New Moon In Leo – Leadership Is Who You Are

As the Capricorn establishment is falling apart in front of our eyes, we need true leaders more than ever

Not the same type of leaders – “leaders” who know how to play the game. “Leaders” who ‘know someone’ who can do them a favor. “Leaders” who only care about preserving their power – and are motivated by fear, not by love. 

What we need right now is leaders with a lion heart – passionate, brave, engaged, creative. 

Leaders who are not afraid to step in. To take action. Leaders who may not have the answers yet – but they know that their passion will guide them in the right direction. 

New Moon In Leo – Leadership Is Who You Are

With the New Moon in Leo on August 18th, 2020 look no further – this leader is YOU.


True leadership is – and has always been – who you are. When you are truly YOU, when you find what that thing that makes your heart sing is – you automatically become a leader. 

And you don’t have to be a Leo, or to have planets in Leo. We all have in our natal chart a house that is ruled by Leo. The Leo archetype is embedded in each single one of us.

To be a true leader, you don’t need an MBA or a PhD. You don’t need to go down the paved road, because this road has anyway not been paved with good intentions for a while now. 

All you need to do is to be yourself. Uranus is stationary, inviting you to find that spark. To find that thing that puts your soul on fire. 

And then act upon it (the New Moon in Leo is trine Mars).

You know you’re on the right track if you’re enjoying yourself. Truth always feels right. 

There is a reason why we like and trust people who enjoy what they’re doing. Perhaps you watch DIY documentaries on Youtube or Discovery and you too love those people who DIY their own life. 

They are passionate, they LOVE what they are doing, and they are an inspiration and a true model of leadership for everyone who resonated with them. 

Anyone can be that leader – and yes, you can be that leader too. The New Moon in Leo is the best opportunity of the year to get in touch with the creative, authentic leader inside of you. 

The New Moon is at 26° Leo and occurs on August 18th in the Americas and on August 19th in the rest of the world. 

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6 thoughts on “New Moon In Leo – Leadership Is Who You Are

  1. My natal Mars is @ 26 leo.My natal Moon is @10 Virgo and my natal Venus is @ 24 Venus.What should I expect during this new moon?? Am Virgo sun

  2. I have a Leo Saturn and Leo in Pluto, everything you said rings true with me. When I first met my husband 45 years ago he was full of glum. He had a really good paying job, but he couldn’t get no where. I talked to him and pushed in the right direction over time. Now we have a great life together. Unlike some men who think they know all, he was willing to listen. He still listen to this day!

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