Chiron – Your Deepest Wound, Your Greatest Gift

With the passing of time, we have become increasingly broken and separated. In our attempts to become gods, we have forgotten about nature. We have taken nature it for granted – as if it is something foreign, or alien. 

Diseases, plagues, and viruses come from a wounded nature – because this is the only way that nature can fight back against us when we harm it. 

And the irony is, nature is not something outside ourselves. We are nature. We are half nature, half-gods.

When we harm nature, we are not harming something that is outside of ourselves, we are harming ourselves.  

In astrology, the symbol for the dissociation (and eventually, reconciliation) of man and nature is Chiron.

Chiron is a half-man, half-horse centaur, someone who has managed to reconcile its animal nature (half-horse) with its godly nature (half-man). As a result, Chiron has become a wise teacher of the olympian gods, teaching them medicine, botany, pharmacy, music, and astrology. 

The principle of dissociation-reconciliation is found in Chiron’s orbit as well. Chiron orbits between Saturn (the last planet visible to the naked eye and a symbol for “nature”) and Uranus (the first invisible planet and a symbol for the “divine”).

Chiron acts as a bridge between the two worlds, aiming to bring them together to reconcile them.

Just like Chiron is half-nature, half-god, we too need to learn how to embrace nature and the divine and restore our human dignity

In astrology, Chiron stands for:

  • Our deepest wound
  • Holistic healing (which only happens when we integrate the wound)
  • Our greatest gifts and talents (which ONLY become gifts when the initial wound is healed).

In fact, there are three archetypes associated with Chiron: the Wounded Healer, the Shaman, and the Alchemist.

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5 thoughts on “Chiron – Your Deepest Wound, Your Greatest Gift

  1. I love your entries on Chiron. I discovered something today regarding our Covid19 crisis, and the history of flu pandemic since the Spanish flu. There have been 5 flu pandemics from 1918-2020. Chiron was beginning to transit Aries during the Spanish flu in 1918, like he is now, as well as in the 1969 H3N2 pandemic. In the other two flu pandemics, 1958 and 2009, he was transiting around 18 degrees Aquarius. Makes sense for Aries to be involved- but Aquarius- I’m surprised to see that. Figure it might be due to reactionary behavior , which is a global problem in itself.

  2. Thank you for your thoughts and current context of the Chiron cycle, in particular its transit through the first decanate of Aries over the past 100 years.

    As you may know. Chiron in Greek and Roman mythology is the master of the healing arts. However, as the myth describes, he is not able to heal himself after he receives a wound caused by one of Hercules’ weapons falling on his foot. This is an arrow that has been dipped in Hydra venom. Hydra, interestingly described in Greek and Roman mythology, is the water monster ‘who was so poisonous that she killed men with her breath, and if anyone passed by while she was sleeping and breathed her scent he died.’ Sounds disturbingly like we can substitute ‘poisonous’ for ‘contagious’ in our current day.

    The linked article provides additional info:

    https: //

    Many thanks for your work – stay safe.
    Antony Milner

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