Saturn in Aquarius – A New Renaissance

Saturn in Aquarius is one of the most anticipated transits of the year.  In the light of the Coronavirus crisis and civil unrest throughout the globe, Saturn in Aquarius seems to be a key transit that will show us where all of this is heading. 

Saturn enters Aquarius on December 17, 2020 and will stay in Aquarius until March 2023. 

The Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction – A New Era

We cannot talk about Saturn in Aquarius without talking about the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction which occured on December 21st, 2020, at 0° Aquarius.


This is not ‘just’ a Saturn-Jupiter conjunction – although a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction alone is an extremely important event, since it occurs only once every 20 years – but what makes this Jupiter-Saturn conjunction truly special is that it occurs at 0° in an Air sign.

Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions are very cyclical and belong to 200-year elemental cycles. The current Jupiter-Saturn cycle started in 1802 and is an Earth cycle.

The current Earth cycle will end on December 20th, and a new elemental cycle will begin on December 21st, 2020, this time in the Air element. This is BIG. 

The energy will shift from Earth (consumerism, material values, hierarchies) to Air (intellect, information, collaboration). 

In the light of a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction – which will revolutionize our society – you really want to pay attention to Saturn’s first ingress in Aquarius on March 21st.  

Most astrologers also agree that we are currently transitioning from the Age Of Pisces (the astrological ages move backward) into the Age of Aquarius. The transits of Saturn in Aquarius (2020-2023) and Pluto in Aquarius (2024-2043) only come to reinforce the Aquarian Age themes.

Saturn And Aquarius

To understand what to expect from this transit, let’s go back to the basics, to understand what Saturn and Aquarius stand for in astrology. 

Saturn is the great teacher. Some of Saturn’s keywords are rules, discipline, patience, responsibility, and maturity. Saturn wants us to grow up!

Saturn exposes the limits of the sign it transits – what’s working, and especially what’s not working.

Saturn has spent 2.5 years in Capricorn, exposing the good, and especially the bad and the ugly of the Capricorn archetype: lack of integrity, misused power, materialism and corruption.   

Now it’s Aquarius’ turn to get scrutinized by the Great Teacher. By the end of this transit,  Saturn will sort out what needs sorting out… especially considering that in 2024 Pluto also moves into Aquarius, to completely transform and revolutionize our society.   

Given the background of the Coronavirus, we already know what’s ahead of us, and what’s ahead of us sounds very much like Saturn in Aquarius:

Social (Aquarius) distancing (Saturn).

Air travel (Aquarius) delays (Saturn).

Online (Aquarius) and remote working (Saturn).  

The pandemic threat is already challenging what is at the core of what makes us human: social engagement and belonging. The virus is asking us to stop this interaction and replace it with social distance.

But that’s so much more than social distancing that we need to come to terms with. Saturn will ask Aquarius to ‘uplevel’ and transform from a rebellious and spoiled adolescent into a responsible, society’s-interests-first citizen of the future.

Let’s have a look at how this can work in practice: 

The unevolved Aquarian attributes are:

  • Herd mentality – blindly and irrationally following the crowd without checking in with one own’s integrity – while at the same time showing discriminatory and selfish behaviors, like emptying the shelves.  
  • False democracy – expecting to exercise one’s individual rights, without fulfilling one’s obligations. Examples: making noise in a restaurant for our own selfish pleasure, even if we disturb other people. Voting for a politician because “we exercise our democratic right” without understanding how politics work or taking the time to do proper research. Believing the society needs to create jobs and take care of us, without us contributing back etc.  
  • A false sense of freedom – rebellion without accepting authority first; thinking one “knows better”; unwillingness to follow rules and delay gratification.
  • “Opinionitis” – the “disease” of having an opinion without substantiating it with expertise. The internet (another Aquarius theme) has made it easier than ever to share opinions. We have, however, a responsibility for the information we spread. Is it substantiated by expertise? Is it in the best interest of the people? 

