Venus Conjunct Jupiter And The Galactic Center

On November 24th, 2019 Venus is conjunct Jupiter. Venus and Jupiter are the brightest “stars” in the sky, symbols of the splendor and timelessness of our existence. 

The two will embrace in the evening sky, just after sunset. Venus and Jupiter are the first two lights to turn on after the sun has set, inviting the other billions of stars to follow suit. If you live in a place where there’s not much light pollution – and if it’s not too cloudy – Venus and Jupiter’s meetup is a ‘must-see’.

There’s something magical about observing the planets, about having a direct experience with the ‘gods’ of the sky.

Astrology has become so abstract (thanks to the development of ephemeris and astrology software), that we don’t even know what Venus looks like. We don’t even know how to spot her – even if she is the 2nd brightest object in the night sky after the Moon. 

The difference between knowing that Venus is conjunct Jupiter and actually seeing Venus and Jupiter is the same as the difference between talking about beauty, love and abundance and actually experiencing beauty, love, and abundance. 

Venus and Jupiter rise approximately half an hour after sunset and are visible for about 2 hours. Venus and Jupiter appear closest to the horizon and the first ‘stars’ to rise in the evening sky. To eliminate any doubt, you can use a sky app to spot Venus and Jupiter (there are many free apps out there, I use SkyView Lite).

The app actually highlights the planets to differentiate them more easily. Here is a photo of Venus and Jupiter I’ve taken with the app:


Venus Conjunct Jupiter – The Most Sought-After Transit 

Venus and Jupiter are the most beneficial planets in astrology, and their yearly conjunction is usually the most sought-after transit of the year. 

Venus conjunct Jupiter happens once every 13 months on average, and some Venus-Jupiter conjunctions are especially beneficial. This is when either Venus, or Jupiter is in the sign of its rulership or exaltation.

2019 is also one of those magic years because Jupiter is in the sign of its rulership, Sagittarius. This year we’ve been blessed with 2 Venus-Jupiter conjunctions. The first one occurred on January 22nd, in the morning sky, at 15° Sagittarius.

And now the final Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius is in the evening sky and will continue the theme of the first conjunction, bringing it to its highest form of manifestation.

Similar Venus-Jupiter conjunctions recur in periods of about 24 years when Venus and Jupiter return to nearly the same place in the sky.

The previous Venus-Jupiter conjunctions from the same ‘family’ occurred 24 years ago on January 14 and November 19, 1995. If possible, try to remember what was going on in your life back then to get an idea about what to expect this time. 

Venus Conjunct Jupiter And The Galactic Center

The Venus-Jupiter conjunction is at 28° Sagittarius, very close to the degree of the Galactic Center (27° Sagittarius).

What are the odds to have both Jupiter and Venus conjunct the magic degree of the zodiac? Very very low. This makes the Venus-Jupiter conjunction an absolute magnificent transit. I don’t always get excited about ‘special’ transits but this one is truly unique. 

The Galactic Center with its massive black hole is the big cosmic eye, the all-seeing eye, the all-knowing eye. The place where everything originated from. The truth of the matter. 

When a planet is conjunct the Galactic Center, it translates the cryptic message of the Galactic Center into something that we, Earthlings can understand and make sense of. 

And on November 24th, we have not only one, but two planets connecting us with the Galactic Center. And isn’t it amazing that these two messengers happen to be the most beneficial planets in our solar system?

Venus and Jupiter conjunct the Galactic Center will help us see the big picture, the master plan of the Universe

With Venus conjunct Jupiter crossing the center of the Galaxy, we will gain clarity about something very fundamental about our existence. Something universal, yet personal. 

Thanks to this wonderful alignment, you can have a big ‘a-ha’ moment about your meaning and purpose in life, about the reason you’re here. 

And it doesn’t have to be something metaphysical or transcendental. You can finally understand for example, why things haven’t been working in your career, and what to do instead. Or you can gain clarity on what your ‘superpower’ is – something you’re so good at, something that comes so natural to you, that you don’t even think of it as a skill. 

Venus Conjunct Jupiter – Your True Beliefs

Jupiter is a wonderful planet that gives us hope, meaning and a sense of togetherness. 

Jupiter is a social planet, and we need Jupiter to function in society in a healthy way. But the ‘side effect’ is that sometimes we get trapped in Jupiter’s dogma. 

We may think that our beliefs are a true reflection of who we are – only to slowly dissociate ourselves from our true values and feelings – and end up lost and confused, with no sense of personal identity. 

Unlike Jupiter, Venus is a personal planet that is directly connected to the center of our being. Venus represents our true values . Your true values are nothing else but a reflection of what we like and dislike. Of what it feels good and what doesn’t feel good.  

