When Vision Boards Work And When They Don’t

If you’ve seen my previous email, the 1-week program “Vision Board 2020 with Jupiter in Capricorn” is now open for enrollment.

I had quite a few questions about the program, which I am happy to answer in this email. And even if you’re not interested in “Vision Board 2020”, I encourage you to read this email, because it will help you see the process of vision-setting from a different perspective, and hopefully will help you with your goals in general. 

Why do vision boards work?

Vision boards have been used for decades to turn dreams into realities. The process of creating a vision board is very powerful because it directly connects us with our intuition and our subconscious mind.


Our conscious mind (the neocortex) is not very good at goal setting. In fact, the reason why most goals fail is that we set them with our conscious mind. In reality, we make most of our decisions below our conscious level of awareness. And a vision board accesses exactly these ancient brains that govern our deepest motivations and are responsible for most of our decision making. 

When vision boards don’t work?

Vision boards don’t work if you don’t take action toward your vision. The role of a vision board is to 1) make you aware of what you really want, 2) show you how to crystallize your vision, and 3) help you keep your focus on your vision even when you don’t seem to make any progress. 

HOWEVER, if you don’t take action towards your goals, vision boards won’t work. There’s no such thing as a ‘magic trick’ that will make all your dreams come true. Even if vision boards and visualization techniques are as close to magic as you can get, they are not a replacement for consistent action. 

So vision has to go hand in hand with action. It makes total sense if you think that Jupiter, the planet of vision is preceded by Mars, the planet of action, initiative, and assertion.

You can’t ‘skip’ Mars. You’ll have to take action AND have a strong vision. Action without vision can put you on the wrong path, and vision without action is just wishful thinking. 

Why a vision board with Jupiter in Capricorn?

Jupiter spends one year in a sign, that’s why Jupiter transits are ideal for vision setting. 

Jupiter in Capricorn brings the best of Jupiter’s expansion and abundance, and Capricorn’s obsession with results and success. 

If you don’t like having one-year goals, and you’re more comfortable setting monthly goals, then the Lunar cycle may be more suited for you than the Jupiter cycle. 

But if what you’re after takes approximately 1 year to achieve, then Jupiter is your friend.

You want to be realistic. What can you realistically achieve in 1 year? If you’re a stay at home mum with toddlers to look after and you want to travel the world in 2020 it is unlikely you’ll be able to do that in 2020 (maybe in 2023). If you earn 50K a year it is unlikely you will become a millionaire in 2020.

It’s not that you shouldn’t strive for greater goals, but you have to be realistic about the timeline. We are talking about 1 year here. If your goals take longer to materialize, then a Saturn or a Uranus cycle may be more suited. 

What is “Vision Board 2020 with Jupiter In Capricorn”?

“Vision Board 2020 With Jupiter In Capricorn” is an online program that combines the process of vision board creation with astrology.

You will get guidance on how to select images that are aligned with your natal chart, and also with the current transit of Jupiter in Capricorn. Once you complete the image selection stage, you will create your board, and afterward, you will complete an exercise to turn your vision into measurable goals. 

What makes “Vision Board 2020” special is the unique blend of vision boarding, astrology, and the use of psychological projective techniques. “Vision Board 2020” is not ‘just’ a vision board exercise. “Vision Board 2020” is not ‘just’ astrology. “Vision Board 2020” is both – and more. 

“Vision Board 2020” will work for you if you enjoy following steps and guidelines. If you’re rather the rebel type and prefer to have total creative freedom, then the “Vision Board 2020” may not be the best fit for you.  

How does the program work?

During the course of one week, you will select 12 to 15 images (from day 1 to day 4), create your vision board (day 5 and day 6), and finally, turn your vision into measurable goals (day 7). We start on Monday, January 27th. 

“Vision Board 2020” is a step-by-step guided process – if you follow it, you will complete your vision board for 2020. 

You will spend approx 30 minutes each day to watch the videos (or read the transcripts) and select the images. You can expect to spend 4 to 8 hours in total to go through the course and create your board. 

If you don’t have time to finish your board by the end of this week, no problem. You can complete it later, as you will have lifetime access to the course materials. 

If you need any support with the course, you can contact me directly or you can join our private community on Facebook. 

Why should you enroll?

If you have goals you want to achieve in 2020, the “Vision Board 2020 with Jupiter in Capricorn” will exponentially increase your chances of success.

You can enroll HERE:

Vision Board 2020 With Jupiter In Capricorn


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