Capricorn And The Cancel Culture

Lately, more and more celebrities and people who are in the public eye are being “canceled”.

If you are not familiar with the term, canceling someone is to stop supporting, rejecting or boycotting a public person who has done something inappropriate, often by means of social media.

Examples of people being rightly canceled are Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey. Politicians are also regularly being canceled, with true or false accusations – sometimes as a strategy to weaken the opposite party. Sometimes canceling someone is justified, sometimes it is not.

However, since this phenomenon happens a lot lately – it must have something to do with the Capricorn stellium.

Not because there is something wrong with Capricorns, but because of some particular configurations and planetary shifts that are active at the moment – the Capricorn archetype is under scrutiny.

From Capricorn To Aquarius – A New Era

On December 21st, 2020 Jupiter and Saturn leave Capricorn to meet at 0° Aquarius, as we shift from a 200-year Earth cycle to a 200-year Air cycle.

Change is around the corner, but before change happens, the old needs to be purged. What’s no longer working needs to be eliminated.

Starting with 2017, Saturn has joined Pluto in Capricorn (Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 when we had the financial crisis).

Then in 2018, the South Node slid into Capricorn as well. Pluto, Saturn, and the South Node are some of the most difficult planets out there: Pluto destroys and purges, Saturn limits and restricts, and the South Node is the “what goes around comes around” slap of karma.

In 2019 Jupiter has joined the Capricorn “party” (like a bull in a china shop!). Normally, Jupiter, the great benefic brings joy to the sign it transits. That is, if Pluto, Saturn, or the South Node are not around.

But Pluto and Saturn are still around – and in these circumstances, Jupiter only amplifies their energy. Exacerbates fears. Seeks more and more control, imposes more and more rules, and becomes more and more top-down.

Capricorn And The Cancel Culture

Capricorn is the sign of top-down hierarchies. Any important person – politicians, people with celebrity status, businessmen and businesswomen, people who are part of important families and organizations.

Basically anyone who is in the public eye falls under the influence of Capricorn. Capricorn is a symbol for those in positions of power, of those who are used to rule with a top-down approach.

There is nothing wrong with rules or with top-down hierarchies. They have a unique role in the process of consciousness development. We see top-down approach examples everywhere in nature. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with being top-down. Until it is.

If we look back in history, many emperors, rulers, politicians, and celebrities, after holding power and being seemingly invincible, eventually became disgraced.

Not all of them of course. But there is something fundamental about power – it makes people who hold onto it for too long, more susceptible to a reversal of status.

Capricorn rules the 10th house and the Midheaven. The Midheaven is the highest point in the sky. Capricorn’s symbol is the mountain goat, the goat that doesn’t stop climbing until it reaches the top of the mountain.

From the top, Capricorn sees everything. But “at the top”, it is also the most vulnerable position one can be in. You are fully exposed.

And there is another danger that comes with being on top of the mountain. When someone is at the top of a hierarchy, slowly but surely they become oblivious to what’s going on beneath them.

Leaders, top politicians and celebrities are so used to getting “YES-es” that they forget how to get a “No”. Getting constant praise and approval becomes their new normal.

As they become more and more distanced from everything that is beyond their circle of influence, they lose touch with reality. They become complacent. There is no need to understand and serve the other.

They stop asking for feedback. And they lose touch with reality even more.

And then BOOM. They get canceled. They lose their power. They lose their job.

The public criticizes and judges them – sometimes with an overwhelming rage that seems to erupt out of nowhere. It is NOT out of nowhere, but the leader or the celebrity did not see it coming, because they were simply too far detached from reality.

Mars In Aries Vs. Capricorn

Of course, you don’t have to be a celebrity to get canceled. Perhaps it happened to you in the past. You lost your job. Your friends stopped talking to you. You got criticized.

“Being canceled” is not only an expression of the leader who abuses his or her position, but also of those who sometimes unjustly “vilify” him or her.

When someone used to adore their manager or their favorite celebrity and then out of the sudden turn their back on them – this is more likely an expression of projection, black and white thinking, and a lack of balance and self-awareness.

However, true abuse of power needs to be called out and appropriate sanctions need to be applied. Mars in Aries squares the planets in Capricorn until January 2021.

We have the right – and the duty – to speak out when we see abuse of power, or people taking advantage of their status.

Beyond right or wrong, what we are witnessing right now is a classical Capricorn purge. The age of Aquarius is around the corner. Change is coming.

But before we embrace the new (Aquarius’ bottom-up approach, individual responsibility, true democracy), we first need to get rid of what’s old and can no longer sustain growth. Even if we have to call out and “cancel” what used to be the norm.

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7 thoughts on “Capricorn And The Cancel Culture

  1. The Jupiter Saturn conjunctions last occurred in in air in 1405, with the exception of the conjunction in Libra in 1982.

  2. The worrying side of the cancel culture seems to have become jet propelled by the ‘woke’ brigade who are overly PC and try to get people cancelled for simply speaking the truth. The totalitarian tiptoe has ramped up to formula 1 speed. Anyone with an agenda to push has succumbed to an authoritarian stance with an array of demands that are blown out of all proportion. Free speech is rapidly being eroded by small minorities obsessed with making everyone conform to their way of thinking. We really need to find a balance with Saturn curbing the excesses of Jupiter and Jupiter tempering the authoritarian/rigidity of Saturn while Pluto carries on bringing up the issues, into public consciousness, that really need to be sorted out.

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