Full Moon In Libra – Equal Relationships

On April 16th, 2022 we have a Full Moon at 26° Libra.

Every Full Moon in Libra is an opportunity to put ourselves into other people’s shoes and to understand where they’re coming from. 

It’s in our nature to want to get things our own way (Sun in Aries). Through our interactions with others, however, we learn that our needs need to be weighed up with those around us to find a common ground – even if that means that we have to compromise and let go of some of the things that we really want. 

Over time, this continuous feedback helps us understand and adjust our behavior. “When two people tell you you’re drunk, it’s probably a good idea to take a cab and go home”. 

This Full Moon in Libra will not only help us have better relationships, but it will also help us understand ourselves better

Libra is the sign of “The Other”, but it’s also the sign opposite Aries, the sign of “Me”. Just like a mirror reflects your image, other people are a projection of our own traits and qualities. 

Not everyone will reflect something back about ourselves. Libra rules our partnerships but also what traditional astrology calls our “declared enemies” – people we don’t like, people with whom we agree to disagree with.  

It’s the people we are attracted to (not only romantic partners – anyone we feel drawn to, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually) and people that distress us that tell us something important about ourselves.

We unconsciously attract people into our lives that can teach us something about ourselves. 

The Full Moon in Libra is our yearly opportunity to analyze our relationships and our interactions with other people.

Can you see any common patterns in your relationships, in the type of people you attract in your life? “It takes two to tango”.

What do your relationships say about your partners, and most importantly, what do your relationships say about YOU? 

Full Moon In Libra – The Aspects

The Full Moon in Libra is square Pluto in Capricorn and trine Mars and Saturn

The square to Pluto highlights what is no longer productive, asking us to either let go of what’s no longer needed, or to at least view things from a different angle.

Pluto squares can be very challenging – we feel the whole world is against us, and our first impulse is to fight back. 

Fortunately, the Full Moon trine to Saturn and Mars channels this overwhelming Plutonic energy into constructive actions and behaviors.

Yes, it’s not fun when you’re told to leave the party, but instead of starting a bar fight (Full Moon square Pluto) you take a cab and go home (Full Moon trine Saturn and Mars). 

Pluto, Saturn and Mars are serious, action-oriented planets. There’s a strong pull to do the work – even if that means having serious conversations or taking an ego blow here and there.

Full Moon In Libra – Equal Relationships

Why are relationships so hard?” – said everyone on earth, including relationship experts.

It’s not that relationships have to be always hard – but the process of learning how to have healthy, growth-oriented relationships is anything but easy. 

One reason is simple. We’re very good at being us (Aries), that’s what we’ve done all our lives. Understanding others is very difficult.

Research has shown that even in long-term relationships, we can accurately assess how our partner feels only 35% of the time on average.  Understanding others requires having a beginner’s mind, and taking our partner’s word at face value – instead of filtering through our own minds and ears. 

But there’s another reason.

We can only tune into that place of receptivity and understanding where we have equal relationships, when we treat our partner as our equal. That’s Libra’s (the scales) purpose. To have equal relationships. 

This means we’re not superior to our partner, and we don’t “know better” than them. And that’s also not being inferior to our partner, putting up with bad behavior, or giving in too much. We can better understand this dynamic if we look at Libra’s neighboring signs.

Full Moon In Liba – Virgo, Libra, Scorpio

Libra is between Virgo and Scorpio

If Libra represents our “equal relationships”, Virgo and Scorpio are our unequal relationships: Virgo because we feel inferior to our partner, and Scorpio because we feel superior.

Virgo may overgive, be needy, or settle for less than they deserve, while Scorpio may subtly exert power or have a sense of entitlement in their relationships. You’re my spouse “I got you”, or dismissing the partner because “I know better”.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with Virgo and Scorpio or with any other astrological archetype. Here we are simply highlighting some possible shortcomings so that we can understand the vital role Libra plays in establishing healthy, equal relationships. 

Once we’ve done the Virgo work, we’ve become the best possible version of ourselves (Virgo is the last personal sign) then we are ready for “The Other”.

If we then have equal relationships with others, and treat our partner as an individual in their own right (Libra) we can reach that type of bond and intimacy that’s the higher expression of Scorpio. 

These are the types of questions the Full Moon in Libra raises: “How can I find true equality in my relationships?”, “How do I look at my partner as an individual in their own right, not just as a projection of who I am?”, “What does my partner teach me about who I am as a person?”.

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  1. Im a Virgo ascendant and Scorpio sign, idont have a relationship. Can this fullmoon bring me a relationship that i dream?Its almost conjuct with my Moon and Pluton.

  2. I like your article. I am a Scorpio Moon and Sun and have 2 Virgo relationships in my life.

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