Jupiter Opposite Chiron – Awaken The Guru Within


Jupiter opposite Chiron is about accepting ourselves with all our scars and imperfections, and helping other people accept themselves too.

Jupiter is the planet of higher knowledge, and truth and wisdom.

Chiron is the wounded healer, but also the ‘key’ that can unlock our chart. When we embrace our wounds, this is when the magic happens.

Chiron orbits between Saturn (the world as we see it) and Uranus (the first ‘invisible’ planet) therefore Chiron opens the door to the secret knowledge of the Universe.

Jupiter Opposite Chiron – Becoming Whole

Jupiter opposite Chiron is the process of transformation from ‘broken’ to ‘whole’.

Before we integrate the wound, we feel ‘broken’, we feel separated from the world. When we finally integrate the wound into our being, we feel whole again.

Jupiter will facilitate this process, because Jupiter has the unique quality to bring seemingly separate parts into a unified principle. That’s why Jupiter rules monotheistic religions – Jupiter reduces everything to one unifying principle.

Any opposition aims to bring the best out of the two planes that are in opposition. Jupiter is optimistic, generous, and coherent. Chiron is the ultimate healer, he is kind, compassionate but also unconventional. Jupiter opposite Chiron will bring the best out of the two.

Jupiter Opposite Chiron – Becoming Kinder

Jupiter will help Chiron become more ‘coherent’, optimistic and generous, and Chiron will help Jupiter become less dogmatic, kinder and more compassionate.

When we embrace our wounds and become whole, we automatically become kinder to ourselves, and to others.

Ultimately, Jupiter opposite Chiron is teaching us how to waken our generosity and kindness, so we can make the world a better place.

Jupiter Opposite Chiron – Awaken The Guru Within

Both Jupiter and Chiron archetypes deal with the ‘master’, the ‘teacher’ or the ‘guru’.

Jupiter is naturally associated with teachers and gurus. Chiron too, was a teacher to many of the Greek gods, such as Apollo and Hercules.

Jupiter opposite Chiron in your chart is a signature for people who can make a great teacher.

Jupiter opposite Chiron in transit can bring a teacher, or a master in your life, or can awaken the guru within.

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  1. I have transits Ato natal positions Neptune (6thH) to Sun, Chiron 6th to Jupiter and Uranus opp Uranus. A super battle with faith..stated in second Saturn return 5 years ago..

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