New Moon In Virgo – Is it useful?

On September 6th (in the US) or September 7th (the rest of the world), we have a highly auspicious New Moon in Virgo

The New Moon is at 14° Virgo and it is exactly trine Uranus at 14° Taurus. I love tight aspects because tight aspects make things happen. A New Moon in Virgo is by definition a great time to make things happen. Virgo is probably the most productive sign of the zodiac!  

And when Virgo is in agreement with the God of the sky, the right things happen.

We don’t just do “stuff”, we do the right kind of “stuff”. We’re no longer a mouse on the treadmill – running and running, and going anywhere. We have a purpose. Uranus gives us CLARITY on how whatever it is that we’re doing fits into the greater cosmic order. 

The ruler of the New Moon, Mercury, is trine Saturn. Mars is trine Pluto. And Venus, now at home in Libra, is trine Jupiter. It’s difficult to find something negative about this New Moon.

We do have a Venus-Pluto square, which is normally a bit tense, but since both Venus and Pluto also make harmonious aspects with other planets, the inherent tension of the square will rather propel us forward, so we can achieve whatever we have set out to do! 

Keep in mind that a New Moon is in effect for the whole 29.5-day lunar cycle. So it’s not that things will happen exactly on the 7th of September. The New Moon in Virgo energy will influence us until October 6th, when we have the New Moon in Libra.

Virgo – What’s Useful

We all know that Virgo is hard-working, productive, service-oriented, with an obsession for detail and perfection. Virgo is the last personal sign (from Libra onwards we enter the realm of the Other) so in Virgo, we achieve some sort of perfection as individuals. We are the best possible version of ourselves.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and is one of the 4 “knowledge” signs (the others are Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces).  Virgo plays a very important role in the process of conveying knowledge. 

Gemini (Air sign ruled by Mercury) is the process of capturing information. Mercury is a very curious sign, and its role is to ‘notice’ things, to gather and assimilate as much information as possible, indiscriminately. Gemini doesn’t put a value judgement, Gemini just does the research, the information collection. Gemini’s highest virtue is its beginner’s mind. 

Virgo (Earth sign, also ruled by Mercury) is the process of analyzing information. Not all the Gemini information is worth keeping. Virgo’s role is to understand whether a piece of information is useful or not. Is it really worth remembering what you had for dinner on August 23rd? Probably not.

If something is useful, if it serves a purpose, Virgo will keep it (and Scorpio, whose glyph is very similar to Virgo’s, will eliminate all the debris). Virgo will not only keep what is useful, it will also put it in the right mental folder, so it can be easily found.

That’s precisely why Virgo also rules routines, habits and rituals. We would never ever achieve mastery if it was not for Virgo’s ability to cluster and categorize information, to make it relevant and accessible. 

We need both the Gemini Mercury and the Virgo Mercury. When I write something I engage my Mercury brain first. I just put it all on paper, without making any judgment of whether it makes sense or not.

And it’s only when I engage my Virgo brain, that I start to remove superfluous words, rearrange the paragraphs, break the information into categories, and find an overall flow.  

Gemini and Virgo are Mercury signs. The other 2 knowledge signs are Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius and Pisces. Thanks to Sagittarius (Knowledge) we then connect the Virgo dots and find the big picture, while in Pisces we find an even higher, cosmic order and attain true Wisdom. 

New Moon In Virgo – Find What Matters

Coming back to our New Moon in Virgo. The New Moon in Virgo is a great time to embody Virgo’s role. And Virgo’s role is to find what is useful, to find what is relevant. To apply discernment. 

The New Moon in Virgo will help us answer some very important questions.

Does (…)/your project serve a purpose? Does it make your life better? Does it help you grow? Does it help you become the next best version of yourself? Uranus will bring us the clarity we need to see things for what they truly are. 

At the time of the New Moon, make sure you write down your intentions for this lunar month, because you really want to take advantage of this energy. Within the fertile Virgo soil, you CAN make things happen.

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    1. Sounds really intense! Is your Sun involved or Moon? Pluto will be helpful since this is a momentous New Moon for a momentous month we are about to have followed by an even more intense October. It’s time for humanity to cross the Rubicon.

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