Pluto In Aquarius 2023-2043 – What To Expect

Pluto is now in Aquarius. What can we expect from Pluto in Aquarius – as a collective, and as individuals?

At a collective level, Pluto in Aquarius will draw our attention to Aquarius themes like groups of people, society, technology, innovation, and our hopes and dreams for the future.

At an individual level, when Pluto moves into a different sign, your focus will shift to completely new areas of your life.

Pluto rules a particular area of your life, i.e. the house where you have Scorpio on the cusp. Let’s take an example. If Scorpio is your 6th house, then Pluto rules the 6th house areas of your life: work, health, productivity, work-life balance.

If when Pluto was in Capricorn (in the last 16 years) your approach to work and health was Capricorn in nature, from now on (in the next 20 years) your approach to work will be Aquarian in nature.

You may feel drawn to more innovative fields of work. Your work will be driven by a desire to help humanity (Aquarius) rather than climbing the career ladder (Caoricron) or making your boss happy (Capricorn, again). You may want to feel part of a community (Aquarius), rather than work under direct supervision (Capricorn).

You may use new gadgets, new technology, or alternative medicine (Aquarius) to monitor and improve your health, rather than always listening to your GP (Capricorn).

Pluto in Aquarius is an invitation to take a more Aquarian approach to our life.

Many people associate Aquarius with technology, robots and AI. And while Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, is indeed concerned with progress and innovation, associating Aquarius with technology is missing the point.

Aquarius is the sign of friends, communities, and groups of people. Aquarius is the sign of humanity. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius, Europeans broke away from monarchy and draconian rules. We had the French Revolution. We had the signing of the American constitution.

This is also when the steam engine was invented, which revolutionized transportation and manufacturing. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was founded, which marked the beginning of the animal welfare movement.

What do all these movements have in common? They shifted the focus from top-down ruling (Capricorn) to the people and well-being of everyone.

The Aquarian transformation always starts with an agenda of helping humanity as a whole.

The goal of Aquarius is to bring people together, is to help us find a sense of belonging.

And “how” Aquarius does that can be mediated through technology. Or not. If technology is not set up in the best interest of the people, then technology may not be the answer.

In fact, while Pluto is in Aquarius, we may see a countermovement of people switching off their devices and focusing on making genuine offline connections.

Technology has a positive side too. You’re reading this article thanks to Aquarius’ innovation. Online platforms can be used to find like-minded people (for example astrology lovers) who can later become our friends.

Do we use technology as a means to an end or as an end goal in itself?

Pluto in Aquarius is an invitation to rethink, restructure and revolutionize the area of your life that is ruled by Pluto, so you can find a greater sense of connection and belonging.

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  1. Thank you for this. I have Scorpio ruled by Pluto in my midheaven.. where Neptune lies…
    I am in the middle of transition to formulating two companies. 1 for aged care/disability clients and the other coaching and empowering clients. Incredible… post.thank you

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