Chiron Opposite Uranus – The Wounded Healer Generation

Did you know that almost everyone born between 1950 and 1989 (that’s 40 years) has Chiron opposite Uranus in their chart? 

Chances are that if you are born between 1950 and 1989 you have Chiron opposite Uranus in your chart!

Chiron opposite Uranus is an incredibly long transit.

Think about it: a normal transit (let’s say, Sun square Mars) lasts for a few days only. Transits involving slow-moving planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) that occur much less frequently, only last for up to a few years. 

But a 40-year transit is exceptionally rare. In fact, in our lifetime we only experienced two such lengthy transits: one of them is Neptune sextile Pluto, and the other one, is, you guessed it, Chiron opposite Uranus. 

These long transits are only possible when we have a planet with an eccentric/elliptical orbit making an aspect with the next planet (according to the distance from the Sun) with a similar orbit in length.

That’s why we can only have these long, generational aspects between Chiron (eccentric orbit) and Uranus, and Pluto (eccentric orbit) and Neptune. And that’s why these long transits occur so rarely – and that’s why these transits are the most significant transits in a given century. 

These unusually long transits are called ‘generational transits’ and affect whole generations. We can say that the ’50s to ’90s generation is the “Chiron opposite Uranus” or the “Wounded Healer” generation.

Some people born between 1950 and 1989 don’t have an exact Chiron-Uranus opposition (i.e. the orb between Chiron and Uranus is larger than 8°). They are nevertheless influenced by this transit because they are born in the period of time between the first exact Chiron-Uranus opposition (50s) and the last Chiron-Uranus opposition (late 80s). 

And even if you are born before 1950 or after 1989, most people you interact with are part of the “Chiron opposite Uranus” generation so this influences you indirectly. 


Chiron was opposite Uranus for an unusually long time and this explains why Chiron plays such an important role in our lives.

Chiron orbits between Saturn and Uranus, being the “link” between the two, between the world as we know it (represented by Saturn) and what’s beyond the known (Uranus, the first transpersonal planet). 

If you look at the sky you will be able to see all planets up to Saturn… but not Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto, which are ‘invisible’ to the naked eye. 

Uranus’ discovery coincided with the independence wars, including the French and the American Revolution, and the Age of enlightenment. 

Neptune’s discovery coincided with the Romantic and Industrial revolutions, the development of the steam engine, chemistry, and sail trades. This is also when entire cultures and religious systems were wiped out, in the Americas and Africa.

Pluto’s discovery coincided with the discovery of the Atomic bomb, the rise of the totalitarian regimes, and the development of psychoanalysis. 

All these developments profoundly influenced our society – since 1781, When Uranus was discovered, our society has changed more dramatically than in thousands and thousands of years of evolution. 

This is the power of the transpersonal planets.

And this is exactly the kind of power that Chiron unlocks.

Before the discovery of Chiron, in 1977, our mind could not tune into the frequency of the outer planets, and we experienced their influence as “fate”, as something that happens to us. 

We clearly needed a ‘tool’ to integrate the powerful energy of the transpersonal planets in a more harmonious way. And that tool is Chiron

Chiron’s discovery coincided with the rise of alternative healing practices and the concept of the mind-body connection (yoga, meditation, reiki) which profoundly changed – and is still changing – our consciousness.

Chiron also brought a revival of astrology (in Greek mythology, Chiron was an astrologer), because astrology is the missing link between nature/science and planets/the universe.   

Chiron is the link between the visible and the invisible, meaning its role is to help you see what would otherwise remain invisible, and experienced as “fate”. 

Chiron “works” in a 3-stage process. I call these three stages the “Wounded Healer”, the “Shaman” and the “Alchemist”. 

Chiron – The Wounded Healer, The Shaman, The Alchemist

Chiron is the Wounded Healer because the process of breaking free from the material limitations of Saturn is not easy. But the “Chiron opposite Uranus” generation has been called to take this step. If you are born between 1950 and 1989 you are a Wounded Healer too, which means you were born with the mission to transcend Saturn or what our forefathers called “reality”.

Chiron is the Shaman, because he can travel between Hell, Heaven, and the Middle Earth. Chiron, therefore, acts as an integrator between the 3 worlds.

When our recent ancestors (think of our ancestors who destroyed paganism or burned witches) rejected what they called “Hell” – they rejected nature, they rejected basically half of reality. The Shaman is here to bridge that gap and integrate nature and the divine.

Chiron transits help you bring together these apparently broken parts of yourself into a whole.

Chiron is the Alchemist, because he does not only bring together the man and the horse, nature and the divine, the matter and the spirit – but he can also create something much greater from the merger. 

That’s why working with Chiron is so important for our generation. Even if you are born before 1950 or after 1989, Chiron will still show you where you have the potential to transcend your limitations and create something much greater. You are here for a reason, and Chiron will help you see what that reason is. 

Do you want to learn more about the 3 Chiron archetypes?