And some of the evolved Aquarian attributes are:

  • Good fellowship – caring for the other and humanity itself – not because of fear, or because there is an expected payout – but because of a true desire to contribute and make a difference. A good example is the many doctors and nurses that fight for the lives of their patients even when their own health is at risk.
  • True democracy – democracy means rights, but also obligations. Real democracy happens when people contribute to the best of their ability to a better society. Example: volunteering/taking on our fair share of the workload in the community, coming up with proposals and personal initiatives to make the world a better place, and taking action when other people’s rights are violated.  
  • Freedom – once people have learned the “Capricorn lesson” – how to respect authority, how to follow rules that go beyond instant gratification (but are necessary for a good functioning of society) – then, and only then, true freedom can be found.    
  • Expertise – Aquarius is the Ph.D. of the zodiac, the true scientist, the true Scholar, someone who has studied a particular topic in-depth enough to have a qualified opinion. The true scientist is NOT someone who is following corporation-sponsored agendas or blindly regurgitates what he or she is told. A true scholar is objective, has critical thinking and brings their own original input to an already thoroughly researched topic. Original and value-creating intellectual input is Aquarius energy at its best.  
  • Technology – when used smartly, technology is NOT a tool to withdraw from a reality that is less exciting than our social media feed – but a medium to spread knowledge and bring people with common interests together.  

There is a reason why Aquarius follows Capricorn. In Capricorn, we learn how to deal with authority, systems, and top-down hierarchies.

When Saturn was in Capricorn we’ve seen the limits, but also the crucial role authorities play in society.

In every single society, we need authorities, we need to have systems in place, we need decisive top-down action “the schools are closing” or “stay home”. A society without Capricorn is total chaos. And we can not have Aquarius’ promise of total freedom unless we learn how to deal with restrictions first

But of course, Capricorn’s top-down systems are very vulnerable to corruption – and we all know this by now. Too much emphasis on a top-down hierarchical structure can lead to power imbalances that are not in the best interest of the system. 

And if the top-down order has shown its weaknesses and limitations, it’s time to look for a different type of order.

An order that installs organically, bottom-up and which reflects more accurately the needs and realities of our society. 

Saturn in Aquarius suggests that the solution is NOT looking for ‘another’ politician or ‘another’ top-down system to replace the existing one.

Socialism, neo-communism and even environmentalism may seem like appropriate solutions to a corrupted, power-abused society… but inherently, they are just another political, top-down structure. They are just another Capricorn institution.

And the Capricorn / Earth era is over. The solution to the crisis we are currently facing does not exist yet.

We have to create it ourselves.

BOTTOM-UP. Organically. 

Saturn in Aquarius is not about finding the “right” system. The “right” politicians. It is about CREATING a new system organically, from the bottom-up. 

Here are some shifts we can expect during Saturn’s transit in Aquarius. 

A shift from capitalism to human capital – Capricorn and the Earth element value “capitalism” while Aquarius and the Air element value the ‘human capital’. The world will start valuing more the human capital, at the expense of material aspects of production.

A shift from top-down hierarchies to bottom-up innovationboth Capricorn and Aquarius are ruled by Saturn, so both signs are concerned with bringing order into chaos. But while with Capricorn order comes top-down (from the leader) – with Aquarius, progress comes bottom-up (from the individual). 

A shift from big cities to smart cities and small communities – Aquarius thrives in communities – but very importantly, it thrives in micro-communities, which can be self-governing. It is not excluded that the role of the big city, of the big metropolis, will change, and we may slowly return to smaller communities, where we can take better care of each other.  

A shift from duty to true altruism – If Capricorn is duty, Aquarius goes beyond duty. The evolved Aquarius energy does something not only because it is morally right, but from a place of true altruism and from a genuine desire to make the world a better place. 

A shift from a taxpayer status to civil responsibility – Instead of delegating the power and responsibility to states and corporations through taxes or donations, Saturn in Aquarius will pass the responsibility back to us – how can we, as individuals, contribute to society and make the world a better place? 

Ultimately, Saturn in Aquarius is about acknowledging the value of humanity. Governments and corporations have taken people for granted for way too long, without appreciating, rewarding and giving them the recognition they deserve.

And now, thanks to Saturn in Aquarius, we will have to rethink everything – forms of organization, relationships, and the distribution of resources.

It is increasingly obvious that what we have built does not serve us anymore, does not help us, and it does not make us more human or happy. On the contrary: it makes us increasingly depressed, inhuman and fragile.

