Jupiter Conjunct Neptune In Pisces – April 12th, 2022

A few days ago I was searching for a document and came across an old photo from a holiday in Greece. I was in a seafood restaurant and was holding two giant conch-like seashells over my ears.

It’s said that you can hear the ocean when you put an empty seashell on your ear. I clearly recall listening to the magic, otherworldly sounds from these washed-up seashells put on display on the dining table.

What we are really hearing when we place a seashell over our ears, is not the ocean, but the noises around us that are altered by the physics of these Fibonacci-shaped shells. The shells filter all the background noise and find a new meaning, a new melody.

The seashell, through its Fibonacci-sequence pattern, transforms what is otherwise raw sound into a universal sound pattern. While we may not ‘understand’ what the seashell is whispering – seashells don’t speak Mercury’s language – we all resonate with its universal melody. 

In astrology, raw sound is ruled by Mercury, but music is ruled by Neptune.

The ability to find a higher order in what is otherwise void of meaning is Neptune’s highest purpose.

Musicians and – interestingly – mathematicians, usually have a prominent Neptune in their charts. Neptune helps us find patterns that are invisible to the eye, patterns rooted in the secret language of the universe

We live in a sea of sound that our biology has adapted to filter out and ignore for evolutionary purposes. We’re better at focusing on the sharp, crescendo-like noise of a tree falling or a car tire skidding on the road behind us so that we have enough time to react.

There are, however, times in our lives when the background noises are put on ‘mute’ and the universe speaks to us directly.

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune In Pisces – A Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity

The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction on April 12th, 2022 is our once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tune into this sacred music and find a deeper kind of truth.

Both Jupiter and Neptune rule Pisces, so they both speak the language of the Universe. Both Jupiter and Neptune find meaning in what is otherwise, confusing, overwhelming, or incomprehensible.  

Jupiter is the planet of knowledge, ruling superior mental processes like thinking, abstraction, and synthesis. Jupiter puts two and two together and comes up with a formula – with an overarching principle to help us find meaning in what’s going on in our lives.

We say Jupiter is the planet of truth because ‘truth’ is something we can all bounce back to when confused. Jupiter rules higher education, religion, law, and the moral code of society. Jupiter is those things we can all relate to, because if we didn’t, life would just be too confusing and complicated. 

Neptune goes further than that. Yes, Jupiter’s code of conduct is very useful. But these Jupiterian codes of conduct are designed by earthlings, so they make sense in the limited time and space we live in.

There is, however, a higher truth, a universal truth, an underlying truth that can not only explain what’s going on with us earthlings but in concert with the universe at large. That’s Neptune’s truth.   

Neptune and truth? Wait a minute, isn’t Neptune the planet of illusion and delusion?

When our deep-rooted Jupiter truth is questioned, the immediate impulse is to question that what’s challenging it. Neptune doesn’t speak ‘Mercury’, so attempting to understand Neptune’s whispers like we understand a book, a movie, or a conversation, is a futile exercise. 

Neptune helps us filter through the noise, delivering a universal message that may have little to do with what we want to hear, yet, it is exactly what we need to listen to. 

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune – The Symphony Of Truth

12 years ago when we had the previous Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, I discovered Jazz.

After a hard day of Mercury-Jupiter mental work I’d go to a Jazz bar to get lost in that sea of sound. I didn’t like it at the beginning. I’d often find the music out of sync. Other times I found the music daunting or the repetitive instrumental interplay annoying.

But after a while, I’d let go of everything and allowed the music to find its way. Mercury bits of information would get decoded and placed in the right branch in the tree of knowledge. Jupiter patterns of thought would get rearranged and re-programmed.

At the end of the night, without knowing what happened, I would be relaxed, my mind would be clear, and I’d find all the answers I needed.

Neptune also rules sleeping and dreams, because when we dream, we plunge into the collective sea of knowledge and find answers that we couldn’t find in our awake state with our limited cognitive processes.

If each day, we remembered what we had for breakfast in every little bit of detail, we’d go mad in no time at all.

When we sleep, the mental impressions during the day are deleted from our RAM memory – some are stored in our mental hard drive, to be retrieved whenever needed, others in the cloud, to become part of the universal library of knowledge.

