Pluto in your natal chart – What’s your Pluto Score?

To understand how the Pluto transit in Aquarius will influence you, you first need to understand how Pluto “works” in your natal chart.

Pluto in Aquarius can influence us in different ways, according to our natal Pluto placement.

Your Pluto placement is a summary of the influence of your Pluto sign, Pluto aspects and – especially – your Pluto house placement.

Pluto In Your Natal Chart

The 1st Pluto dimension is your Pluto sign. Your Pluto sign represents the special mission your generation is called to fulfill.

The 2nd Pluto dimensionand the most important, because it’s the most personal– is your Pluto house placement. The Pluto house placement shows where Pluto’s energy is expressed in your chart, and how Pluto influences you on a daily basis.

The 3rd Pluto dimension is the aspects Pluto makes with other planets in your chart.

Your Pluto aspects with other planets will reveal which areas of your life are influenced by Pluto. If, for example, Pluto makes an aspect with Venus, the planet of relationships, this means that your relationships are influenced by Pluto.

Let’s take an example. Let’s say your Pluto is in Virgo.

Pluto in Virgo generation’s role is to bring order into chaos and build efficiency into everyday life. Growing up during a time of economic instability, Pluto in Virgo people have developed a frugal and resourceful approach to life. That’s why Pluto in Virgo’s greatest asset is their ability to create value from limited resources.

Your Pluto house placement will then show you the concrete area of your life where the Pluto in Virgo mandate is expressed.

Let’s say Pluto is in your 4th house of home and family. In this case, you apply Pluto in Virgo’s resourcefulness and efficiency in the context of your 4th house. You may like to do home improvements, or keep your house clean and efficient. In educating your children, you may emphasize the value of diligence and hard work.

Our Pluto house is also where we experience Pluto’s cycle of change – disempowerment, awareness, transformation – on an everyday basis.

With Pluto in the 4th house, you may have had some disempowering experiences in your early life that strongly impacted your emotional security. You may have had power struggles, or experienced intense emotions with your family members.

These early experiences force you to keep transforming and improving your relationships with your family.

The evolutionary purpose of Pluto in the 4th house is developing empowerment through emotional self-awareness and a deeper understanding of your own emotional needs.

Finally, Pluto makes aspects with other planets in your natal chart.

Some Pluto aspects are more important than others. For example, almost everyone alive has a Neptune-Pluto sextile, so this is what we call a “generational aspect” that doesn’t influence our personality directly.

On the other hand, if Pluto makes aspects with your Sun, Moon or the ascendant, these Pluto aspects will profoundly shape your personality.

Pluto Strength Calculator

In the “PLUTO IN AQUARIUS – A New Era, A New You” we use a so-called “Pluto strength calculator”. This looks at all the various ways Pluto is represented in your chart and comes up with an overall “Pluto score”.

This Pluto score will tell you how “embedded” Pluto is in your chart.

Having a low Pluto score comes with advantages and disadvantages. People with a low Pluto score don’t have to deal with Pluto on an everyday basis, like people with a high Pluto score do.

On the other hand, when people with a low Pluto score have a Pluto transit – for example Pluto’s shift into Aquarius, the Pluto square etc. – they will usually have a harder time, because they are not that “used” to Pluto’s energy.

People with a high Pluto score, on the other hand, have no choice but to deal with Pluto. The first part of their lives is usually more challenging, but if Pluto’s cycle of change goes well, they usually have an easier time with Pluto’s transits.

There are some misconceptions about how Pluto is expressed in someone’s personality.

People with a strong Pluto are believed to be passionate, decisive, and have larger-than-life personalities.

But in reality, if we look at people with lots of Pluto points, they may not display either of these qualities. Pluto people are often quiet, reflective and don’t engage in power struggles.

In fact, it’s more common for people with a low Pluto score to engage in power struggles. That’s because people with a high Pluto score have dealt with issues surrounding power from an early age, and had no choice but to outgrow them.

Also, it is commonly believed that a strong Pluto gives a strong character, in the sense that Pluto people stand by their values and don’t change their mind.

While Pluto indeed calls for total authenticity, authenticity by Pluto’s terms is not authenticity by Jupiter’s terms.

People with prominent Jupiter will say “this is what I believe in’ “This is who I am”. “I believe in God” or “I am an atheist”.

Pluto on the other hand is all the shades of gray in between. Pluto’s authenticity is accepting that one day we are someone, and the next day we are someone else.

Pluto people have a fluid identity and understand that being true to oneself today means a different thing from being true to oneself yesterday, and tomorrow.

The Pluto score can explain why some people have a harder time with Pluto’s transits than others. Nevertheless, learning about how Pluto ‘works’ can help anyone navigate Pluto’s transits – like Pluto’s transit through Aquarius – with awareness.


In the 2nd module of the “PLUTO IN AQUARIUS – A New Era, A New You” program we focus on the role Pluto plays in your natal chart.

It’s only when we gain a deep understanding of how Pluto “works” that we can make the best out of Pluto in Aquarius.

Your Pluto’s natal placement is a key element of your personality, which when understood, can help you make sense of yourself and your struggles in a way you’ve never made sense before.

Learn more about Pluto, your natal Pluto placement, and the Pluto transit in Aquarius in the “PLUTO IN AQUARIUS – A New Era, A New You” program:

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