What’s Going On At The Moment – Eclipses And Retrogrades

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock… or you don’t read the news, you know that the world is in turmoil at the moment. 

Why is that?

Let’s put this into context.

Astrologers have been warning everyone for years about the Capricorn stellium which peaked last March.

We haven’t had 4 slow-moving planets (Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, South Node)  in the same sign since the Renaissance/Reformation. The Renaissance/Reformation were preceded by the Black Death. 

One of the effects of the Black Death is that it shifted the balance of power and wealth in European societies, which in turn brought dominance to several city-states in Italy, where the Renaissance first began. History shows us, again and again, this simple truth: no crisis, no change. 

Beyond the Capricorn planetary activity, there are several astrological alignments that are specifically “responsible” with the latest developments. As I was writing in the June forecast, these are, 1). the planetary retrogrades, and 2). the eclipse season.

Artwork of the Big Bang

Venus, Mercury And Mars Retrograde

Let’s start with the retrogrades. In June we have 6 retrograde planets – which is quite a lot – but what makes this retrograde season especially disrupting is that 2 of these retrograde planets are personal planets: Venus and Mercury.

Slow-moving planets are retrograde for almost 50% of the time, so it’s not unusual to have Saturn, Neptune, or Pluto retrograde.

However, personal planets – Mercury, Mars and Venus – go retrograde less frequently – for only 19%, 9% of 7% of the time. Mercury is only retrograde for 3 weeks at a time (unlike Pluto, which is retrograde for 5 months). Venus and Mars go retrograde only once every 2 years. 

Astrology is all about probabilities and frequency. If a particular transit occurs rather frequently (for example, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto retrograde), it will not bring big changes. However, if a transit occurs infrequently, you can bet it comes with big changes. 

Mercury, Venus and Mars Retrograde ARE important, and they DO come with big changes. In 2020 all these planets go retrograde. Venus is retrograde until June 25, 2020, Mercury is retrograde from June 18th, 2020, until July 11th, 2020, and Mars goes retrograde on September 9th, 2020. That’s one retrograde after another. 

Mercury and Venus retrograde cycles coincide with the beginning of a new cycle. During the middle of the retrograde, Venus and Mercury align with the Sun and transform from evening stars into morning stars.

Mercury is how we make sense of the world with our mind. Venus is how we make sense of the world with our hearts. While Mercury is our objective experience of the world, Venus is our subjective experience. Mercury is our thinking process, Venus, our values.

In the last couple of weeks, while Venus descended into the “underworld”, transforming from an evening star into a morning star, we’ve been witnessing a reset of values, mainly through the anti-racist movement. 

Now that Mercury prepares to go retrograde, it’s our thinking process that is experiencing a reset. 

In September 2020 it’s Mars’ turn to go retrograde. Mars retrograde is a little bit different.

If Mercury and Venus retrograde coincide with the beginning of a new cycle, so they are in their “New Moon” phases – Mars retrograde is opposite the Sun (not conjunct) so it is in its Full Moon phase; that’s why the keyword for Mars retrograde is “culmination”, not “reset”. 

A warning – this particular Mars retrograde (that’s September-October 2020) won’t be pretty.

Mars will be engaged in a tense cardinal T-square with the planets in Libra and the planets in Capricorn. The Capricorn story that peaked in March is not over.

Until Mars goes retrograde, June and July are by no means less intense, because in June and July we are also in the middle of the Eclipse season.  

June/July 2020 – The Eclipse Season

Eclipses are when big things happen. We have a New Moon and a Full Moon every month – but it is only twice a year that the Sun, the Moon and the Earth align to create the Eclipses.

Again, transit frequency is key. Eclipses are not regular New Moons and Full Moons. They are ‘special’ New Moons and Full Moons.

At the Eclipses, we are given a unique opportunity to connect with the Source and get access to information we wouldn’t normally have access to.

Eclipses are a re-calibration of fate and free will. During the eclipse season, your individual path re-aligns with the universal path. An eclipse points to what you need to change, so you can reconnect with your purpose.

There are two types of eclipses – depending on which side of the Lunar Node axis they occur: North Node Eclipses and South Node Eclipses.

North Node Eclipses point us forward to what we need to learn or do to move in the direction of our purpose. They come with opportunities and new beginnings, but they also ask you to adjust to new circumstances.

South Node eclipses are connected with our past and with our deep-rooted patterns of behavior. They come with outcomes, releases of energy, and achievements, depending on your particular karmic load. At a South Node eclipse, it is payback time. 

The Lunar Eclipse on June 5th, 2020 is a South Node Eclipse. The Solar Eclipse on June 21st (at the Solstice) is a North Node eclipse. A time for BOLD new beginnings. The Lunar Eclipse on July 5th, 2020 is again a South Node Eclipse, the last one in the sign of Capricorn. A time for endings. 

In 2020, history will be written in front of our eyes. And what we’ve witnessed so far is just the beginning.

The 2nd half of June and the 1st half of July will be at least as intense as the first months of the year.

The next intensity peak is in September-October.

2020 is not for the faint of the heart.

But what history tells us is that new eras are always preceded by big changes.

Whatever happens, however disrupting, it is part of a process of renewal. A new world is around the corner. 

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  1. Thank you Astro Butterfly, your interpretation of what is happening in the heavens is always so insightful and reassuring. ❤️🙏

  2. This explained a whole lot. I’m now in the process of “coming of age” (even tho I’m 75 y.o.). Now, the very severe depression and anxiety that ruined my life for 33+ years is enabling me to start working (volunteering so far)–essentially as a Wounded Healer, helping others who experience these difficult illnesses. (I got over the depression by eating organically and starting a 30 minute daily meditation practice, a couple of months after going off 3 of the meds they had had me on for so long). I’m a very grateful late bloomer.

    1. I too want to know this! I will definitely it be meditating and I guess we can all do the same at this time whether or not we hear specific details of an organised one

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