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Astrology of December 2016 – A Molotov Cocktail

December will be the most unpredictable month of the year. Fasten your seatbelts and read on.

The month starts with the retrograde station of Chiron on the 1st of December. We all have some wounds, even if we had the happiest childhoods and even if we now meditate and do yoga daily. Being humans is about accepting that there is a part of us that will always bleed. But is accepting and releasing whatever feelings of inadequacy we may have – the only way to deal with the wound of human existence.


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On the 2nd Mercury enters Capricorn and we will get a bit more serious and achievement-oriented. Or, at least our communication will become more goal-oriented. After we explored life’s endless opportunities when Mercury was in Sagittarius, now is time to choose what we want to do, and simply go for it. Determination is, the way can be found!

On the 7th of December Venus enters Aquarius so for four weeks or so we will all want to love and be free. During Venus’s stay in Aquarius (7th of December -2nd of January) we are developing the skills of detachment and objectivity. We need to learn how to detach from the norms around us, so that we don’t get swept into just doing the same old things we are expected to do, which will keep us away from knowing who we really are.

On the 10th of December we have Sun conjunct Saturn – time to get serious, go into details, and get real about what we want to do with our life.

On the 11th Sun is trine Uranus – one day later, we will suddenly know what we want to do with our life: follow our passions, be free etc.…until…

…the Full Moon in Gemini kicks in on the 13th on December. Expect some “interesting” discussions and revelations, I won’t say more at this point, but will write an article about this Full Moon closer to the date.

On the 19th of December we have two astro events: Firstly, Mars enters Pisces and we will be driven to make our dreams come. Be careful what you wish for. Mercury turns retrograde in the same day which can result in confusion and mental scatter.

On the 21st Sun enters Capricorn marking the winter Solstice in the Northern hemisphere and the summers solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. This is a point of culmination, so everything you’ve been doing since 21st of March (when we had the beginning of the astrological year when the Sun moved into Aries) is likely to manifest now.

On the 24th we have Saturn trine Uranus and one day later Venus trine Jupiter. Venus trine Jupiter is a five star transit and is best to enjoy it by going out, having fun and something nice to eat.

Saturn trine Uranus is a bit different. You see, these planets meet so rarely in the sky, that even a trine (an aspect that is far from being as eventful as a conjunction or a square) will influence us somehow. Saturn is all about structure and Uranus is all about freedom. A trine means what we will find (or aim to find) the perfect balance between the two.

On the 26th of December Jupiter opposes Uranus – this transit is another “biggie” because is not that often that two slow moving planets like Jupiter and Uranus get the chance to connect. We only have this transit once every 12 years! Jupiter is “larger than life” “I see opportunities everywhere” “I see trees are green, skies of blue” and Uranus is about freedom, change and “I could not care less about rules, the energy must flow, even if we need to start a revolution”. Can you imagine what will happen when these two titans will clash in the sky? I will definitely mark the date in my calendar and I WILL read the news.

On the 28th the New Moon in Capricorn is conjunct Mercury retrograde – expect messages from old friends and some nice time with your family. Go for a social gathering or do some networking, you never know where a business opportunity may arise. Like with every New Moon, events are likely to happen today, especially if you are a  Capricorn or if your Rising sign is in Gemini or Virgo.

On the 29th Uranus turns direct – expect the unexpected, especially that Uranus stations exactly after the New Moon. Surprises all around 😉

The year ends with Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces on the 31st of December – don’t indulge too much into alcohol but DO take a trip with your imagination and dream about the endless possibilities that 2017 may bring. Time to act upon your wildest dreams!

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Astrology Of November 2016 – Surrender To The Unknown

November is marked by Neptune’s conjunction to the South Node of the Moon, just before Neptune turns direct at 9° Pisces. All of our actions, individual and collective, reverberate through the interconnected creation.

november-2016-astrology-calendarSouth Node conjunct Neptune is the “Magician” aspect. The South Node symbolizes what we master, what we are proficient at. In case of Neptune, the themes are mystery, magic, art, spirituality, dreams, drugs, escapism.  A magician is a natural at using the Neptunian energy.

If you have personal planets or angles around 11° in Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) the month of November is likely to bring profound changes in your life. Neptune will simply “dissolve” whatever needs to be released. Some things from the past will come to our awareness though unusual mediums (for example dreams) to be released once and for all. Surrender to whatever comes your way. Art therapy can be especially useful during this transit.

