Mars Conjunct Chiron – Bring Your Gifts To The World

Mars conjunct Chiron is an invitation to bring your gifts out there. The world needs your unique gift. 

Mars – The Hero’s Journey

Mars rules Aries, the first sign of the zodiac.

Mars is the planet of action and assertiveness. Mars is the first planet to go around the Sun, as seen from the Earth’s perspective. The planets closer to the Sun, Mercury and Venus, never make a full circle around the Sun.

Mars’ journey around the Sun is the Hero’s journey. We all undertake it, sooner or later.

Mars is the Hero that breaks through the boundaries of the “Spirit” represented by the Sun and chooses to make his own creation, to go ‘his way’.

Mars takes the divine light of the spirit and creates something unique out of it. When you choose to ‘do something’ with this divine energy, this is when you get access to your unique gifts. 

What about Chiron?

Chiron is known as the ‘wounded healer’ and indeed, initially, Chiron triggers our deepest pain. Chiron brings pain because we need pain to experience a higher vibration of consciousness.


But the reason why Chiron asks us to work with the pain, is to transcend it and turn it into something much greater.

It makes sense if we think that Chiron orbits between Saturn, the last visible planet, and Uranus, the first invisible planet.

Chiron exposes the pain of our limited material existence, but it also brings us the opportunity to transcend these material limitations and move into the ethereal, Uranian realms of existence.

Chiron is a centaur, a half-horse, half-human, a force of nature that has transcended his human limitations and brought the gifts of nature to the Gods. 

Chiron represents the instinct of the human spirit to leave something immaterial behind, a legacy, something of value. Our spirit seeking to manifest itself represents our “gifts”.

Mars Conjunct Chiron – Exposing The Inner Aggression

The way Mars will bring to the surface Chironic themes is by brutally exposing our pain. Mars conjunct Chiron is associated with shame, because Chiron exposes our very first pain, the pain of our existence.

Mars stands for assertiveness, for our desire to put ourselves “out there”.

Initially, we will find that our ability to assert ourselves, to BE ourselves is obstructed. We are ashamed of who we are, we are ashamed to act and “get out there”.

Do we have what it takes to succeed? Are we worthy of success?

In the process, we become painfully aware of our inner aggression. Of our desire to win, to possess, to push for our agenda. We are afraid that just by being ourselves, we will hurt others.
Mars conjunct Chiron is your opportunity to acknowledge and release that inner aggression we all have inside us.
When we don’t acknowledge our inner aggression, we turn it into resentment, and it controls us in subtle ways. When we acknowledge it, we work with it to achieve our goals in healthy ways.
The key to healing is learning to turn the anger, the shame, and the pain of being a mortal human into strength and compassion.

Mars Conjunct Chiron – Bring Your Gifts To The World

The deeper meaning of Mars conjunct Chiron is understanding that there is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s ok to have wants and desires. It’s ok to want to get things ‘your way’. It is human.

Chiron will help you achieve your own agenda in a way that is not harmful to others. You CAN do what you want AND be compassionate and thoughtful, at the same time.  

When your individual agenda is aligned with the universe’s agenda, this is when YOUR existence becomes a gift.
Mars conjunct Chiron will show you how to assert yourself in a healthy way and stand your ground with dignity and compassion.
In its highest expression, Mars-Chiron stands for action and spirit coming together with a strong drive to make a difference, and leave something behind for those who will follow.

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16 thoughts on “Mars Conjunct Chiron – Bring Your Gifts To The World

  1. Thank you for this POWERFUL newsletter, which makes total sense of what I’m going thru. Maybe more later, Sally

  2. hope i survive this …natal chiron at 28 degrees…been a seemingly never ending chiron return as it is ,all the while uranus moving back n forth over my 26 degree aries ascendant

  3. Thank you so much! This article helped me a lot and I wish I could quote the author! I wrote some of what you wrote here in my journal, as a remedy for understanding myself.

  4. thanks a lot dear astro butterfly for this inspiring and in depth intepretation of Mars conjunct Chiron. I’ve got this conjunction in my natal chart at 27°- 28° in Pisces trining Neptune and opposing Uranus. My Chiron return was very healing on a level of repressed anger and tension which came out of the blue at a certain moment with a close friend. She never forgave it and doesn’t want to see me ever again… It took me a while before I could forgive myself what happened, but eventually I accepted her decision and moved on wiser and even more aware of my suppresed anger coze Mars/Chiron are in my 12th house

  5. Wonderful article – the Warrior races finally can look for supernatural healings and strength and direction to move on into self healing! Bravo and well done!!!👏👏👏

  6. Is the personal transit a good/bad time for surgery? I’m getting heart ablation on 23d, my natal Chiron is 17degrees. And today I do breast biopsy. Wild child daughter has been drama filled for 4 yrs. wonder if stress from her contributed…

  7. This was amazing! I have my Mars and Chiron and Virgo. Learning how to transmute my more shadow and aggressive energies into light energy and creative pursuits. I make music now as a way to heal and to share my own practical wisdom as empowering media (empowering media being a big intention with creating music). I play professional soccer and one way I’ve found I can heal my own soccer wounds is by creating a community training company that hires college/pros, that are in challenging situations, and provides them with a vocation to assist, support, and help grow other local youth players.

    1. Thank you for writing this. I have mars conjunct Chiron in Aries (11h) opposing Uranus (5H) and have been grappling with this impending return for the last few years now. Brutal to say the least. I literally wake up some days wondering if I should exist or not. My voice doesn’t matter. Shame for so much. Just breathing air. I’m hoping I can make it through to the return. It’s at 27* so I still have 3 years till it’s exact. There’s so much of my chart that begs the question why? Why do I have so many contradictory aspects and placements? Why did I have such a similar chart to my dad who shares the same name? Why did I come here to squander my talents and gifts?? Yeah. Feeling it hard today. Thank you again for putting words to the deepest of my feelings

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