Jupiter Conjunct Saturn In Aquarius – A New Order

Genesis, Tower of Babel: “A united human race speaking a single language comes to the land of Shinar. There they agree to build a tower tall enough to reach heaven. God, observing their plans, confounds their speech so that they can no longer understand each other, and scatters them around the world”.

The much-awaited Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on December 21st, 2020 may well bring us a modern interpretation of the Tower of Babel.

We may not see it yet, but a new order is just around the corner.

And no, that’s not the New World Order carefully crafted in the last decade by Capricorn, top-down hierarchical structures. 

Since the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction occurs exactly at 0° Aquarius, this new order is nothing like we expect it to be. It is truly “Aquarius”: innovative, people-oriented, bottom-up, and YES, different. 

There is a reason why in the Tower of Babel, God interrupted peoples’ plan to reach the heavens: that reason is hubris

No one and nothing can be God (or the Universe, or however you prefer to call this Divine Design). When we want to be as powerful as God (or the Universe) we collapse just like the Tower of Babel did. 

There is a limit to how far a top-down structure can go. Just like any big empire or organization collapses sooner or later, top-down structures eventually outlive their purpose and become corrupted. 

The truth is, nature is simply too complex to be governed by a one-size-fits-all type of structure. 

Of course, there are times in the development of consciousness when we need Capricorn’s rules and order. Capricorn follows Sagittarius. Sagittarius sets the vision, but lacks the resources and discipline to turn this vision into a reality. 

And here is where we need Capricorn. Capricorn, through planning, structure and a good understanding of the natural laws, has the power to transform Sagittarius’ vision into reality. 

However, it comes at a time when this Capricorn structure has become too rigid, too outdated, and stops serving its initial purpose.

When this happens, we need to re-think it, re-engineer it, and if it is rotten beyond repair, to start things all over again.   

It’s interesting that Jupiter has been chasing Saturn all year, but has not managed to catch up with it. Jupiter and Saturn’s Capricorn agenda will not get the chance to materialize. While in Capricorn, both Jupiter and Saturn met Pluto instead. Talk about a change of plans! 

When a planet – any planet – has a randez-vous with Pluto, you can bet that they will not have any chance of influencing Pluto. 

It is exactly the other way around. Pluto influences them – and Pluto is known for stripping down anything that is weak, corrupted, and can no longer sustain life. 

Set free from Pluto’s purgatory, Jupiter and Saturn are now ready to build something that is a reflection of their best qualities – something that is truly sustainable.

If you’ve looked in the night sky in the last months, you may have seen Jupiter and Saturn, getting closer and closer together. In December, they are less than 1° away from each other. 

And just when Jupiter is about to catch Saturn, Saturn leaves Capricorn and slips into Aquarius, on December 17th, 2020. Jupiter follows suit 2 days later, and finally on December 21st, 2020, the two meet in an epochal conjunction at 0° Aquarius. 

Will Jupiter conjunct Saturn bring a reorganization of existing structures, or a complete reset of the system?

Time will tell.

Don’t expect everything to change in a blink of an eye on December 21st, 2020. Jupiter and Saturn are not Uranus or Pluto. They will not turn our lives upside down (Uranus) nor will mercilessly wipe everything out (Pluto). 

Jupiter And Saturn – The Architects Of Our Solar System

Jupiter and Saturn are pretty much ‘in your face’, ‘what you see is what you get’, type of influence.

Jupiter comes with the vision. Saturn with the implementation. Together, they are the architects of our solar system.

When they join forces, they create a structure that has coherence (Jupiter) and that is built to last (Saturn). 

And while Jupiter and Saturn are great architects… in Aquarius, they will build a different type of structure.  

Capricorn is a Cardinal, Earth sign. Capricorn is associated with the Midheaven, the highest point in the sky. What kind of structure would Jupiter and Saturn build together in Capricorn? A Tower of Babel-like structure. 

And what kind of structure would Jupiter and Saturn build in Aquarius? To answer this question, let’s remember what Aquarius stands for. 

Aquarius – World Wide Web

The Aquarius glyph is two electromagnetic waves, a symbol for information that comes not from within ourselves (Gemini), nor from other people (Libra), but from the higher mind of the Universe

If the previous sign, Capricorn, is concerned with bringing a concrete, material plan to execution, Aquarius is about coming with a new vision, with a new architecture – something that is not based on Capricorn’s material realities, but inspired by the Universe itself. 

Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus. Saturn and Uranus couldn’t be more different, and we find this paradox in the underlying nature of Aquarius. Aquarius is a Fixed sign that loves structure. 

However, Aquarius is also an Air sign that loves to connect people and ideas. When we combine “Fixed” with “Air” we get invisible ties, which are a metaphor for friendship and strong, yet flexible connections and structures.

The internet itself or the world wide web is nothing but an invisible network of information. Both the internet and Social Media are linked to Aquarius. Social (Air) + Media (Uranus). 

Saturn is the Earth. Uranus is the sky. Uranus’ impulse comes from the sky, and while it may seem sudden, while it may feel like it’s the workings of fate, it makes just as much sense as Saturn’s insight, which is rooted in the intelligence of nature. 

However, to tap into Uranus’ intelligence, we need to tap into our intuition. Sometimes, the essential is indeed invisible to the eye. 

If you want to understand how Aquarius builds structures look at spiders. Unlike top-down, pyramidal structures that serve a predetermined goal, a spider’s web develops organically and takes into account its environment. 

