The Libra Equinox – A Turning Point

Tropical astrology is based on the movement of the Sun and the Moon.

In a solar year, we have 12 lunar cycles, and this is how we get the 12 archetypes, or the 12 signs. The Earth’s revolution around the Sun gives us the seasons, and these seasons color the expression of the 12 lunar cycles or the 12 signs. 

We have 4 seasons; a new season begins when we have a solstice or an equinox. In fact, the most important astrological events in a year are the 2 equinoxes and the 2 solstices.

This is when the Sun changes direction, when something about the dynamic of day/night, light/darkness changes. 

September 23rd, or the Libra Equinox, is one of these important turning points. 

In the Southern Hemisphere the daylight begins to increase, while in the Northern hemisphere, it’s the night that begins to increase. 

No matter which side of the Equator you live on, the Equinox requires a perspective shift.

The Sun either starts going up, or down. The direction changes. What used to be the governing principle is no longer the governing principle. What used to be day, becomes night. What used to be black, becomes white. 

Libra’s glyph is an abstraction of the sunset (Sun set, the set of the Sun, or the set of the Ego). Libra is sign number 7. If the first 6 signs, Aries to Virgo, ask us to find who we are – to discover ourselves, as unique individuals – with Libra we enter a completely different dimension.

Who we are no longer matters.

In Libra, we realize that who we are is just half of the story, and that to become Whole, we need to integrate the Other.

Who is this “Other”?

OTHER can be a partner, but really anything that goes beyond the sense of Self, anything that goes beyond our direct control. 

Libra And The Air Signs – It’s All About People

Just like all the other Air signs, Libra is concerned with people.

Gemini is those people who are brought about by circumstances (our family members, co-workers, people we bump into on public transportation etc.).

Aquarius is people we choose because we have something in common, because we share some common interest or ideal.

With Aquarius, we don’t have to have everything in common… and that’s precisely why Aquarius is the most inclusive, tolerant, accepting of other people’s differences sign out there.

Aquarius only cares about THAT THING that the group shares in common. The vision, the dream, the ideal. Whatever is not within the territory of the common ideal, is beyond Aquarius’ concern. It is Libra’s concern. 

Libra is people we choose/choose us because we share something very important in common: our identity. Libra is the opposite of Aries. Aries=Ego=Who we are. Libra is the opposite of that.

It is everything we are not, but we could be; our polarity, the complementary expression of ourselves, the man/woman in the mirror.

When 2 people (in any type of one-on-one relationship) have this exchange at an identity level, wholeness is found.

This is a much more serious adjustment than that of Gemini or Aquarius, because it requires our full participation; this is quite a radical process. In the blink of a second, we are no longer who we used to be. 

Libra Equinox – A Turning Point

The Libra ‘work’ is probably the most important work we will ever do in our lives. Of course, we still have Scorpio, Sagittarius and all the way to Pisces to learn from, to help us achieve our full potential.

But Libra is the “make or break” point. The ego either dies, or it doesn’t.

We either continue to live our life “like a virgin” or we take the plunge and step into the unknown – with the risk of losing (what we believe it is) our identity.  The process requires curiosity and a genuine openness for the OTHER, for what makes them unique. 

It’s interesting that Libra does not only rule our relationships but also conflicts and opponents. If you fight in court, that’s Libra energy in action too. Some of us struggle with relationships all our lives because being in a relationship feels like conflict, it feels like hard work.

Like any other archetypal integration, the “Libra stuff” can be hard work of course, but it doesn’t have to be.

If we do the “Libra stuff” in the “Libra way” i.e. leave the Ego at the front door, then there’s nothing more natural than finding wholeness within this continuous back-and-forth exchange process that is our one-on-one relationships. 

Just like night follows day, just like summer follows winter, we too need the reflection of the opposite to find ourselves

The Libra Equinox is that turning point. We are right here in the middle. We don’t know what’s on the other side. It’s a completely different world, governed by completely different principles.

Yet, this is an inevitable rite of passage and a journey that is totally worth exploring. We may not only find a sense of wholeness within ourselves, but also a sense of belonging to an even greater whole. 

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  1. I love this! So beautifully written and uplifting, thank you for all your astrology insights and interpretations ❤️

  2. Interesting approach. Not only because of the actual change, but also for me and my relationship personally. Thanks.

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