Another powerful configuration in November is the Jupiter Pluto square. If you have personal planets or angles around 16° in Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) this month will be highly dynamic.

But let’s recap the most important dates of the month:

  • The month starts in a soft tone with a trine between Sun and Neptune on the 1st of November. Good things seem to come easy, especially if we cherish our creative and spiritual side.
  • On the 8th of November Mars enters Aquarius.
  • When Venus enters Capricorn on the 11th of November Venus enters Capricorn we will start taking life seriously (at least for a few weeks). After we let our heart wander in the sign of Sagittarius, it’s time focus, and achieve something that we can be proud of.
  • One day after, on the 12th of November Mercury enters Sagittarius. Fire signs or people with Mercury in a fire sign will communicate easier in the next three weeks.
  • On the 14th we have the Full Moon is Taurus, which is also a Super Moon. We will now get the tangible (Taurus is an Earth sign) results from whatever project we started at the time of the New Moon on the 30th of October.
  • Between 17 and 19 on November things turn foggy. Neptune conjuncts the South Node in the same time when Neptune is stationary direct (and is thus very powerful) and squares Mercury. Déjà vu messages, synchronicities, visions – simply listen to the unconventional wisdom that is there for you to help you move toward your North Star.
  • On the 21st Sun enters Sagittarius amplifying the mutable energy in the sky.
  • On the 24th of November Jupiter squares Pluto.
  • On the 29th we have the New Moon in Sagittarius.
  • If the month started in an easy going mood with Sun trine Neptune, it will end on the 30th of November with a square between Sun and Neptune. The energy is not that smooth anymore, but now we know what we need to let go of so we can embrace the new.
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Astrology of October 2016

October – A Box Full Of Chocolate

October is like a box of chocolates. We have a lot of fixed, mutable AND cardinal energy, so a little bit for everyone. No matter when you are born, it is highly likely that a least a part of your chart will be triggered by something in October. The Nodes of the Moon and the transpersonal planets are highly active this month and this will create a feeling of fatedness, “there is nothing I can do about” whatever unfolds in front of our eyes.

Astrology Calendar October 2016

The month is marked by the exact square between Saturn and the Nodes of the Moon. In the same day, 8th of October we have the 1st Quarter Moon in Capricorn. 1st Quarter Moons are the best times to make adjustments, by using resources gathered to take action toward fulfilling our goals. So no need to be afraid of Saturn – right now, you are the conductor of your own symphony.

11th of October is one of the best days of the month. Mercury is conjunct Jupiter in Libra. This is a great aspect for any kind of presentations – you can make a lasting impact on your audiences, as long as you tailor your message according to their needs.

The Full Moon in Aries on the 15th is a bit tricky and will test our relationships. The Full Moon is conjunct Uranus in Aries, which means the Sun in Libra, (the sign of partnerships), is in opposition with Uranus. Uranus and Moon in Aries are harsh and unpredictable, and they don’t have much patience with Sun’s diplomatic approach. And if that was not enough, at the time of the Full Moon we will also have Mercury square Pluto. Discussions can turn into arguments. We want to hear and speak the truth, however harsh.  Just try to remember that no matter how right you are and wrong they are, during a Full Moon emotions run very high and what we say, what we think we feel, may not be the most accurate reflection of what is actually going on. If you have planets around 23° in Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) you will be especially effected by this transit.

On the 29th of October Venus conjuncts Saturn. The two complement each other quite well – Venus, otherwise extremely carefree in Sagittarius, becomes more responsible, whereas Saturn loosens a bit and becomes a bit less disciplined and a little bit more philosophical. This is a good day to reflect on your values and their possible limitations.

The month ends in a very  positive note – The 30th of October New Moon in Scorpio is deep and emotional.  Our intuition will be heightened so pay attention to the gut feelings, thoughts and emotions that come to you. The New Moon is conjunct Mercury and trine Neptune so any creative, artistic, spiritual endeavors are highly favored.  Start an unique project today, especially if it requires some sort of investigation (don’t forget the New Moon is in Scorpio AND conjunct Mercury). With so many creative aspects, this Halloween on the 31st is the perfect pretext  to get in touch with the artist inside and let your imagination run wild.