The spider starts with small spreads, it seeks opportunities, and finds the most natural way to move forward. The result? An organic, flexible, yet durable structure.

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn In Aquarius – Co-Creation With The Universe

In the Age of Aquarius, top-down systems cannot succeed because this is not how Aquarius works.

Aquarius recognizes the uniqueness of the individual (Leo, the opposite sign) and brings together these unique talents and gifts to create something that is greater than the sum of its parts. 

The Aquarius agenda that eventually emerges is not the result of one individual, but the sum of individuals.

With Aquarius, we cannot have predetermined goals or top-down agendas; with Aquarius, the outcome emerges from the inside out. The Aquarius agenda is ever-evolving, because we people are ever-evolving. 

With Aquarius, we don’t know what the future will bring, and that is a good thing. Knowing what the future will bring means stagnation. 

Just like a house of cards or the Tower of Babel, anything that is manipulated from the top and not built on the principles of co-creation, has weak structures and will eventually collapse. 

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on December 21st, 2020 is our opportunity, but also our obligation to get involved and create a better future for ourselves – as well as the generations that are to come. Take this opportunity seriously – this may be one of the most important moments of our lives. 

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24 thoughts on “Jupiter Conjunct Saturn In Aquarius – A New Order

  1. Would it be possible to not reference the Christian religion ? I mean, if you are going to refer to organized religions, why not other faiths ? I do enjoy your posts and your interpretations of the astrology but I am put off by Christianity/G*D references.
    Thank you for understanding (!?)

    1. He does try to clarify his intent of being all-inclusive I this statement…

      No one and nothing can be God (or the Universe, or however you prefer to call this Divine Design). When we want to be as powerful as God (or the Universe) we collapse just like the Tower of Babel did.

      1. Thank you for your article. I am so looking forward to this new age. It’s my hope people will focus more on similarities rather than differences. Divisory focus, regardless of the subject, keeps humanity weak and divided. But I imagine that is quite by design.

    2. Chirstian religion is the only one I am familiar with, but I’m sure there are parallels with other religions. Please, feel free to share examples from other religions 🙂

    3. If God and Jesús offend you you should leave western civilization, since :

      free hospitals, free schools, civil rights, abolition, women’s rights, animal rights, wildlife conservation, economic liberty, and American political philosophy based on Divine Free Will and Individual God-given Rights


      In other words Christians paid with their blood for you to be alive now, whining about people mentioning Jesus.

      But nobody is forcing you to live in a society based on Christian morality that affords you your extremely high quality of life.

      You don’t need to benefit from Christian ethos of Natural Law jurídis prudence that produced the most compassionate and fair legal system ever to exist in human history

      You don’t need Christian Freedom philosophy that developed the economic and political framework for the most prosperous and peaceful civilization ever to exist.

      The religion that inspired people everywhere to not commit human sacrifice and ritualistic child abuse that was rampant in the pre-Christian world. To live a non violent and merciful life as Jesus taught – who cares, right?

      Except all of this exists as a result of devout Christians missions to develop systems based on understanding Order and Justice of God, including the first charities to educate, feed, and provide medical care to the poor

      You directly benefit from Christianity by living in a post Christian world and a free country founded on the Christian belief:


      You take this for granted but it’s not a random luck you exist. Read history (not only marxist revisionism)

      If God is so off putting, feel free to leave Christendom and the countless blessings it has bestowed upon you

  2. Great description of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius. But with Saturn in Aquarius, won’t there be more censorship of digital media?

    1. Actually I found your analogy and example of the tower of babel insightful and somewhat inspirational. It was really helpful understanding your use of top-down in relation to Capricorn and Aquarius. Perhaps the rigidity of Orthodox religions and even those who are anti-religious could be seen as stuck in a similar Capricornia tower themselves? Many of us who are non-Christian can relate to the historic value and lessons learnt from many of its stories and history. Thank you so much.

  3. A really excellent summation in my opinion, well done. December 21 and the period around it must surely represent the most pivotal point of our era and our lives, one which we must all grasp as individuals, where we truly begin to change and ascend spiritually. I think we will return to a kind of localism, where community becomes paramount, whilst grasping huge leaps in technology which will transform everything, from the way we travel to the way we radically improve our health. I would contend that Aquarius has only one ruler, Saturn, in its ‘positive’ aspect, but that is a matter upon which we will have to agree to disagree. Great piece, great site.

  4. Wow!!! Thank you so much🙏🏾 Just so well written and explained. Your examples are so on point! I’ve been feeling intuitively what you’ve wrote, I think you nailed it. After working 15 years in the Financial Services in the Corporate world, my gut tells your reference of Tower of Babel is perfect. I couldn’t agree more. All of those structures need to crumble, top down approach, across all sections of our lives. I believe it will come from the people, grass roots, uniting and coming together. No pressure for December 21😅 I’m excited! Sending gratitude 🙏🏾

  5. So does Jupiter blast the Saturnian restrictive boundaries and limitation or does Saturn restrict the jupiterian expansion???

  6. So does Jupiter blast Saturn’s restrictive conservative limiting qualities or does saturnrestruct jupiters expansiveness????

  7. The veil is being lifted each day in our Christmas advent calendar and revealing another truth everyday! The NWO is enough to terrify anyone. I have never been so excited about the future! Thank you for this!

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