Lunar Eclipse In Sagittarius – What’s No Longer Working

On June 5th, 2020 we have a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

This is our first eclipse with the Nodes in the Gemini/Sagittarius axis – so it will give us a first “taste” of what to expect from the upcoming eclipses on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. 

This Lunar Eclipse is at15° Sagittarius and it is a South Node eclipse, so the focus is on releasing the old (South Node) rather than on embracing the new (North Node). 

Right now the focus is on what’s no longer working. 


The South Node is the “familiar” comfort zone, our “default” mode, what we are designed to keep doing because it feels safe and natural

The South Node is in Sagittarius so right now we need to let go of those Sagittarius operating models that are no longer working. 

The South Node Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius suggests that the time has come to let our inner Sagittarius take a back seat.

Sagittarius rules our beliefs, what we believe to be true and morally right. Sagittarius also rules our dogmas and biases

The Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius is a time to acknowledge our dogmas and biases, where we’ve been on autopilot. 

This is a South Node Eclipse – a time of release and letting go. This is not a time to find solutions. Some solutions will come in two weeks from now, when we have a Solar/North Node eclipse. Right now though, the focus is on acknowledging what’s no longer working. 

Letting go of the familiar doesn’t ‘feel’ right. Shedding the old skin feels uncomfortable. And it should feel uncomfortable. If something doesn’t feel uncomfortable, chances are, there’s no real change happening.  

This Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius is opposite Venus and square Mars

Venus is now a young morning star with a mission. She may not know yet what she wants, but her heart is on fire. Her chest is lit up. 

Mars is at his first square in the hero’s journey. This is when the hero leaves the “familiar world” and crosses the threshold to the “unknown world”. 

This phase in the Mars cycle is when the hero is the most vulnerable. He leaves safety behind and adventures in the unknown. 

This is a time to embrace our vulnerability. Because it is only by embracing it, that our vulnerability becomes our greatest strength. When we embrace it, we know where we stand. We know our weak areas. And from that place of knowing, we can embark on our new adventure with full awareness. 

To conclude, the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius is a time to acknowledge our biases and dogmas, but also our weaknesses and vulnerabilities. 

Again, keep in mind that Full Moons and South Node eclipses are times of release. Don’t look for solutions just yet. Simply acknowledge where you’re at. 

The first “solutions” will be revealed in two weeks from now, when we have a powerful Solstice Solar Eclipse.

Read more about the North Node in Gemini and the South Node in Sagittarius HERE

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3 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse In Sagittarius – What’s No Longer Working

  1. You are so right.
    My partner and I have been struggling since the last eclipses due to Mercury Rx in Pisces where things got blurry – and found out a lot of heavy emotions still lingered this week. We are entering couples therapy next week to lay it out on the table to learn to communicate better and become a stronger team so we can understand each other better.

    And so it happened that I found The Gottman Institute (homepage of John Gottman, the relationship expert) and linked a couple of articles to my partner.
    With a team effort we were able to release the old feelings and take a step to build new trust. I hope and think we are going to make it, just two blog posts set us up to a better understanding and communication practise, which needs to developed over time – but today we faced the old stuff and set it free.

    I can only recommend those struggling to turn to Gottman and his Institute – even if Venus is Rx we are reworking our individual responsibility and our communication styles, in a more compassionate approach to each other.

    Good luck to everyone here.

  2. Thank you for your insight/illumination…love the bit about Venus burning in our chest’s

  3. “Right now the focus is on what’s no longer working.”

    I’m no longer working! It’s tough to focus on self-improvement while also trying to figure out how to pay the rent.

    Maybe it’s time for a do-over.

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