Saturn in Aquarius is about how we, as individuals – every single one of us – contribute to a better world – by helping ourselves, our fellow humans and other living beings from a place of love and support.

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46 thoughts on “Saturn in Aquarius – A New Renaissance

  1. Fabulous write -up.We all have to understand our own individual responsiblities and look inwards .

  2. I’m not sure I agree that there can be no “top down” I agree with the concept, however even in small communities not all humans can lead themselves unfortunately which is why there is cardinal energy, some excel at thinking in terms of supporting the group. Bernie Sanders is a reflector of that, yes going for president but he has also built – with the support and movement of the people – new motivated small government all over the country since 2016. We have to start somewhere even if the answer “doesn’t exist yet”. I think revolutionizing the government into exactly these themes is what the sanders movement has been working on and trying to establish for years now.

    1. Bernie is just another top down Nanny Statist, who wants to tell you what’s good for you.

      You should move to VChina, if that’s what you want.

    2. I would love if the US would not box themselves into the 2 party system… As a registered Independent voter since 1976 I don’t vote party lines and am tired of the media telling us 6-8 months ahead of the election that one of these 2 will be our next POTUS….I’m looking for a change!

    1. I agree with you Lisa. Great article and Democratic Socialism is not the same as Communism or Socialism. Democratic Socialism allows for the regulation of Big Corporations reaping all the rewards at the top and stealing basically from the people who are working to make them profitable. Bernie is clearly in support of balancing the system and getting those getting away with paying zero in taxes to contribute to the society they live in. Revolution is a keyword for Aquarius. Revolution is at the grass roots level with the people taking back our democracy for the plutocratic oligarchy we currently are experiencing.

      1. With both my sun, ascendant and saturn in Aquarius i’m feeling the shifting energy

      2. The problem with that is that everything has to be Bernie’s way. Aquarius is about collaboration – which Bernie is not good at – negotiation is part of Aquarius to get the best for all. It is not just Bernie’s idea of best. That is part of why he wasn’t successful in congress – he wouldn’t negotiate, it had to be his way. Gov’t is all about negotiation. Although the partisan GOP has robbed us of bi-partisanism.

      3. Totally agree, even though I am in a different political sphere in another country. Not sure if Australia has anyone or any group that is working towards this. But I do know that we need exactly the changes mentioned in this article. The party is over boys!

  3. Thank you! I’ve been sitting with this underlying feeling of ‘ something good will come from all of this’ but not able to validate. I’ve been saying this to friends and colleagues of whom many have been infected with panic and anxiety but again just feeling like a voice in the wilderness. This helps tremendously and I’m quite excited about being witness to a New World Order – Yay, humanity is turning a chapter!

  4. beautifully written.. I ask permission to translate it in italian for my friends on fb..we need something good to read after so many days inside <3

  5. I know that the planets are time indicators and I am excited to see what the universe has to bring to my attention,

  6. Astrology has been my much respected companion for 42 years – so helpful in these challenging times. Thank you so much for your insights 💖

  7. Brilliant! Aquarius rising here ready for the future! Been saying since 2016, cosmic intelligence is perfection, so DJT and all things related are the perfect storm to destroy and make room for new structure.

  8. As an aquarius I agree but also agree the downside is huge. I’m a cusp with pieces and have a gemini moon so I embrace my oddness. I have a degree in accounting and psychology. I am brilliant but tempted to discount the opinions of others. At the same time I feel too much and want to acknowledge others. This is a mess which will not be resolved by any one thing but we can fix it by being the best of ourselves.Whatever that is.

  9. Yes, thank you….this was wonderfully expressed…I do think that one way of looking at “not knowing NOW what is coming”….is not a problem or a reason to cause distress. Because we are dealing with Aquarius and Saturn,….those that need to hear and heed the quest, will receive the MESSAGE…..we have waited centuries for what I believe will be known as…..LEADERS with HEART…..those that truly do bring the knowledge and know-how of forming the structures that are more balanced….with capitalism(strong structures) and humanity….so they can co-exist. The human body is the best example of this…..We could not stand and function and think….without a strong backbone and skeletal structure (Saturn) in order to use our minds to the fullest (Aquarius.)
    The modern ruler of Aquarius (Uranus) has been waiting to bring forth the messages that will be needed. We just have to be patient and listen. I don’t believe this, it’s like I have known this all my life and I have chosen to be on Earth now to see this forming.
    I am 65, Sun conjunct Uranus, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Moon all in 9th house in Cancer….with the 4th house in
    Aquarius….trine Saturn in the first house……LOL….I have been looking for Leaders with Heart all my life….have observed so many leaders and how they use their power. But, also know that change will come and I am here to see and participate in it…..Like minds are coming together now….

