Full Moon In Leo – What About The Heart?

On January 28th, 2021 we have a Full Moon at 9° Leo. The Full Moon is opposite the Sun/Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius and square Mars and Uranus in Taurus – forming an intense Fixed T-square.

Fixed T-squares are high on energy, VERY motivated but also confrontational and uncompromising. Something has to give.

The Full Moon is a culmination of the energies that have been planted at the New Moon in Capricorn, on January 14th, 2021.

The Full Moon represents the missing counterbalancing perspective we need to be whole. Since we are in the Aquarius season, the Full Moon can only occur in the opposite sign, Leo.

As you may already know, the Aquarius energy is here to stay – and to make the best out of it, we must also embrace the energy of Leo.

Full Moon In Leo – The Tinman Wants A Heart

If you are familiar with the Wizard of Oz, you know the Tinman. The Tinman, made of tin, a symbol for the sign of Aquarius, desperately wanted a heart (a symbol for Aquarius’ opposite sign, Leo).

To feel whole, we always need the qualities of the opposite sign.

When the Wizard of Oz gave him his heart back, he told the Tinman something very profound: “A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others.”

The quote is a beautiful metaphor for Aquarius’ highest expression.

Aquarius without a heart is either the ruthless, rational energy that takes action without taking people into account (the investment banker that lays off people for extra profit, the spouse who asks for divorce via SMS) OR the fantasy-driven idealist that fights for causes no one cares about.

But when Aquarius taps into Leo’s energy and understands the motivations of the heart, this is when we get the driven, forward-looking, humanitarian Aquarius that really cares about the mission AND the people.

The Sabian symbol of the Full Moon in Leo is “Early morning dew sparkles, as sunlight floods the field”.

The rising Sun is a new day and a promise that after the dark night of the soul there is always a new beginning and something to look forward to. Even after the darkest night, the Sun comes to shine, to give warmth and light. No matter what, the Sun will always rise – every morning, every day, forever.

In a 2021 dominated by Aquarius’s idealism (“What about the world”?) and Taurus’ fixation on material and personal values (“But what about me?”), the Full Moon in Leo is here to draw your attention to the ‘missing element’.

What about your heart?

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5 thoughts on “Full Moon In Leo – What About The Heart?

  1. Been seeing the #9 all today. Two were 9° one being the 9° moon and the temp at my home this morning and many other areas where numbers applicable . Wow the meaning of the # 9 is on the mark for me .

  2. Another interesting artical..Thank you!!! Fullmoon in Leo Conjuct my Ascendant and Fortuna.Semi sextiles my Sun and moon in Virgo.Sextiles ny Uranus in Libra and Trines my Chiron in Aries exact.Just waiting what will happen.Hope positiv.

  3. Point of interest, the Dane Rudhyar Sabian symbol quoted, was for Leo 10 degrees.
    Leo 9 degrees Sabian symbol is:

    KEYNOTE: The need to involve one’s most spiritual and vital energies in the creative act’ if it is to produce significant and beautiful new forms.

    The breath represents the power of the spirit, animator of all living manifestations. Because the glass blower uses his breath to shape the glass vessels, he is a fitting symbol of how deeply any creative individual has to involve his total being in his creation. He is also using the fire of the spirit — transpersonal inspiration — or, in another sense, the fire of deeply felt emotions. Any creative activity which does not involve both the “breath” and the “fire” cannot transform into beautiful artworks — or indeed into any new form of order — the raw materials, remains of the past (the “sand”).

    This fourth stage of the twenty-sixth sequence symbolically shows us the technique required in true and successful transforming activity. It always implies CREATIVE INTENSITY.

    1. With Sabian Symbols you always use the degree ahead – the sabian symbols are form 1 to 30 (the degrees of the zodiac are 0 to 29)

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