New Moon And Solar Eclipse In Taurus – What If?

On April 30th, 2022 we have a New Moon and Solar Eclipse at 10° Taurus. This is one of the most anticipated – if not THE, most anticipated – New Moons and Eclipses of the year. 

Not only is this New Moon Eclipse conjunct Uranus, so we can “expect the unexpected”, but the Venus-Jupiter conjunction that happens on the same day promises the right kind of “unexpected developments”. 

Solar Eclipses are New Moons on steroids.

Solar Eclipses always happen at a New Moon, however, when we have an Eclipse, the Sun and the Moon also align with one of the Lunar Nodes. This special Sun-Moon-Lunar Node alignment is what creates the eclipses. 

This Solar Eclipse is a North Node eclipse. North Node Eclipses, unlike South Node Eclipses, are connected with the future. Something new comes up and changes the trajectory of our destiny. 

North Node Eclipses push us out of our comfort zone, but also come with opportunities for those who are ready to seize them. At a North Node Eclipse, we create new karma. 

Solar Eclipses, just like New Moons, work at subtle levels. This is when new things are set into motion, when new cycles begin. Nothing obvious may happen on the day of the eclipse (although it might). However, if we were to accurately trace the most important turning points of our life, we would probably find out that they were initiated when we had a Solar Eclipse. 

New Moon Solar Eclipse In Taurus – The Aspects

When we look at the aspects, the New Moon Eclipse in Taurus screams “opportunity”. The Eclipse is conjunct Uranus and the North Node, and it is sextile Mars

The conjunction with Uranus will feel like a lightbulb moment of clarity, and it will help us understand something very fundamental about our core values, about what truly matters to us.

Something about our life purpose, about what we were truly born to do in this lifetime (North Node) will be suddenly revealed to us (Uranus). 

That being said, an eclipse conjunct Uranus may not be for the faint of the heart. If we’ve been living in a misalignment with our purpose, then the Uranian awakening can be quite shocking – something like Neo in the Matrix.

If instead, we’ve been aware of our purpose but we never really got the chance to get closer to our goals, the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Taurus will make it easier than ever. The Eclipse comes with a green light from the Universe – yes, you can now follow your path. The time is NOW!

Most of us are in between these extremes, so the Uranian Eclipse can come with a mix of shocking events that will turn our lives upside down  – sometimes too quickly, too soon, and also with incredible opportunities to step into our true purpose.

Chances are we won’t only be dreaming about these opportunities and watching them slip through our fingers. New Moon Eclipse is sextile Mars, so we are given an extra push, incentive, and determination to actually make things happen. 

New Moon Solar Eclipse In Taurus – Metonic Cycles And Saros Cycles

The New Moon and Solar Eclipse will influence each one of us differently depending on our natal chart.  

If you’re not familiar with your natal chart, then looking into past New Moons and Eclipses that resemble this one, will help you identify possible influences. 

New Moons and eclipses have two cycles, Metonic cycles, and Saros cycles. The Metonic and Saros cycles come with common themes and can help you identify how the New Moon will influence you at a personal level, by looking at events from your past. 

The Metonic cycles are lunar cycles that happen every 19 years at the same degree of the zodiac, triggering a specific part of your natal chart. The previous New Moon at 10° Taurus happened 19 years ago, on May 1st, 2003, and 19 years before that, on April 30th, 1984, on May 1st, 1965, and so on.

If any of these dates rings a bell, that may be because the New Moons belonging to this particular Metonic cycle trigger certain planets, angles or houses in your chart. If you find a common theme, you can expect a similar theme to come into focus now. If for example 19 years ago you moved homes, you may move homes again. 

The Saros Eclipse cycles repeat every 18 years. Saros eclipses don’t happen at the same zodiacal degree, but they have the same energy because they share the same ‘mother eclipse’. 

Every 18 years, a Saros eclipse moves 10° along the zodiac, from the degree of the previous eclipse. The previous eclipses from the same Saros family (119) occurred on April 19th, 2004, on April 9th, 1986, and March 28th, 1968.

The 119 Saros mother eclipse is conjunct Jupiter, so the Solar Eclipse in Taurus on April 30th also carries the beneficial energy of Jupiter. The Taurus eclipse is truly a time of expansion – a time to say YES to opportunities that come your way.   

New Moon Solar Eclipse In Taurus And Venus Conjunct Jupiter

We can’t talk about the New Moon without talking about its ruler, Venus.

Right now, Venus is engaged in a magical, once-in-a-lifetime triple conjunction with Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces.

