Full Moon In Aries – The Joker Within

On October 13th, 2019 we have a Full Moon in Aries.

Last month, when we had the Full Moon in Pisces I saw the movie “Aladdin”. The Full Moon in Pisces has been conjunct Neptune, and the fairytale-movie “Aladdin” captured very well the energy of the Full Moon. 

This time, at the Full Moon in Aries I saw the Joker.

If last month’s Full Moon genre was romance/fairytale, this month’s Full Moon genre will be drama/psychological thriller. 

The Full Moon in Aries will bring the drama. Venus and Mercury in Scorpio, and the tense cardinal T-square with Pluto at the apex, will come with the psychological twist. 


Every Full Moon features an opposition between the Sun and the Moon. The opposition of the 2 luminaries, or the Full Moon aims to ‘expose’ the paradoxical duality of the 2 signs that share the same axis. 

But this month the Sun-Moon opposition is triggered by a Pluto, forming a cardinal T-square. Pluto triggers both the Sun and the Moon, and, as we can expect, the tension of the opposition will be expressed through the planet at the apex of the T-square. That planet is Pluto, which is still stationary and stronger than ever. 

If it was not enough to have a Full Moon ruled by Mars, the Full Moon in Aries also features Pluto holding the strings in the backstage. 

So what we are in the Libra season. There’s nothing Venusian or ‘sweet’ about this Full Moon. We get a double dose of Pluto and Mars – we get pure dynamite. 

Ah, and Venus is now in Scorpio, in an exact opposition to Uranus. That’s not just drama, that’s drama in its highest form.

Some say Joker is Batman’s dark side. 

The Aries-Libra axis is the axis of duality, the axis of me vs. the other. The Good and the Bad. The friend and the enemy. The victim and the prosecutor. Batman and Joker. 

This inherent duality of human nature is fully exposed by the Full Moon in Aries. 

On one side, we have the Sun in Libra, seeking reason. 

On the other side, we have the Moon in Aries. The Full Moon will illuminate what has been kept in the darkness: the feeling that we don’t matter, that our existence is futile, that we don’t have what it takes to be loved and respected. 

Of course, as with any opposition, we will have a tendency to project what’s undesirable on the “Other”. It’s not our fault, it’s THEM.

And all this conflict will be channeled through Pluto. Pluto is ruthless and has a tendency to blow things out of proportion. In these tense times, John Lennon’s quote (a Libra with Aries rising) is more relevant than ever:

“Don’t hate what you don’t understand”

The Full Moon in Aries will come with the choice: to become a victim (or a perpetrator, both are the sides of the same coin) or to recognize that the enemy we’re trying so desperately to fight it’s nothing else but our own shadow. 

Batman is not going to save us. As long as we have Batman, we will also have the Joker.  

Now in the Libra season, the Joker is a metaphor for how we deal with our own shadow. We have two choices: 1) we reject it, and we become the Joker (or Batman, if we choose the light) or 2) we acknowledge and integrate it, thus reconciling the opposite energies and solving the conflict. 


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7 thoughts on “Full Moon In Aries – The Joker Within

  1. Wow, Thank you! That is a really helpful interpretation of the energies right now!
    Love the John Lennon quote! Best wishes
    on this Full Moon! ☀️🌝✌️🙏🍁🎃🦉🌎

  2. This is so amazing as I know someone who has been accused of being a perpetrator, but is really a victim of a criminal conspiracy. He literally has dressed up as a Joker and went like that to the court and said it is his protest, as the police and system is not listening to what he has to say, and by the same they allow true criminal to be free to continue his mischief.

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