Full Moon in Pisces – Let Love Lead the Way

On September 20th, 2021 we have a Full Moon in Pisces.

The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.

Full Moons in Pisces always come with existential topics to ponder upon. Is it something about the last sign of the zodiac that is mysterious, intriguing, and thirsty for answers.

Pisces is the sign number 12. It has seen it all, done it all. Some say Pisces is resigned to fate, but that’s not entirely true. It’s true that Pisces understands the workings of fate better than any other sign. Pisces knows when to surrender.

But Pisces also knows that we are part of the ocean, and that a butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon can cause a tornado in Texas days, years, or decades later.

Pisces takes action much like any other sign – and strives not only to do things right (Virgo), but also to do the “right thing”.

Pisces takes action, and then leaves things open, giving room to the Universe to chime in and shape its creation.

If you’re in the middle of the ocean and throw a message in a bottle you don’t know where your message will end. You know it will eventually reach the shore… but which shore? Who knows? You just throw that bottle. And then leave it to the ocean.

In the midst of the “I can do this all by myself” conscientious Virgo season, the Full Moon in Pisces reminds us about the missing element of the equation.

Full Moon In Pisces – The Aspects

The Full Moon is at 28° Pisces, it is conjunct Neptune, the planet of unconditional love, and opposite Mars, the planet of action.

Like any Full Moon, the Full Moon in Pisces aims to reconcile the complementary energies of the 2 signs on the axis, the Moon/Neptune in Pisces “let’s surrender”, with the Sun in Virgo “let’s get things done”.

The Sun is conjunct Mars, adding even more fuel to the debate: “Should I go with the drift, in a sweet Piscean way, or do I focus on what I can control and get.things.done?

The answer is never straightforward, especially when we have a Full Moon in Pisces. The Full Moon is always in the sign opposite the astrological season we are in. We are in Virgo season, so the Full Moon can only be in Pisces.

We have Order (Virgo) vs. Chaos (Pisces).

We can only get to the essence of Virgo if we also embrace its polarity, Pisces.

Full Moon In Pisces – Let Love Lead The Way

A few days ago I watched the movie “Noah”, a biblical account of Noah and the ark.

Noah decides he has been chosen by God to save the world. He starts building a giant ark, where he gathers a pair of each species of animal of that time… but, apart from his close family members, no humans. Noah witnesses people’s cruel and shameless behavior and believes that God wants to end the human race.

When the biblical flooding begins, the ark starts floating, while all the other humans perish in the waves. It’s only Noah, his wife, 2 sons and an adopted barren girl (Ila) on the boat. Noah has decided that no human will ever be born. This should be the end of the human race.

Miraculously, the barren girl gets pregnant with one of Noah’ sons. Noah decides that if the baby is a girl (who hypothetically could give birth to new children in the future) he will kill the baby.

Ila gives birth not only to one, but to two baby girls. Convinced that God wants the end of the human race, Noah goes to kill the baby girls, but he comes to his senses at the very last second. The baby girls survive. Humanity is given another chance.

Months later, when the ark reaches land, Ila asks Noah why he spared the life of her children, and he said “I couldn’t do it. The only thing that I could see was love”.

Nevertheless, Noah feels guilty that he had failed God. But then Ila tells Noah “Perhaps God wanted you to decide if the human race deserves another chance”.

Her reply is very interesting in the context of the Full Moon in Pisces energy. Knowing when to surrender and when to twist fate is something that philosophers have written full libraries about.

The Moon and Neptune in Pisces want us to do the “God’s/Universe’s will”, but on the other side of the zodiac belt, the Sun and Mars remind us that we are part of this creation, and our actions shape the future every single day.

The course of action may not always be straightforward – but the Universe always sends us hidden messages in a bottle. Whenever confused, trust your intuition and let love lead the way.

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