New Moon In Aquarius – New Beginnings

“The future is completely open, and we are writing it moment to moment” – Pema Chodron

On January 21st, 2023 we have an auspicious New Moon at 1° Aquarius.

The New Moon is a truly new “Aquarius” beginning. 

Conjunct Pluto, the New Moon is a preview of the upcoming 20-year-long Pluto in Aquarius transit. Sextile Jupiter and trine Mars, the New Moon will bring opportunities to pursue our dreams together with like-minded people who “get” us.  

The New Moon is part of an Aquarius stellium: the Sun, the Moon, Venus, and Saturn are all in Aquarius

This is one of the most auspicious New Moons of the year; the New Moon only makes harmonious aspects: a sextile to Jupiter, and a trine to Mars. The sextile to Jupiter suggests that big opportunities await us around the corner; we just need to actively (Mars) pursue them. 

There is more good news: the traditional ruler of the New Moon, Saturn is conjunct Venus, and the modern ruler, Uranus, is trine Mercury! This month, the universe truly conspires to help us achieve our dreams.

New Moon Aquarius – High Hopes

Aquarius is the sign of hopes, dreams, and ideals.

The reason why Aquarius is the sign of hopes and dreams is that Aquarius – through its modern ruler, Uranus – is connected to the future.

And the future is always exciting and full of potential. Anything can happen in the future. The future is like a blank canvas waiting to be filled with discovery and color. 

Of course, the future can also be frightening.

One topic that has constantly been in the headlines lately (yes, we can already feel Pluto’s upcoming ingress into Aquarius) is AI. Artificial Intelligence is enticing. Artificial Intelligence is also scary. Aquarius makes things exciting. Pluto makes them scary. 

If we look back in history, one thing is constant, and that is change.

We can of course argue whether change is good. Maybe we will all be better off sticking to the same reality and making the best out of what we already have. There’s no way of knowing with certainty whether change or progress creates net positive value in society. 

Most of us would agree though, that things like sanitation and waste management are examples of good progress. A majority would also agree that things like electricity and computers have improved the quality of our lives. 

But Aquarius is not limited to technology and AI. Aquarius is a way of being. Aquarius means going with the flow, instead of against it. Aquarius means seeing possibilities, experimenting, and doing things differently. 

The type of change Aquarius brings is always exciting.

Aquarius is the sign of hopes and dreams after all. Even revolutions (another Aquarius theme) are somehow connected to a sense of excitement and hope for a better tomorrow. 

New Moon In Aquarius – A Sense Of Belonging

Aquarius is the sign of friends and groups of people. When we have friends, we feel connected to the world. The future is less scary. We have our safety net. We have someone who cares about us.

Same thing with groups and communities. When we belong to a community we are part of something greater than ourselves. 

We go to live concerts or to sporting events not only to see our favorite band, or our favorite team.

We go to these events because of the feeling of belonging, because of the magical group field that is created when people with similar interests come together. The fan t-shirts, the cheering – all these Aquarius rituals make us feel safe, happy, and excited.

When the audience sings along and we join in, we instantly connect with “something” greater than ourselves.  

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