Mars Conjunct Uranus in Taurus – I See RED

On January 20-21, 2021 we have an explosive transit: Mars conjunct Uranus at 6° Taurus.

This is the first Mars-Uranus conjunction in Taurus since 1942 – so this is a completely new Martian energy that very few of us have ever witnessed before.

Taurus is a calm and steady sign UNLESS it is triggered at a visceral level. Taurus rules our possessions, our energy levels, everything we ‘own’ so that we can survive.

Taurus is also the sign of personal values. These personal values are NOT to be confused with the beliefs, principles or visions for the future we build in Sagittarius and Aquarius.

When we’re so far in the zodiac (Sagittarius, Aquarius) our beliefs are influenced by society. Taurus’ values are VERY personal – and directly relate to what ‘feels’ right at a gut level.

With Mars conjunct Uranus in Taurus, we will most likely experience the angry and explosive side of Taurus. Think of a bull fighting a matador. The bull gets triggered by the red cloth – and when the bull sees red, there’s nothing it can do, but fight.

Mars, Uranus, Lilith – Raw, Powerful and Liberating

Mars and Uranus are further triggered by a square to Jupiter in Aquarius and a conjunction with the Black Moon Lilith. This is NOT energy to be messed with. This is powerful, raw, and intense.

Mars’ anger can turn into rage (Lilith) and Uranus square Jupiter can easily blow things out of proportion. The desire to act from our deepest values can be so powerful, that it can go beyond common sense or what’s socially acceptable.

Mars is the warrior of the zodiac – not only in the sense of actual fighting, but in more general terms. “I express my free will”. “I’ll stand for who I am” .“I take action based on what feels right to me”. “These are my boundaries, and you’d better not cross them”.

Uranus and Lilith share quite a bit in common. They are rebels, unconventional, and have revealing, surprising, and even shocking qualities.

Uranus is the flash of light, the flash of truth. Uranus’ truth is objective, liberating, and totally unconcerned with anyone’s feelings. It is what it is.

Black Moon Lilith is the “Dark side of the Moon” – a symbol for the raw, uncontrolled, and creative feminine energy that cannot be silenced, and doesn’t submit to anyone or anything.

According to the myth, Lilith was so powerful that not even God could tell her what to do. She only did what SHE wanted to do.

Taurus, the primordial bull is a symbol of strength, resourcefulness, and stubbornness. Taurus is our personal values – what feels ‘true’ and doesn’t need to be justified or explained.

When we bring together these archetypal energies, we know we’re up for something BIG. Whatever happens, it is driven by some sort of deeper truth that even if it doesn’t make much sense for us just yet – it will eventually, when the storm is over.

Of course, like with any transit, we can channel this raw, explosive energy into something constructive.

The higher manifestation of Mars conjunct Uranus is taking meaningful action based on your true values and principles.

Mars will give you the drive, and Uranus will inspire you, and as a result, you can achieve things that you would have otherwise, never thought possible.

Mars Conjunct Uranus Sabian Symbol

The Sabian symbol of the Mars-Uranus conjunction is “The woman of Samaria at the ancestral well”.

“The woman of Samaria” is a symbol for what is untraditional, even an outcast of society. Yet, it is to her that Jesus revealed for the first time, that he is the Messiah, “I am He”.

Jesus could not reveal his spiritual status to anyone else, not even to his disciples, because they were already conditioned by “the old order” of society.

The Sabian symbol’s message?

It’s the ‘outcast’, the non-traditional, that is ‘ready’ to receive the spiritual message.

Of course, we can all be “the woman of Samaria” – as long as we allow Mars and Uranus to guide us in finding our own deeper truth.

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9 thoughts on “Mars Conjunct Uranus in Taurus – I See RED

  1. I have 0 Taurus rising with my NN at 11 Taurus in 1st House.. I have been pretty hair trigger. Funny, I’m using the excess energy to redecorate on a small level; mixing things up. Uranus (changing) – Taurus (Beauty). I’ve gone through radical hair color change, wearing bold eye shadow. Uranus did affect my Physical Appearance, rather inspired me to change it somewhat.

  2. My natal Mars is in the 5th. This transit is crazy!
    I just turned 47. I’ve never had a pregnancy scare. I was thinking I couldn’t get pregnant but I’m late now and freaking out. Who has a baby at my age?
    All but 3 planets are in my 1st & 2nd house.. Ya know how all the planets have been hanging out in Capricorn? Well, I’m a Capricorn sun and ascendant. My natal Uranus is squaring all those planets along with the uranus transit in the 5th. I am getting hit by both and it is not a good feeling.

  3. “On January 20-21, 2021 we have an explosive transit: Mars conjunct Uranus at 6° Taurus.”
    maybe it says that at 6 january will be the riots in the capitol

    1. Interesting point you make. Mars conjunct Uranus was aspecting (culminating into a conjunction) for weeks prior to the actual conjunction. So the effects were being felt well before the actual conjunction. And 6 degrees. Auspicious, synchronistic.

  4. Es maravilloso esa descripción astral, por lo tanto nos ayuda y proporciona el encuentro con nosotros mismos, de un modo alucinante. Gracias!!!!

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