Full Moon In Virgo – Love Knows Best

I’m not a big movie fan, but recently I went to see Emma., an adaptation of Jane Austen’s book – and absolutely LOVED it. I found Emma. to be the perfect metaphor for the Full Moon in Virgo on March 9th, 2020.  

Source: Painting With A Twist

Emma is a 21 years old “handsome, clever and rich” young lady living in Georgian-Regency England, who, unlike the women of the era, doesn’t have to get married to gain wealth and status. 

Emma is clever, witty, independent, but also self-sufficient, and intellectually vain – and thinks she “knows best” – especially when she tries to act as a matchmaker for friends. 

The character Emma plays very well on Virgo’s attributes. The word “Virgo” comes from Latin and means being “Self-sufficient”

Virgo is a symbol for a person who doesn’t need anyone – or anything – to be complete.

Virgo is the last personal sign (the personal signs are the first 6 signs of the zodiac, from Aries to Virgo) and its role is to master the process of individuation. That’s why Virgos can become obsessed with personal development and always seek some sort of perfection in everything they do. 

Just like Emma, who is not interested in getting married, when we act from our Virgo energy we believe that we don’t need anyone else to make us whole and that we can find all the resources we need within ourselves. 

“Vanity” is a word that Virgo is not normally associated with, because indeed, Virgo doesn’t share Leo’s vanity of the Self – but if you look closer, you will discover that even the most humble and service-oriented Virgos out there have some sort of “intellectual vanity”.

This makes sense, if we think that Mercury in Virgo is the only placement where a planet is both in domicile and in exaltation in the same sign. Virgos are naturally smart and they know it. And whether they tell you or not, they really think they know best. Many times they do. 

But not always. And here comes the sign on the other side of the axis, Pisces. 

Virgo Knows Best, But Love Knows Better

Each sign has a balancing act – and Virgo’s balancing act is Pisces, its opposite sign. In fact, a Full Moon is a balancing act in itself, because we have the Moon in one sign, the Sun in the opposite sign.

A Full Moon in Aries aims to balance Aries and Libra (because the Moon is in Aries and the Sun in Libra). A Full Moon in Taurus aims to balance Taurus and Scorpio energy. And a Full Moon in Virgo (like the one we have) aims to balance Virgo energy with Pisces energy.

So a Full Moon in Virgo is not only about Virgo, but about Virgo and Pisces trying to find common ground.

And what makes the Full Moon in Virgo on March 9th extra special is that it is exactly opposite Neptune, Pisces’ ruling planet, making this Full Moon even more “Piscean” than usual. The Full Moon is at 19° Virgo, while Neptune is at 18° Pisces, tightly conjunct the Sun.  

If Virgo is the sign of Order, Pisces is the sign of Chaos. Pisces’ ruling planet, Neptune dissolves our usual “order”, so we can create a new, better reality. And sometimes we need Pisces’ “chaos” because it is only in chaos that a new order can emerge. 

But to find this “new order”, we need to accept that we don’t know everything (Virgo) and we don’t need to know everything. Our knowledge of other people is limited to what they reveal to us. Our understanding of the world is limited to what we can see, hear or touch. 

There are things we cannot see and we cannot make sense of, at least not with our Virgo, Mercury mind. But this doesn’t mean they don’t exist. There are invisible connections everywhere. And Pisces and Neptune can help you see what is otherwise invisible to the eye. 

Neptune has better plans for you, but it will first dissolve your current reality – whatever it is that keeps you small and stuck in your bubble. 

What needs to happen, will eventually happen, no matter how hard we try to control the outcome from our individual, limited perspective. Does this mean we should give up the Virgoan control altogether?

Of course not. There is a fine line between understanding to which extent we can influence our immediate environment and to which extent we just go with the flow.

To come back to our plot, Emma thinks she knows best when she’s trying to matchmake her friends, but the morale of the movie is that in the end, love knows better. Against all odds, everyone eventually finds their true love – Emma included.

Despite Emma’s attempts to control circumstances and other people, love eventually finds its way.

Apart from the opposition to Neptune, the Full Moon also applies a beautiful trine to Jupiter, hinting towards a happy ending. And Mercury going direct literally hours after the Full Moon can definitely bring in a few surprises. 

The morale of the Full Moon in Virgo? Even if things don’t go as planned, they go exactly as they should. The Universe truly works in our favor – and true love really does know best.

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  1. Thanks. This full moon day is also celebrated as the appearance day of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the divine incarnation of Lord Krishna. Lord Chaitanya’s mission was to spread Love ❤️ of Godhead. So today is indeed a special day for us to make spiritual progress. Hare Krishna!

  2. This was an extremely imformative explanation of the current aspects to this full moon. One which I had not read before! Refreshing!

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