Dreaming serves an important purpose too. On most occasions, we have ‘some’ pieces of information, but we still can’t make sense of the underlying message. In a dream state, we plunge back into the universal cloud to find the missing links. 

When Jupiter meets Neptune in Pisces, ‘truth’ as we know it and the universal Neptune truth, come together to find a common language. This means that:

–> Our Jupiter truth – what’s right and what’s wrong, what makes sense and what doesn’t will be challenged. Neptune will ask Jupiter to find a higher meaning, a more nuanced understanding, a deeper truth. Of course, the process can be extremely confusing – and we’ll get back to this later. 

–> The Neptune alien language – a language we’re biologically designed to be deaf to, will become more accessible. Jupiter will translate those Neptune abstract messages into something we can all relate to. 

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune – A New Vision For The Future

Jupiter conjunct Neptune may not bring you the clarity a Uranus transit usually brings. Jupiter conjunct Neptune may not alter your life in obvious ways, like a Pluto transit usually does.

Still, something will fundamentally shift.

Something about you, your life purpose, and your relationship with the world WILL change. The change may be subtle, but the sense of becoming someone else will be more profound than with any other transit. 

Keep in mind that conjunctions (just like New Moons) are not necessarily times when things happen. Conjunctions are times when new seeds are planted

So instead of waiting for something to ‘happen’ when Jupiter is conjunct Neptune, pay attention to what’s initiating, to what’s shifting, to what’s coming into existence.

Something may get awakened – a possibility, a hope, a new vision for the future. We may only make sense of all this later this month, when Venus joins in, conjuncting Neptune on April 27th, and then Jupiter, on April 30th. 

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune In Pisces – Listen To The Universe 

Neptune transits are anything but accessible. It’s not that magic will be poured into our ears and everything will suddenly make sense. Neptune can be extremely confusing – and any attempt to make sense of this Jupiter-Neptune transit with logic will backfire. 

That’s why I recommend the approach that AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) – and other addiction recovery and spiritual frameworks – are rooted in:

The underlying principle of this approach is centered around letting go of the stories we’ve been living by all our lives (Jupiter), and surrendering to a higher power instead (Neptune).

The 1st step is about acknowledging the problem. “We admitted we were powerless over alcohol—that our lives have become unmanageable.”

The 2nd step says: “I came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

And the process goes on with people accepting higher guidance, and ends with a mission: “Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these Steps, we try to carry this message to others”.

The beauty of Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces is not only a deep understanding of what has otherwise been confusing or limiting, but also a revelation around what our purpose in life is, of how we can best serve the collective.

When we sing the same song with the universe, we finally find our place in the world. 

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3 thoughts on “Jupiter Conjunct Neptune In Pisces – April 12th, 2022

  1. I’ve been in crisis/breakthroughs last 6 months. I left home of 17 years, my sweetie and my country…(partly due to breast cancer, daughter drama, helping best friend die and lonilness/ fear in community).
    On the bright side I’m in a spiritual community around lake chapala. Being available to heal and raise my frequency.
    Recently I’ve been feeling like im on abit of a roller coaster. Monday it was emotional, Tuesday stomach bug(mars/Saturn?)
    But to speak to the awesome Neptune & Jupiter article and me being a Pisces in 12 houses; I’ve been having some dreams last few nights that have something to do with practicing a new way to understand, to interact, experience words/language.
    It’s like dipping my head, no it’s more heart centered. Into this flowing tube of consciousness and I know full body what’s being communicated. And it’s joyous & feels 50x better. Wonder how or if it will intergrate in me. It was so timely to read your post.

  2. I can’t thank you enough for this explanation as to how to hold onto hope for humanity. I live in NSW Australia and have been thru two major floods a month apart to the day, then there is our PM hell bent on destroying our way of life. SO much corruption across the world from dictators hell bent on their NWO and reducing the population of Earth and the Earths destruction for their greed. This conjunction falls directly on my descendant. I have 11th and 12th house stelliums. The sense of despair I am picking up on and living with everyday here and the feeling of being powerless to rise above all of the corruption and rising cost of living. I have never felt like I belong here and that there is a higher purpose in my destiny. “A power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.” Your explanation has helped me to make sense of the Alien language, the static that fills my mind most days. I hope it will reveal my higher purpose and how I can fulfill my destiny to help serve the Collective. Thank you.

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