Chiron And The Virus

Recently I came across an article about how viruses work.

I was surprised to discover that viruses have influenced the evolution of all living beings from the beginning of time, by passing on genetic material (DNA) from one species to another.

Yes, a virus can modify your DNA. It is estimated that up to 8% of the human genome is viral DNA.

Our very human fabric is transformed by the encounter with a virus. 

When a virus passes from a monkey to a tiger, for example, it also passes the monkey’s genetic material to the tiger. In this way, the virus establishes a “network” of interrelations.

It’s as though the purpose of a virus’ is to bring different species that have little in common, closer, to be more connected. 

From a philosophical/spiritual perspective, we can conclude that nature/intelligent design, aims to close some sort of a gap between species, with the help of viruses.

Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 12.11.31 AM

When there is dissociation that no longer serves the greater good of the ecosystem, something needs to happen to “close the gap”.

And this made me think of how Chiron works in astrology

Chiron, the centaur, was born half-horse, half-man – a symbol of the reconciliation of these two different natures. 

Chiron, the planet travels between Saturn and Uranus – so it is a mediator between the material world and the spiritual world. 

So Chiron’s role is to reconcile two realms that otherwise have little in common

I did a bit of research to see if there is any connection between Chiron’s transits and viruses. 

COVID 19 – as well as two of the most important pandemics of the last century, the Spanish flu (1918-1920) and the Hong Kong flu (1968-1970) – features Jupiter conjunct Pluto, but also Chiron in the first degrees of Aries.

Right now, Chiron is in the first degrees of Aries, so we have a little bit of history repeating. There seems indeed, to be a connection between Chiron and viruses. 

Chiron has long been connected to the topics of illness and healing.

And the association of Chiron with viruses can shed some additional light on how Chiron “works” in one’s natal chart.

Chiron shows what is disconnected inside of us, and what needs to be reconciled so that we can be whole again. 

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16 thoughts on “Chiron And The Virus

  1. Corona is crown, and these are the viruses that cross species. What “goes over our head” whether we notice it or not. We are the subjects of the animalia kingdom. We’re not so different from animals though we like to think we are. Corona viruses remind us to know our place – heal the world to heal yourself. Heal your world to heal ourselves.

    1. My association with CROWN is the Crown chakra! Also someone else suggested an association with KARUNA.. all very interesting… Thanks for this on Chiron and repeat of viruses over history…

      1. Looking at the Spanish flu and the Hong Kong flu both being two years, I’d be curious to know whether this virus 🦠 will also be a two year ‘pandemic’. 🤔

  2. This was soo interesting I have Chiron, saturn and north node, in Aries 9th house in my natal chart. I am def registering for your course now. Kind of in stuck mode and I need a push. Thanks

    1. Very interesting info about the role viruses play! Maybe I’m a little “conspiratorial” but this has me thinking of viruses as upgrades so to speak and has me asking the question, “Why would the powers that be work so hard to keep everyone apart? Is there perhaps some change to our dna that this virus would accelerate that doesn’t benefit them?” That’s getting a little wild idea, I know, just thought breezes. But I just tend to question this urge to control and sanitize nature.

    2. It seems very interesting! As the posts of this page always do. I will enroll on the next one because the course has already begun.

  3. Sending deep gratitude for your work and vision! This is an incredible observation.
    Having studied your coursework has transformed my own life vision.

  4. I disagree. The only way that other species DNA has any influence on our bodies is if it’s injected. Also our bodies are covered with millions of viruses/bacteria/pathogens every day which, if you believed that viruses makecus sick, would mean that we are constantly ill. It’s never been about the pathogen, it’s the terrain or how healthy and strong our immune systems are. So concentrate on maintaining good health.

  5. I thought viruses are R.N.A.-based. Does it collect D.N.A. from its host and transplant? I was unaware of this collection/transport mechanism. Excellent astrological research work, though.

  6. So I did a little math(mind that math is not my strong suit however) so 1918-1920 is the Spanish flu 1968-1970 is the Hong Kong flu there is 50 year between them and it has been another 50 years since the Hong Kong flu, interesting coincidence.

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