free weekly newsletter. You will receive weekly emails with the breakdown of upcoming astrological events, tips on reading your chart — plus special invitations for members only. Join the tribe of other 49.000+ Astro Butterflies around the world!  

24 thoughts on “Transform Your Life With Astrology

  1. Today I’m reading for the first time your blog.
    Thanks for sharing so much of your knowlegde.

  2. This might be an inevitable coincidence to find your blog on the day of Leo solar eclipse.
    Your words are very convincing. I have just subscribed and very looking forward to read more article posts by you.

    Now you should know that I’m in the transition of my life. I hope to find some tips for my life through your blog.


  3. Such divine timing to discover you when I did – your writing is incredible and the September and Venus Retrograde newsletters have blown my mind with the content and many angles you approach this mad cosmic science with! Spookier still to notice that like Brigitte and Akira I too am Taurus Sun with Libra Rising! My moon is in Sag but I do have Venus in Gemini <3

  4. Discovered your blog today when googling timing of Venus retrograde and I too was “blown away” by your writing, your insights, and the timing/synchronicity of them for me. My chart is mostly earth and water but with one air planet (Gemini sun) sextile one fire sign (Pluto in Leo) and with Venus in Taurus as the final dispositor of all! I’m hoping your blog will help me sort out my relationships with my Scorpio Sun/Libra rising husband and double Libra, moon in Taurus, Saturn conjunct Pluto in Scorpio son. So grateful to you!

  5. You write like no other. I loved your beautiful article on the Venus retrograde of 2018. Loved the bit about the evening star becoming a morning star. Based on your article I started my skin care business October 29 when the evening star phase had ended and the morning star phase had begun. I hope beautiful Venus is on my side in this very Venusian endeavor! I am a Sun libra with Sag Asc and Scorpio Moon. I also hope Jupiter in Sagittarius helps me out in my business!

    Thanks so much and keep writing your wonderful articles. Every time I read something scary and confusing on the other astrology sites I come to your site for wisdom and enlightenment. You really stand out in this field. Congratulations!

  6. I’ve been a professional astrologer for more than forty years, and I really enjoy your newsletters. This month’s Mercury Retrograde newsletter just nailed it for me! I also have a square between Mercury R and Neptune in my chart, and your description of Neptune dissolving what you believe to be true just put my entire life in a nutshell! Thank you for your insightful and thoughtful posts, I always
    look forward to reading them!

    1. You are welcome, glad you resonated with the description of Mercury Retrograde square Neptune. Love <3

  7. I can’t take with out thanking you. Thank you for all your efforts. You are appreciated and loved by me… Thank you.

  8. Neptune has been parked on, or within a couple degrees, of my mid-heaven for a while. Uranus is in opposition of my natal Sun / Mercury, who are exactly conjunct. Since August my life has been totally without objective or direction and I have been unable to sort out what to do next. As of January 5 or so I have been feeling like things are finally coming back into focus. I have some courage again. Your guidance regarding the Jupiter / Capricorn / Pluto activity is helping me to understand I need to let go of the past and embrace the future. I have no natal planets or aspects in Capricorn so I find that somewhat encouraging. Grit… I need to press forward. Thanks for your help!

  9. I grew up with astrology, mum took it up when I was very young. However, when it comes to the crunch, the forecasts always seem inapplicable to my life, starting in my teens with a progressed sun trine venus, where nothing whatever happened on the culminating day, despite some pretty amazing predictions. I used to love the snappy forecasts from astrology dot com, but again, for all their wit, they never seemed to reflect the events, or lack thereof, in my life. Similarly with paid psychological tests, for instance on the old mary dot com back when it was a dating site with such tests available. However, now I’m getting on, so I’ll give it yet another shot, see if any congruence develops. I’ve seen astrology work well for others, but somehow not for me. So we’ll see.

  10. Fascinating Peter!
    As a novice myself in this field, may I ask if your peronal Astro data is known/accurate?
    I have felt simlilar to you in previous times. My time of birth was a bit vage … but after a getting a rectification done by a good proffessional, I started to see some quite useful correlations.
    Paradoxically, even that lack of ‘correlation’ may well be ‘in’ your chart!!
    I’m a boomer who has dabbled fer years to varying degrees & have found sometimes very clear correlations both personally & in relating to others…. sometimes in ‘hindsight’ …. by ‘reverse engineering’ certain aspects … seeing what potentialities were in play during various times of life. At other times I have managed to avoid certain potential calamaties based on previous correlated experience.
    It’s not fer everone …. but like the weather (I often say in an apologist kinda way “Astrology is a bit like cosmic weather!!) we all experience it … & some look at forecasts n some dont … n some get an intuitive feel fer it n some even become forecasters.
    Go well!!

    1. Dave, by now you’re probably not a novice anymore. If it’s still relevant, what tilted me over the line of belief was actually the Chiron article on this site… I’d been using Sun sign alone for twenty years, trying to put people in 12 neat little buckets–doesn’t work that way. You need to understand the Sun, rising, and Moon; you need to get a few house charts (realizing that each house interprets different things; 3rd house, for instance involves technology, communications, and siblings). Then you need to know the planets and aspects filling these houses. So putting it all together might look like: I am a Libra Sun (true nature) who wants everything to be fair and full of fine things. My rising is Aries, meaning my personality is charming, fearless, and playful. My Moon is in Pisces which cares for the sick/animals. I have Saturn (structure/limitation) in the 4th house (home/private life/father) which has always made it difficult to feel secure in a home. I have Uranus (symbolizing surprises, welcome or not) in the 8th house (ruling taxes/inheritance/death/peak experiences). Uranus and Saturn are square (90deg.) from each other–making those surprises affect (aspect) each other. So when I tell you that I’ve been screwed out of two inheritances (8th house) and have always struggled to pay the rent (4th house) you can use this basic methodology to sort things out. Of course there’s so much more… You’re in the right place. As mentioned on several occasions, Astrobutterfly’s writing is incredibly lucid, thorough, and hits home beyond cliche wound-ology gooblygook running rampant from puerile, wannabe capitalistic prestidigitation… Best of luck to both host and seeker! David B.

    1. Yes 🙂 once a year, in September-Oct. make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to get notified

  11. Hi AstroButterfly
    I am really enjoying all that I am reading on your site. I was wondering how you got started in astrology and how long have you been an astrologer?

  12. Hello, I was wondering who is astro butterfly. Is it a person or a team? What is the foundation of the astrology you practice?

  13. Thank you for your beautiful and in-depth insight. I enjoy your newsletters very much. I look forward to the full astrology program.

  14. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blogs. You write with so much love and grace. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and following your calling. Your work makes a difference in the world.

  15. Your words (and email updates) are just golden wisdom. Perfectly timed (no coincidence there!), make absolute sense of the world within and around me, and clearly articulated. Thank you so much for enabling me to understand astrology and navigate through my life better because of it. In gratitude, Jo

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