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17 thoughts on “Chiron Opposite Uranus – The Wounded Healer Generation

  1. I was born on January 10, 1953, 12:43 AM. I’ve been told that this time was very close to Chiron. I could never figure out the true meaning of this. Could I get the meaning of all this explained so I could understand it.

    1. Where were you born, Trudy? That information is necessary for looking at your chart. To say that Chiron was close to this time is inaccurate. Chiron has a placement in your chart somewhere, as it does in everyone’s astrological chart, just not necessarily in the same place where others have it.

  2. I was born 2/3/60 at 12:59 a.m. in Queens NY.
    I was told that I was born with one foot in the Spirit Realm.
    How does your information affect or relate to me?

  3. I would think the Uranus late Cancer to Neptune late Libra would be consequential too

  4. I hope this will provide some clarity to those who haven’t started with their Chiron work or who have started but are confused or stuck.
    I read that Chiron-moon aspects are even harder to deal with when Chiron is in Saturn’s orbit, natally or by transit. I guess things won’t be different for Chiron-Saturn and Chiron-sun, in Saturn’s orbit. I have a Chiron-moon conjunction early Aries opposite Uranus at critical 29 of Virgo. Uranus transiting that conjunction blew the ceiling and left me with no cover, all this while applying a 7year square to my equally transformative chart ruler Pluto in Capricorn. I had nowhere to hide, I had to face Chiron and his aftermath, transformation had come full force.
    Chiron wound is the source of your deepest or darkest demon.
    He is currently in Uranus’ orbit. If your Chiron is in Aries you’re running out of time, you have to start working now because when Saturn arrives it’s going to be a very different ball game. Chiron in Taurus the sooner you start the better, You have Uranus in your corner and don’t want to wait for Chiron to arrive because when he does he will be in Saturn’s orbit. Neither Taurus nor Saturn like change. Chiron is transformative, pre and during transformation works best with Pluto and Uranus, post transformation during rebuilding of your life works best with Saturn and Mars. The advantage of working while Chiron is in Uranus orbit is that with Uranus, unlike Pluto, you don’t have to dig to the underworld, Uranus does the digging for you, exposes areas that need change and show you how, he also throws at you flashes of genius opportunities for change. Pluto on the other hand wants you to do the manual work of digging, this is after a long period of trying to figure out what he is on about and you never really understand because he is mysterious with a hidden agenda. The thing with Uranus is that he wants change and he wants it right now.
    Don’t allow anybody to appease you and talk you into not rocking the boat when the boat has to be rocked. For your Chiron wound, you want space and freedom to question everything regarding your wound and get almost all the answers if not all, if you can’t get satisfactory answers get clarity and get acknowledgement. If those who should give answers have passed on, allow your Neptune, 12th house, eclipses, new moons, full moons, Uranus and Mercury retrograde to give you that clarity. Cooperate with your 12th house, it carries a lot of clarity.
    Most importantly, you want to address the core of the wound and not the periphery. Get to identify and understand the target, is what you believe to be the wound, the wound? Is the person you believe to be the wounder, the wounder? You aren’t sure, thats why its important to unpack your Chiron placement; the house, the sign, aspects and the whole nine yards. Example, looking at your life you believe your absent father is the Chiron wounder, in the meantime your natal Chiron conjunct, oppose or square moon or lunar nodes which points to the mother being the actual wounder and a deep one at that if the nodes are involved, with or without the moon. This would possibly mean the mother was the reason the father was absent. OR, you believe being sent to boarding school wounded you and you blame the stepfather you already dislike for that when it actually was your mother’s idea because she wanted to focus husband and wife efforts on building the family business and you were an inconvenience. You don’t care if that business is defunct or not, you were wounded that’s all that matters now and the wound is the reason you are a substance abuser.
    I grew up believing my father was the wounder, in the meantime my Saturn and Sun have nothing to do with the moon and the nodes. This is not to say I had no reasons to believe my father was the wounder, there were many, the point is that according to the planetary placements he did not cut the deepest wound. People can cut but only one places the deepest. Another example: a parent who knowingly (or elects to not know) fails to protect a child from the abusive parent, when he or she is healthy and can protect, cuts deeper than the abuser. The focus should be on healing the deepest wound, once that job is started, wounds in the periphery will heal with less effort. I say when the job has started because its never really done, its a lifetime process that should turn positive. Your destiny / North Node could be linked to your Chiron but it doesn’t have to be, for Chiron to turn positive.
    Example of a birth chart of a passed on wounder providing direction: My mother’s nodes form a tight mutable T-square with mine, and my Chiron conjunct the moon in the 6th house in a tight trine to Mars in Sag. One of the weapons she used besides gross child neglect was work, having me work like a servant at a very early age, the 6th house rules over work. Mars is associated with work, manual work to be exact. I’m happy to say I’m healing, I continue to get my clarity from my empty 12th house, new moon full moons and eclipses provide clarity and answers, so does Mercury retrograde, Mars is part of my rebuilding, he activated my Vertex in Aries which confirms that my North Node is activated, my next venture involves manual work and it is linked to the North Nodes, interestingly, it is what my wounder did in her South Node, I did not choose it, on the contrary…I tried by all means to avoid doing this but the universe chose it for me, just as I was moving in a different direction believing this was my NN, I was hit by the Saturn-Uranus square of the first semester 2020, the square directed me to my destiny, what I’m kick starting. My NN is in boundless Pisces which is hard to understand, my NN was not clear until the square ‘happened’.

