New Moon In Scorpio – Games People Play

Welcome to the Halloween New Moon!

Every astrological season we have the chance to play out the archetype of the sign we celebrate. Because now we are in the Scorpio season, we learn about Scorpio. 

There’s no coincidence Halloween falls in the Scorpio season. Halloween is as Scorpio as you can get. As you may know, Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the king of the underworld, zombies and everything else Halloween is about.

Metaphorically, the underworld is a place where we surrender our Ego, let go as life as we know it, and allow the forces of nature take their course. The underworld is not death, but a purgatory, a place of deep transformation. We let go of what no longer sustains growth, and we rise again, stronger and wiser. 

We all fear that place where things rotten and decay. We never go there willingly. And that’s why we have Halloween and horror movies. Halloween and horror movies are a safe way to integrate the archetype of the underworld into our psyche. 

So what it is child-like. It doesn’t matter. Halloween and horror movies are healthy games to play.

Because we also have the less healthy ones. Manipulations, power struggles, victim-abuser relationships – they also fall under Scorpio’s domain. 


When we don’t integrate the Scorpio archetype in a healthy way, we play it out unconsciously. We play mind games. 

You want to control the outcome of a situation – no matter what, so you will do whatever it takes to get that outcome. You smile at your boss to gain their favor. You leave subtle clues that you may have another offer. Or you give them an ultimatum. They promote you or you quit. 

Of course, you may get what you want, but that’s because your boss played that game with you, too. Sooner or later they will make you pay for it. 

True power has nothing to do with control – of other people or of life circumstances. True power is about having that inner strength to navigate through the storm with grace. Because there will always be things you can’t control. 

You’re not powerful when you get your way, but when you can handle what comes your way. That’s Scorpio’s lesson.

Of course, there are circumstances when you want to go for it, to achieve your goal, there are times when your strength will lie in the relentless pursuit of your goal. But that’s Capricorn’s lesson, not Scorpio’s. 

With Saturn (the ruler of Capricorn) approaching a monumental conjunction with Pluto early January 2020, you will learn about the fine line in between. When to fight, and when to surrender.

In preparation for 2020, learn as much as you can about Scorpio and Capricorn.

Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings around October 28th-October 29th (when we have the New Moon in Capricorn) and around December 25th-December 26th (when we have the New Moon AND Solar Eclipse in Capricorn). 

The New Moon is at 4° Scorpio and is exactly opposite Uranus. Uranus brings a sense of urgency. You’re ready for change, no matter what. Even if it’s scary. 

Although all of us will feel the energy of the New Moon, you will be even more influenced if you have personal planets or angles around 4° Scorpio. 

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2 thoughts on “New Moon In Scorpio – Games People Play

  1. I’m Scorpio 26d w/natal Uranus at 4d Scorpio. Mercury 21d Conjunct Scorpio north node. Found out my Pisces AC stretches from 16d Pisces to 29d Aries. For this NM, given where mars is and the square with Saturn and Pluto… here’s how the energy manifested:

    I think that the behind the scenes quasi business relationship w/producer – nixed his butt last month when he contacted me out of blue after ghosting me like a jerk, asking for help in his business dissolution w/his producer partner. Told him I wasn’t rearranging my life to suit his needs & he should have not blown me off so cavalier like my time doesn’t matter. He has been stringing me along for quite some time (which I allowed at first) … I have found him to be manipulative and selfish (reality tv producers are manipulating liars) so I felt great about mixing his ass from my life. Plus producer not an honorable man and didn’t keep his word to me 2 years ago. Admittedly it was very satisfying to say No to him in his time of need. F, that was really satisfying for me. In this instance, the 12th house relationship guy rudely asked for favor (where he had no intention on paying me), me & my friends and family came first (where I prefer to spend my energy) (Saturn in my natal 3rd H, Pluto in my natal 4th house friends & family). Note the producer is cancerian

    I think this is the extent of the Uranus opposition to my fabulous scorpion new Moon…. not that much of a big deal. The only “surprise” was him arrogantly contacting me a month after blowing me off… I was like “oh hell no”!

    I will likely officially find out soon that my supervisor is pregnant (I already know) and she’ll be resigning after baby. She’s a cancerian too.

    Should anything else happen, I’ll update.

    Note: yesterday I had bad headache all day… me and my Libra girls had headaches October 12th when Uranus Venus were at odds. Mental note for future Uranian conflicts… gives me headache

  2. I have pluto at 4deg virgo in 9th house will the above affect me and Uranus is in 8 house 19deg Saturn in Capricorn at 8degs in 12 house

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