Astrology of October 2016

October – A Box Full Of Chocolate

October is like a box of chocolates. We have a lot of fixed, mutable AND cardinal energy, so a little bit for everyone. No matter when you are born, it is highly likely that a least a part of your chart will be triggered by something in October. The Nodes of the Moon and the transpersonal planets are highly active this month and this will create a feeling of fatedness, “there is nothing I can do about” whatever unfolds in front of our eyes.

Astrology Calendar October 2016

The month is marked by the exact square between Saturn and the Nodes of the Moon. In the same day, 8th of October we have the 1st Quarter Moon in Capricorn. 1st Quarter Moons are the best times to make adjustments, by using resources gathered to take action toward fulfilling our goals. So no need to be afraid of Saturn – right now, you are the conductor of your own symphony.

11th of October is one of the best days of the month. Mercury is conjunct Jupiter in Libra. This is a great aspect for any kind of presentations – you can make a lasting impact on your audiences, as long as you tailor your message according to their needs.

The Full Moon in Aries on the 15th is a bit tricky and will test our relationships. The Full Moon is conjunct Uranus in Aries, which means the Sun in Libra, (the sign of partnerships), is in opposition with Uranus. Uranus and Moon in Aries are harsh and unpredictable, and they don’t have much patience with Sun’s diplomatic approach. And if that was not enough, at the time of the Full Moon we will also have Mercury square Pluto. Discussions can turn into arguments. We want to hear and speak the truth, however harsh.  Just try to remember that no matter how right you are and wrong they are, during a Full Moon emotions run very high and what we say, what we think we feel, may not be the most accurate reflection of what is actually going on. If you have planets around 23° in Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) you will be especially effected by this transit.

On the 29th of October Venus conjuncts Saturn. The two complement each other quite well – Venus, otherwise extremely carefree in Sagittarius, becomes more responsible, whereas Saturn loosens a bit and becomes a bit less disciplined and a little bit more philosophical. This is a good day to reflect on your values and their possible limitations.

The month ends in a very  positive note – The 30th of October New Moon in Scorpio is deep and emotional.  Our intuition will be heightened so pay attention to the gut feelings, thoughts and emotions that come to you. The New Moon is conjunct Mercury and trine Neptune so any creative, artistic, spiritual endeavors are highly favored.  Start an unique project today, especially if it requires some sort of investigation (don’t forget the New Moon is in Scorpio AND conjunct Mercury). With so many creative aspects, this Halloween on the 31st is the perfect pretext  to get in touch with the artist inside and let your imagination run wild.

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