New Moon In Aquarius And Vision Board 2020

On January 24th, 2020 we have a New Moon in Aquarius

The New Moon is at 4° Aquarius and is square its ruler Uranus, at 2° degrees Taurus. This New Moon is very “Aquarius” so this New Moon is perfect for initiating something that is connected to Aquarius qualities or with the role Aquarius plays in your natal chart. 

Aquarius is the sign of friends, groups, communities, hopes and dreams. Aquarius is the sign of social interaction and of a common vision. 


To understand Aquarius we have to look at the opposite sign, Leo. Leo is concerned with the individual vision. “This is me, whether you like it or not – take it or leave it”, “ I will not compromise myself,” says Leo. 

But as we travel through the zodiac, we learn that we are not alone, and it’s only so far that we can go on our own. We need other people’s support. Eventually, we learn that the group, the community, the company, or society, are more important than our individual interests. 

This doesn’t mean we should strip our identity and aimlessly follow the crowd. The magic lays in the fine line between “me” (our personal interests) vs. “we” (society’s best interests). Too much reliance on society and you lose yourself. Too much focus on yourself and you won’t get anywhere. 

Many times, the reason we don’t succeed is that we don’t pay attention to our environment. We stay in our bubble and ignore the world around us. “This is what I want” we may say – but what about what the world wants?

If what you want is also what the world wants, you will succeed. If what you want goes against what the world wants, it’s unlikely that you will succeed in the long run. 

Talking about goal setting, I am very excited to relaunch the “Vision Board” program.


This will be the 3rd year we run this program and this time the “Vision Board” exercise is designed around Jupiter’s transit in Capricorn.

We follow Jupiter’s transit when we create a Vision Board because Jupiter is the planet of vision-setting, and also because Jupiter is the only planet that spends one year in each sign. So if you want to set one-year goals, Jupiter is THE planet you want to get guidance from. 

“Vision Board 2020 With Jupiter In Capricorn” combines the process of vision board creation with astrology. When you select the images for your vision board, you will look at your individual natal chart, but also at the current transit of Jupiter in Capricorn, including the time when Jupiter is retrograde, and when Jupiter is conjunct Pluto.

In this way, you make sure you come with a vision that is not only aligned with your natal chart and with who you are, but ALSO with the astrological climate of the moment. 

Too much focus on yourself and on your goals can backfire, as we just learned. Too much focus on what the world wants will backfire too because then you’ll follow someone else’s goals, not yours. But when you pay attention to BOTH, this is when the magic happens. 

Jupiter in Capricorn brings the best of two worlds – Jupiter’s expansion and abundance, and Capricorn’s obsession with results and success. Moreover, in 2020 Jupiter is conjunct Pluto, the planet of power. This is a unique opportunity to achieve your highest goals. 

The Vision Board program starts on Monday, January 27th, 2020 so you only have a few days to register. 

The program ends on Sunday, February 2nd, 2020, but you will have lifetime access to the course materials and to the Vision Board process, so in case you don’t have time to do it next week, you can do it at a later stage.

You don’t want to wait too long though, because mid-February we will have the 1st Mercury retrograde of the year, so ideally you want to finish your board before that. 

Early January was not the best time to set your yearly goals, because we had the Eclipses and the heavy Saturn-Pluto conjunction, but finally, now it’s a much better astrology climate to set your goals.

If you have already set your 2020 goals, or if you have already created a vision board, I still recommend that you join, because the guided process we will follow will bring for sure, more surprises and insights.

You can register until Monday, January 27th at 12:00 PM Eastern Time.

Here is the registration link:

Vision Board 2020 With Jupiter In Capricorn


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