We Are Wired To Belong

The Aquarius season has just started, so let’s talk about communities.

Communities have been part of our life from the beginning of time. Our ancestors raised their kids together, went to look for food together, shared the same cave, sat together, and told stories around the fire.

Our fore parents took turns sleeping, to protect the community from wild animals. Since then, these community-building genes have been passed down to us. To survive, we HAD to have other people around. And that’s how we developed a desire to connect and belong.

Evolution is based on connection.

When our ancestors would accomplish something together, like building a shelter or killing an animal, well-being chemicals would be released. We are wired to be with other people who share a common interest. We are wired for communities.

We are part of large communities, like the town or city we live in.

We are part of medium-sized communities, like our school, workplace, or the local bakery where we have our coffee every other day.

And we are part of small tight communities, like our extended family, our core groups of friends, or our local book club, where we get to meet the same people every month and have intimate conversations.

A community serves several functions:

  • Psychological well-being: we feel psychologically safe when we are part of a group that has a similar goal, or shares a similar interest
  • Emotional connection: we develop bonds with people we get to know over time
  • Intellectual stimulation: we learn new things that spark our interest
  • Discovery: we find out what we didn’t know we need to know. Back in the day, we had word of mouth, which helped us find out “who’s the best tailor in the village” or discover opportunities to improve our lives: “my neighbor figured that if I plant carrots at the full moon they grow faster”
  • Accountability: “I have a yoga class scheduled, I’d better show up. Or “I paid for a nutritional coach, I’d better eat healthier meals”. When you’re part of a community, there’s accountability and a reward for achieving your goals

Our lives greatly improve when we are part of a community of like-minded people.

I am a community person. Whether that’s been my local group of friends, a book club, Toastmasters, or my online mentoring group, communities have had a massive positive impact on my life and have made me a better person.

As an astrologer in love with astrology, I always wanted to be part of an astrology community, but I was unable to find any. I did join some astrology groups on Facebook, but they were either for sharing memes or basic compatibility questions, or simply not personable enough. One member would ask something or join a discussion, and then move on with their life.

To fill this astrology community void, I created the Age Of Aquarius Community together with other amazing astrologers.

The Age Of Aquarius Community was born in December 2020, when we had the exact Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0° Aquarius. Our goal was to create a one-of-a-kind, inclusive, quality community where astrology lovers can share their passion and learn from each other.

Two years later, I am blown away by what we have achieved together! And as a community member, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

This is how Age Of Aquarius helps astrology lovers connect, learn and grow:

  • Psychological well-being: to quote one of our members “Here I can be, unapologetically, me.” No more people rolling their eyes when you ask for their birthday, or when they find out you’re into astrology. In the Age Of Aquarius, we all speak the same language!
  • Emotional connection: some members make connections right away, others take time. Many friendships have developed inside the Age Of Aquarius. Some members have met in real life. In 2023, we plan to roll out our local chapters and in person events to facilitate connection even more. Of course, not everyone is interested (or has time) to make friends. Many members develop emotional connections by simply reading other members’ updates over time
  • Intellectual stimulation: whether that’s a deep dive into Astro Butterfly’s frameworks like Planets And Psyche (which we will focus on in 2023), training, guest webinars, or discussions about natal charts or transits, in the Age Of Aquarius you get access to top quality astrology resources on a variety of topics. The discussions are deep and meaningful
  • Discovery: in the community, you get access to tips, astrologers and book recommendations, tutorials on how to read your chart, and other recommendations not limited to astrology. In the community you can share your artwork, website or projects and get feedback from others, or learn about other members’ exciting projects
  • Accountability: With a yearly roadmap, monthly assignments and challenges, we make learning astrology and participating in the community fun and engaging. In the “Natal Chart Reading” circles you can practice your chart reading skills with other members, and in the business accountability circle you can keep yourself and other members up to date with your projects

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