Sky Alert – Solar Eclipse And Cancer Solstice

On June 21st, 2020 we have a powerful Solar Eclipse at 0° Cancer which coincides with the Southern Solstice

Solar Eclipses are powerful by themselves. Solstices (and Equinoxes) are powerful by themselves. 

But when these two events occur at the same time, they build on each other and their influence is amplified by an order of magnitude.

Undoubtedly, the Solar Eclipse on June 21st is one of the most powerful Eclipses of the decade

This Solar Eclipse is an Annular eclipse.

Annular Eclipses are Total Solar Eclipses, so the Moon completely overshadows the Sun; however since the Moon is farther from the Earth than usual, it appears to be slightly smaller than the Sun, thus creating a beautiful ring of fire.


The Annular Eclipse is visible in Central Africa, the Middle East and Asia.  

What is an Eclipse? 

Eclipses put us back on track of our destiny, when we go off track. They do this in two ways: either through creating new opportunities (North Node eclipses) or by “digesting” past experiences (South Node eclipses).

The Solar Eclipse in Cancer is a North Node eclipse – so it comes with opportunities.

Anything is possible when we have a North Node Eclipse. A North Node Eclipse is when the Universe gives you a green light to do whatever you want.

But be mindful of your choices. Because there will always be a payout – usually at a future South Node eclipse, 6 months from now.  

Now we know that the Solar Eclipse in Cancer is a North Node Eclipse that comes with opportunities.

What about the Solstice? 

Solstices and equinoxes have been used as astrological prediction tools for centuries. We have a solstice or an equinox every 3 months, when the Sun changes direction in the sky.  That’s why the chart of the Solstice of the Equinox pretty much sets the scene for the upcoming 3 months of the year. 

Not convinced? Let’s look at the previous Solstice and Equinox and see how they played out: 

The previous Solstice in December 2019 was connected to a South Node Solar Eclipse and the Capricorn stellium – and it brought us the Coronavirus, and top-down enforcement of rules (Capricorn).

The March equinox was conjunct Chiron in Aries – and it brought to us the anti-racist movement, or the theme of healing (Chiron) our identity (Aries).

Similarly, the Cancer Solstice on June 21st will set the scene for the upcoming 3 months (June 21st – September 21st). The Solstice Cancer point is square Mars, so it will bring action, anger (Mars) and repressed emotions (Cancer) to the surface. 

Mars is still in Pisces so we have a double dose of water (Cancer and Pisces). Double water means we can expect some powerful displays of emotions.

The Eclipse occurs at 0° Cancer. The 0° Cancer is the “Victim” or the “Vulnerable” degree. Cancer is the sign of safety and nurturing; at 0° Cancer is where we become aware of our vulnerabilities. We understand that it is OK to be needy, that it is OK to ask for support. 

These Cancer themes are reinforced by the opening Mars square to the Sun.

Mars square the Sun is the point in the hero’s journey where the hero crosses the threshold from the “familiar world” to the “unknown world”.

This is when the hero is the most vulnerable and needs help the most. In novels or movies, this is when the hero/heroine (the main character) screws up and realizes that they are not yet ready to achieve their mission. This is when a mentor/friend comes along and helps them out. 

Sun-Mars squares, especially when they occur in Water signs, bring anger to the surface.

All our resentments, grievances, hostilities and guilts are being discharged. This emotional catharsis is a necessary step in the healing process.

Before we become aware of these feelings, we are in a state of numbness or depression. When we don’t know what’s wrong, we’re totally blind.

But when we finally become aware of these suppressed feelings, we tell them “yes, you exist”. We honor them. We allow them to become part of us. And it’s only when we become aware of them, that we can take meaningful action.

At the Solar Eclipse in Cancer, take your time to honor your emotions – with all the grief, sadness, and anger that may come out.

This is not a time to be vengeful (that’s 0° Libra, and more about this later). 0° Cancer is about making friends with the “Victim” side of your psyche. It is ok to cry, it is ok to ask for help. 

Because when we do that from a genuine place of need and humbleness, help always comes along. 

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9 thoughts on “Sky Alert – Solar Eclipse And Cancer Solstice

  1. I love your Honesty and Truth. Thank You for laying it out on the table. From a double Aries, Scorpio raising with tons of Pluto. Thanks

  2. I love how you write about astrology. It’s very attainable and straightforward and very rich and deep at the same time. Do you mentor astrology students?

  3. This hits right to husband’s physical health took a nosedive..our lives have completely changed. I have been overwhelmed with emotion, tears, anger, sadness-I am now the caregiver..he has trouble asking for help-all that is going on in the world has become meaningless..taking care of each other and family is what matters now.

  4. Let us hope that the emotions being released on a global scale, will not result in more hurt, violence or hatred… we need the caring and compassionate sides of Cancer and Pisces to dampen the fire of Mars… To Kathy Ingraham… so very sorry for your troubles and hoping things will settle down soon so you and your hubby can get into a comfortable and workable routine…

  5. Wow I agree with the sentiments others have noted about how easy this was to read! I realllly appreciate this! Thankyou! Don’t ever change

  6. Also just wondering what constitutes a conjunction to the personal nodes? What if this eclipse falls on your natal nodes? Would it have to be within 2 degrees? If my natal north node is 5deg cancer would that be a conjunction? Would it mean the eclipse is on your natal north node?

    1. The tighter the pen, the more relevant. 5 degrees is still in a conjunction, however important events tens to happen when conjunctions are within 2 degrees of orb

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