A few days before the New Moon, Venus formed a conjunction with Neptune, and literally 45 minutes after the eclipse, Venus connects with Jupiter at 27° Pisces, for astrologers’ favorite 5-star transit of the year. 

If the influence of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction has been somewhat abstract, Venus will help us understand what it means in concrete terms. 

With Jupiter’s help, Venus will translate Neptune’s foggy messages, and will make the intangible, tangible. Venus is our heart – what we care for, what truly matters to us. The New Moon Eclipse in Taurus is the best time to listen to your heart – what do you really want? 

New Moon Solar Eclipse In Taurus – What If?

There’s so much potential with this Eclipse – the world is our oyster. Dreams can come true right now. But for that, we have to start with believing that living a life of joy and fulfillment is indeed an option. 

“What if?”

Our brains are wired for wishful thinking and overconfidence bias. We overestimate how quickly we can do work, or how much money we’ll earn, and underestimate how long it will take us to get things done, or finish that 3-week (turning into a 3-month) writing project.

A lot of these expectation management lessons are about mastering Saturn, about learning what we can realistically achieve with our skills and resources. But life is not only about mastering Saturn.  

While we tend to overestimate our skills vs. Saturnian realities, at the same time, when it comes to the important, less tangible things in life – like our happiness and fulfillment – the opposite is true.

While we may say we want to be happy, we sabotage ourselves in unconscious ways, or miss out on opportunities because deep inside we don’t believe happiness is an option, because we don’t believe we can turn our dreams into realities. 

And that’s exactly where the beauty of the New Moon and Eclipse in Taurus lies.

The New Moon comes with an important message “What if?”. What if a life of happiness is truly possible? What if we can live up to our potential?

The New Moon may not give you THE recipe to a happy life just yet – but things will certainly begin to shift. Your perspective will change. You will start seeing things in a different light – in a more beautiful light. 

The New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Taurus may not bring you the prince/princess charming, or may not help you climb Kilimanjaro. But it will bring you something way more important: a deep understanding of what makes you truly happy, what kind of person you want to be, and what kind of life you want to live going forward.

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7 thoughts on “New Moon And Solar Eclipse In Taurus – What If?

  1. That is exactly the kind of awesome I need in life right now, thank you for showing us all this so we can better understand when the universe rings a bell of clarity 🙂

  2. I’ve been wondering what this Solar eclipse will bring for me. I have Jupiter in Scorpio at 10 degrees, right opposite this. A lifetime of abuse and struggling with physical, mental and emotional health just before the pandemic has left me feeling like I don’t much fancy living through more “earthquakes” in every sector of my life anymore. (I was bedridden with chronic pain for nearly a decade, to say I have felt out of control and terrified even as I somehow found the strength to heal, leave a very abuser environment, and start to stand on my very wobbly and overwhelmed metaphorical feet, is an understatement).

    I am not a professional astrologer but have been trying to understand my very unique and karmic birth chart (not my words, I was told this by a professional), in order to help me do Shadow work, and heal myself as much as possible (and hopefully some difficult past lives where I suffered deeply).

    I’ve been through 15 years of soul crushing transits by Pluto Uranus and of course Saturn. I need a bit of hope and optimism that something good might come my way with this eclipse – even if it is a renewed sense of hope and the strength to get back up and try and create a life that feels good to me.

    Am I being too optimistic in thinking that this Solar Eclipse, being opposite my natal Jupiter, down to the exact degree, is a much awaited for and needed boost of good luck, physical and emotional stamina ? Or is that too simple an interpretation? I am actively trying to embrace my life purpose for well over the last decade and a half , but so far it seems life (and Pluto!) have wanted to strip me to the bones of all that was toxic and unhealthy first. I am completely transformed (the Phoenix rising from the ashes feels right) ;but extremely weary even at the soul level after the intense process.

    Any words of encouragement or kindness would be much appreciated! I love your blog, you are one the ways the universe speaks to me in a style that just “fits”. I wish you good luck with this eclipse!

  3. Thank you for this most insightful information on this potent event! The teaching you give in this posting on the Saros and the Metonic cycles truly hit home. The dates were pivotal in my lifetime. I had no idea! THANK YOU for your generosity!

  4. I’ve been such a loner (Sun stellium Virgo 12th trine this Solar Eclipse) but now that I’m healing I’ve begun to long for a partner (transit Neptune is trine my Venus/Mars conjunction which is in a water trine anyway).

    My Vertex is 28° Pisces and my Descendant is 29° Pisces!

    Close my eyes and hardly dare to hope. . .

  5. Thank you for that thorough explanation. Very well written. Thank you and may the eclipse bring your own desires quickly to the fore.

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