New Moon In Virgo – Becoming Aware

We have a New Moon in Virgo on August 30th, 2019. The New Moon is at 6° Virgo and is conjunct Mars, Venus, and Mercury. 

This New Moon is very very Virgo because we have 5 personal planets in Virgo (if we count, of course, the Sun and the Moon), which is pretty unusual.

As you probably know, New Moons are times of new beginnings. Virgo is the sign of the harvest. This is an especially ‘manifesting’ New Moon, thanks to positive aspects to the other Earth signs. The New Moon in Virgo forms a beautiful Grand Earth Trine with Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn. 


This New Moon makes NO negative aspects with other planets, which again, doesn’t happen very often.

This means you have a green light from the Universe to put your goals into action. 

The New Moon in Virgo is unusually creative. Maybe Virgo doesn’t have a reputation for being creative, but nothing can be further away from the truth. 

Just look at how many artists have strong Virgo placements. This is because Virgo makes things happen. Most of us have a book, or other creative projects inside us, but it’s Virgo who has the discipline to bring that book, or that creation to life.

New Moon In Virgo – Creative AND Productive

This New Moon in Virgo is conjunct Venus, Mars, and Mercury so it’s as creative as it can get. Venus and Mars are pure creativity, and Mercury comes with the extra skill and translates this potent energy into something tangible. 

Virgo is the opposite sign of Pisces – if Pisces energy is dispensed everywhere, Virgo’s energy follows the logical path. Where Pisces creates chaos, Virgo brings the order.  

At the New Moon in Virgo, we have a record of 8 (out of 10) planets in Earth signs. Earth signs are grounded, practical and realistic. This is fantastic news is you want to get things done.

You WILL get a lot of important things done, and even if you don’t feel focused and committed yet, remember we are just getting out of the Leo season, which has a completely different vibe. 

In the zodiac, Virgo, a mutable sign, follows Leo, a fixed sign. Leo is an intense, creative, but also fixed energy. Virgo is the next step – takes what Leo has created and brings it to the next level of perfection. Virgo will make sure that whatever Leo has created ‘makes sense’. The object of creation needs to pass Virgo’s ‘common sense’ test.

Indeed, Virgo has the incredible gift of ‘knowing’ what makes sense and what doesn’t. Common sense is the ability to quickly make sense of the world, to make good judgments and behave in a practical and sensible way – and this is Virgo’s specialty. 

Virgo energy is very grounded, analytical and ‘aware’. With a New Moon and so many other planets in Virgo, you cannot help yourself but notice all the facets of a situation. Virgo’s ruler, Mercury, is also conjunct the New Moon, so if you need to use your ‘mind’ in a creative or laborious project, you couldn’t find a better time. 

Virgo – You Are Already Perfect

Virgo in literal translation means virgin, but back in Roman times, Virgo was a word used to describe a person who is self-sufficient – someone who doesn’t need anyone, or anything to be complete. 

The New Moon in Virgo will remind us that we don’t always need someone else to make us whole and that we can find all the resources we need within ourselves.

The next sign, Libra may have a different opinion on this (Libra is the sign of relationships) – but there is a reason why Virgo always precedes Libra. To be ready for a relationship, we must firstly feel whole and complete in ourselves. 

Virgo is a transitional sign, bringing the death of the Summer and the start of the Fall, that time of the year when we contemplate the earth’s annual cycle of light and darkness.

The New Moon in Virgo is a good time to get down to the nitty-gritty and pay attention to things you have been neglecting or taking for granted. 

If you’re unsure about what action to take – or if you’re simply looking for a confirmation, then look no further – just tune in and listen; will be amazed by how much you already know. The New Moon is an invitation to tune into the intelligence of your body and bring your greatest creative projects to life.


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4 thoughts on “New Moon In Virgo – Becoming Aware

  1. Thank you for this post and all others! 🙏 I would like to book a reading, can you please leave me here your email address? Thank you very much!

    1. the whole lunar cycle (until the next New Moon) but if you plan to start something new, the best time to do so is in during the first 3 days of the lunar cycle

  2. I didn’t realize how many planets are in Virgo right now!! Perfect for grounding and getting things done. Thanks for this post!!

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