    1. Yes! Same here, I agree with you about leadership that is being revamped from the bottom up now . When death is looking everyone in the eyes at the same time, we finally get the message that cold greedy egomaniacs are NOT people fit to lead anyone anywhere except to our doom.

  10. Yes, I believe that Saturn in Aquarius, will be pointing the way forward for our ever evolving society. But Unfortunately , I also believe that those powers at the top of the heap are Never Ever going to just lie down and roll over…It is going to be a very Big fight to get them to budge. That or an act of god so to speak, which is sorta what Covid is doing. I have always felt that Aquarians were social misfits and standoffish…it will be interesting to see what kind of new societal model comes out of that energy. Thank you for a good article.

  11. These huge conjunctions have been rolling right over my moon at 24 Capricorn and now with Pluto sitting there I have to say I’m finally understanding the term “ being put through a wringer” like never before ! Your article is very much what I’ve been thinking about this time in our lives. Our structures get overgrown because of the sheer size and momentum and time to calcify, and changing anything for the better seems impossible until some external threat forces them all to crack at the seams, and all of a sudden there is an opening and need for things never tried before. Yes, living in the midst of this chaos is absolutely insane and terrifying, and yet, maybe we’re getting a way out of the old that is less horrible than an all out bloody conflict? The death toll from the virus has put the whole world on notice at the same time, and it is devastating, but as we know too well, without a serious threat of death not much ever seems to move societies to any change. It’s all talk and paralysis. So maybe it’s helpful to think of those beautiful souls taken by this pandemic as our angels who are bringing all of us towards a life of true human cooperation in the name of love and not greed . I say a prayer for them and for all of humanity that has been struggling for all these eons with oppression and devaluation and soul murder in the name of profit. Have we not had enough? New ways are being devised and improvised as we speak, the people on the front lines are calling out those on top for their lack of sense, and we’re more connected than ever before. This truly is a brave new world being created by all of us and all the heavyweight planets are teaching us how to buckle up and find more courage and smarts than we even know we had. That’s what it takes and that’s what we can accomplish and what we deserve!

  12. This is such a beautiful explanation of the energy shift we are experiencing. I’ve been doing research on Saturn in Aquarius for my own Astro Update and have come across MANY sites, trying to explain it. But you get it spot on! I will absolutely be referencing you in my update. The way you lay everything out so specifically and yet, very tangible. It’s wonderful! Thanks for this update and I’m subscribed now, so looking for more in the future. <3

  13. Excellent summary of the upcoming shift! As someone who was born on the day in 1962 when 7 planets lined up in Aquarius, I have been feeling this shift coming my entire life and am excited to see us stepping into this new energy.

  14. I’m 57 and it’s hard to picture how this will happen… Even though my soul has been yearning for change… I know it will happen… My nearly 90 yr old Jéhovah witness neighbour told me back in February that change was coming… I never expected this to come from them but he said it will happen in his lifetime… I know my place in the future… Blessings to you all

  15. An excellent discussion, I only have one quibble. I would think that given the “equality and fraternity” nature of Aquarius, we are not looking at any sort of hierarchical new systems, no bottom-up, no top-down, something more like a circle, with individuals pushed to live from their true natures.

  16. What about racism? Black people in the US have been fighting for freedom for 400+ years. Not fighting for restitution or even EQUALITY. nope. Just the right not to be publicly lynched or murdered by the state in our beds. Will that change? Does anyone even care? What about that abuse of power?
    We will live on. We WILL win.

  17. Very excited for this. I have 3H Mars conjunct North Node in Aquarius. I feel like I was born for this time in history and adapting to a more Aquarian society.

  18. Wow, this zero degree Aquarian should have an interesting next few years ahead! what is your take?

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