Maybe you like sour foods. Maybe you hate cilantro. Maybe you’re attracted to partners of the same race. Maybe you’re attracted to partners of a different race.

It’s nothing wrong with what you like and dislike. Your likes and dislikes are truly personal, and a reflection of who you are, with your unique biology, psychology and evolutionary demands. 

When you’re in touch with your feelings, when you’re in touch with your natural preferences, when you’re in touch with your values –  you are in touch with Venus. 

Sometimes we act from Jupiter, and society’s beliefs and interests take center stage. Other times we act from Venus, and we may focus a bit too much on what we want, without trying to find a sense of cohesion with the rest of the world.

Venus conjunct Jupiter is your chance to align your inner values (Venus) with the beliefs of society. 

When Venus (your personal values) aligns with Jupiter (the society’s belief system) we reach alignment between our inner values and society’s values. 

Does your view on economics, politics, religion or other social issues reflect the truth of your values, the truth of who you are (Venus) or it’s a reflection of societal stereotypes that keep being passed down from one generation to the next?

If you feel that your lifelong beliefs don’t motivate you anymore, if you feel they don’t reflect the truth of who you are, keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong with saying “I’ve changed my mind”.  Even if you may seem inauthentic. Even if other people might judge you. 

We can only find our true meaning and purpose when we act from your true values. And Venus conjunct Jupiter conjunct the Galactic Center is the best time to reach that inner agreement that will help us do just that. 

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15 thoughts on “Venus Conjunct Jupiter And The Galactic Center

  1. Do I have a conjunction Galactic Center with my MC (29 degrees of Sagittarius)? I didn’t know. I was born during a New Moon so my Sun, Moon and Venus are conjunct in Gemini. Less joyful in opposition with Saturn retrograde.

  2. accepted theorys in cosmology are slowly changing from gravity based to an electrical ‘plasma based’ universe one that has galaxys strung together via currents over vast distances (invisible black holes and imaginary dark matter are not needed to fudge and explain away glictches in the ‘big bang’ story – actually the ancients had a better glimpse of things in many ways
    PS great astrology by the way ,much apreicated

  3. Wonderful article I enjoyed every word, yes as above says, it does feel unique, I needed this today, thank you.

    1. Thankyou beautiful butterfly, I have this perfectly conjunct my natal north node in the 5th, a much awaited transit I must say. Many blessings to you 💗⭐⭐💗

  4. This resonates so much with issues coming up these days for me. Thank you so much for describing it, it gives me hope. I’m so sad these days, even though this is happening at my sun at 27° Sagittarius and it can be such a beneficial transit, but now I understand that I need it to come forth, my struggles with society’s beliefs and hopefully things will fall more into place and assure me that my true values are my believes and all will be okay when I rely on these; my own values. Then the despair will subside and I’ll be back in good beliefs… 😉✨💛

  5. “Maybe you’re attracted to partners of the same race. Maybe you’re attracted to partners of a different race.”

    What a racist and wildly unnecessary thing to say. Completely ruined this otherwise interesting post.

    1. It’s not racist at all, and it’s controversial on purpose, to illustrate the difference between Venus and Jupiter. I used the word “attracted” because this is what Venus does, it dictates our natural preferences. When we’re in touch with our natural preferences, we have a healthy Venus. In this particular example, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t like, appreciate, admire and respect everyone (a healthy Jupiter)

  6. Great article. Thank you so much. I’m aligning my outer (Jupiter) with my inner (Venus) on this special day by saying there is NO Way that the comment noted above was racist! We are all allowed to be attracted to who we are naturally attracted to and you clearly put that into context. What a wildly unnecessary comment made by RT. Keep up the good work AB 🙂

  7. Very insightful interpretation of the Venus-Jupiter conjunction! Interesting to ponder how one’s personal values can become aligned with society values. Not so hard to do if you already are aligned with society values, but many people seem to be realizing their personal values sometimes don’t match to society values (depending on which society you live in). Society values can also change according to one’s personal values being expressed. They are interdependent. Perhaps that is what Venus conjunct Jupiter is reminding us. We are all inter-dependent.

  8. Wow what a great interpretation! This looks like it’s playing out for me exactly as you’ve said it! This conjunction occurred on my birthday and in the last week I’ve been reading a lot about Kabbalah! I am having an a ha moments so to speak, exactly as you wrote, as it answers universal questions!
    Question- do you know about the Heliacal Phases of the planets? Is it the same thing as “Venus turning into an evening star”? I’ve also been reading that some astrologers who study Babylonian astrology believe this conjunction has a different meaning Becuase Venus was invisible when it happened? Or turns invisible after? I can’t remember.

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