    1. Thank you for this examination of Chiron’s energy and manifestations. You spoke of when there is a connection from N. Node to Chiron. Can you recommend an article that elaborates on this idea? I have Uranus in Leo in 12th opposite Chiron and square the Nodes/Sun.

  5. Vesta can also point to the mother’s role in the wounding process. I suppose black lilith too but I haven’t come across anything that unpack the Lilith re: Chiron. I know someone’s whose Chiron is in a not exact but tight enough conjunction with the sun, Chiron in exact conjunction to Vesta, the whole pack square moon and the same pack inconjunct Lilith. South Node is in a 9degree inconjunction to the moon. From what I know now, on the surface the wounder appeared to be the father or relates to the father (Sun), the mother as Vesta interfered as an appeaser to ease the conjunction with the Sun as well as the tension with the square to the moon which is her position. Turns out the father who was believed to be the wounder is not the biological father and the mother knew this hence the desperate interference and efforts to appease her son at all cost. The wound relates to the father but not necessarily the father, the ‘present’ father did cut with his heavy handedness and physically and verbally abusive approach to parenting but that was not the Chiron would, it was a Chiron cut compared to what the mother (Vesta, moon, Lilith South Node) did. Healing this cut will not heal the wound because the now grown man was denied the relationship with his biological father, and as a result of that he is struggling to build a family of his own. If his mother told him the truth it was done late, the biological father had died. And the delusional evil woman turned her son against the man who had raised him, presenting herself as a victim to justify her adulterous actions when she was a bible pounding imposter and the victim was the hard working man who left home at 4:30am everyday and came back at 6pm, she’s at home the whole day entertaining men including family members while making me do all the house work after school. The biological father was a family member, a cousin to the husband. The person who cut the deepest wound has to be the married woman who had an outsider father a child with her and made sure that the biological father stays away and keeps quiet about their secret so she could keep her marriage. The biological father had nothing to lose, he was not married. Selfish, evil deluded woman, her spirit is wandering, her son is a lost cause, I’m not carrying their burden I did that in my South Node.

    1. If you read this please let me know how I can get in touch with you. You’ll not believe this, the last few paragraphs are what has happened to me. I can’t explain it properly to anyone and I have never come across this from anyone else. The whole bio/absent and marital affairs etc – that’s it. Chiron conj Aries, Chiron opp Uranus. I would so love to hear from you.

  6. I wish I could be as enlightening as other commenters, but alas, this one is about me. Uranus is just finishing up its conjunction to my natal moon, and poising to jump into my 7th house. This is square my Natal Uranus, squared to my Natal Chiron at the last degree of my 3rd house, and opposite my Ascendant conjunct Neptune in 12th and N Node in the 1st. I thought the transit over my natal Moon was enough, now I’m stressed over all the changes coming up. Should I pick up and move and become a monk, do they let females be monks? Or is all I can do is hang on for dear life? Any insights will do…. 🙂

  7. Hi all if it’s useful I have Uranus ninth Cancer exactly opposite Chiron in third Capricorn. I feel like it’s overall, the struggle to bring my spiritual intuitive knowing into material form that is easy for others to understand. My first Chiron square at age 15-16 Aries was pretty much about intellectual independence . I’m revisiting this now a whole cycle later and feeling I need to teach and write after a life time as a therapist. Looking at the Chiron squares to itself is useful. Uranus has moved through my seventh in the last year as it’s squared transiting Saturn. Basically I ended a number of friendships and associations of rather had them simply fall away. Transiting Uranus is approaching a sextile to my natal Uranus and of course about to trine natal Chiron so I’m expecting a creative burst! Progressed moon will be in Sag at the midpoint of the Uranus Uranus sextile too. So wish me luck! As for Uranus transiting major planets I suggest it doesn’t last for ever! At some level we are responsible for our decisions to change… and yes women can become Buddhist, Zen, Hindu and Christian monks and nuns, but what is the calling?? Best to all V

  8. Thank you for this awareness. That’s a long transit but very important for me as my Moon- Mars- Chiron are conjunct at 24-25-26 degrees Pisces (Sidereal but irrespective , they’ll still be conjunct in Tropical too although in Aries) all within a degree each of other with Uranus exactly opposite at 25 Virgo (again Sidereal) which will be Libra in Tropical.

    So my personal planets (Moon, Mars) are involved in this celestial phenomenon. And the Moon-Mars- Chiron are in 6th house of healing and Uranus in 12th.

    Today felt called to research on this.

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