Astrology Of November 2016 – Surrender To The Unknown

November is marked by Neptune’s conjunction to the South Node of the Moon, just before Neptune turns direct at 9° Pisces. All of our actions, individual and collective, reverberate through the interconnected creation.

november-2016-astrology-calendarSouth Node conjunct Neptune is the “Magician” aspect. The South Node symbolizes what we master, what we are proficient at. In case of Neptune, the themes are mystery, magic, art, spirituality, dreams, drugs, escapism.  A magician is a natural at using the Neptunian energy.

But a magician is ultimately a performer. Sooner or later people start to notice the magician’s tricks. And magicians can get bored themselves with their own stuff. This is what Neptune conjunct South Node is about – releasing those behaviors, beliefs, thinking patterns that are not working anymore, and “getting real” (North Node in Virgo) instead.

If you have personal planets or angles around 11° in Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) the month of November is likely to bring profound changes in your life. You may not even notice what is happening, Because Neptune modus operadi is not ruthless and brutal like Pluto’s, for example. Neptune will simply “dissolve” whatever needs to be released. Some things from the past will come to our awareness though unusual mediums (for example dreams) to be released once and for all. Surrender to whatever comes your way. Art therapy can be especially useful during this transit.

Another powerful configuration in November is the Jupiter Pluto square. If you have personal planets or angles around 16° in Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) this month will be highly dynamic.

But let’s recap the most important dates of the month:

  • The month starts in a soft tone with a trine between Sun and Neptune on the 1st of November. Good things seem to come easy, especially if we cherish our creative and spiritual side.
  • On the 8th of November Mars enters Aquarius, not necessarily one of his favorite signs, however, given that we have an acute lack of the “Air” element in the sky (even mighty Jupiter in Libra cannot do wonders alone), Mars is more than welcome to join the humanitarian sign of Aquarius. We really need it there right now.
  • When Venus enters Capricorn on the 11th of November Venus enters Capricorn we will start taking life seriously (at least for a few weeks). After we let our heart wander in the sign of Sagittarius, it’s time focus, and achieve something that we can be proud of.
  • One day after, on the 12th of November Mercury enters Sagittarius. Fire signs or people with Mercury in a fire sign will communicate easier in the next three weeks.
  • On the 14th we have the Full Moon is Taurus, which is also a Super Moon. We will now get the tangible (Taurus is an Earth sign) results from whatever project we started at the time of the New Moon on the 30th of October.
  • Between 17 and 19 on November things turn foggy. Neptune conjuncts the South Node in the same time when Neptune is stationary direct (and is thus very powerful) and squares Mercury. Déjà vu messages, synchronicities, visions – simply listen to the unconventional wisdom that is there for you to help you move toward your North Star.
  • On the 21st Sun enters Sagittarius amplifying the mutable energy in the sky. We want to be everywhere and do everything (..and even if we don’t want to, we will have to)
  • On the 24th of November we have Jupiter square Pluto, a very powerful transit. Venus is conjunct Pluto in the sign of Capricorn at the time of the transit so it is likely that money and real estate will come into the spotlight.
  • On the 29th we have the New Moon in Sagittarius. The ruler of the New Moon is Jupiter so if nothing happened few days earlier when we had the exact Jupiter square to Pluto, it will probably happen around this date.
  • If the month started in an easy going mood with Sun trine Neptune, it will end on the 30th of November with a square between Sun and Neptune. The energy is not that smooth anymore, but now we know what we need to do to let go of the past and embrace the new.

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