Venus Conjunct Mars – A New Creation Cycle Begins

Venus is conjunct Mars on August 24th, 2019 at 4° Virgo. 

Venus and Mars are the two relationship planets, and they meet up in conjunction once every 2 years or so, starting a new relationship cycle.

Venus conjunct Mars is not just a ‘random transit’. In fact, no transit is just a random event in time. All planetary transits are part of a longer story, which always begins with a conjunction.

A conjunction between two planets is a starting point of a new planetary cycle. 


The most known planetary cycle is the lunar cycle. A lunar cycle begins with a New Moon. A week later we have Moon square Sun (the 1st lunar quarter), then a week later we have Moon opposite Sun (the Full Moon).

Again a week later we have Moon square Sun (the 2nd lunar quarter), and the cycle ends when the Moon conjuncts the Sun again, and a new lunar cycle begins.

But the lunar cycle is not the only planetary cycle out there. If for example, Mercury is square Jupiter, that transit is not a ‘random Mercury-Jupiter square’, but it is part of the story that began a few months earlier, when Mercury conjuncted Jupiter, starting a new Mercury-Jupiter cycle. 

That’s why our lives are not a random series of events – everything in our lives is connected, and everything unfolds from a particular starting point, as a reflection of the planetary cycles and planetary relationships. 

In the same way, Venus conjunct Mars on August 24th, 2019 marks the beginning of a new Venus-Mars cycle, and any further aspect between Venus and Mars in the cycle will be ‘connected’ to this conjunction. 

Venus Conjunct Mars – The Cosmic Lovers 

Venus and Mars are the cosmic lovers and in astrology, they describe attraction, love, and relationships.

Mars rules Aries and Venus rules Libra – Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, ruling the Ascendant and the 1st house; Mars is “I am”. Venus rules Libra, the 7th sign of the zodiac, or the descendant, and stands for the “Other”.

Even people who are not familiar with astrology know that Venus is a symbol for the feminine energy, and Mars is a symbol for masculine energy. In fact, Mars and Venus’ astrological symbols are identical to those used in biology to identify sexes.


Venus and Mars are like the opposite poles of a magnet. They attract each other, and as a result of their passion, something new comes into existence. Whether it is a new life, a new relationship, or a new creative project, Venus conjunct Mars is your cosmic go-ahead to get your creative juices flowing.

Venus conjunct Mars is the ‘law of attraction’ in action. Without a “chemical reaction” between Venus and Mars, we cannot create anything. When Venus and Mars mingle together, creation happens. 

Mars’ metal is iron, and Venus’ metal is copper. Iron and copper conduct power and electricity and thus, to ‘create’ energy and motion, just as Venus and Mars generate romantic and sexual energy. 

To conduct electricity, we need both iron and copper. To ‘conduct’ attraction and create life, we need both Venus and Mars. Venus conjunct Mars is where any act of creation begins.  

The special relationship between Venus and Mars is reflected by the length of their cycles. A Venus cycle takes 584 days, and a Mars cycle takes 780 days, so 4 Venus cycles (4*584=2336 days) are almost exactly as 3 Mars cycles (3*780=2340 days). 

Because of this synchronicity, every 32 years Venus will conjunct Mars around the same degree of the zodiac. 

The Current Venus-Mars Cycle

Now that we’ve understood the special relationship between Venus and Mars, let’s come back to the current Venus-Mars cycle, which begins on August 24th, when Venus is conjunct Mars. 

The most important aspects of the Venus-Mars cycle are Venus conjunct Mars, Venus square Mars and Venus opposite Mars

The Venus-Mars cycle begins on August 24th, 2019 – this is when we can start a new relationship or a new creative project. 

On June 2nd, 2020 we have the fist Venus-Mars square (Venus is at 14° Gemini, Mars is at 14° Pisces). Soon after the 1st square, Venus goes retrograde, so 3 months later we have the 2nd Venus-Mars square. This is when you can make some adjustments to whatever it is that you’ve started on August 24th, 2019.

If you started a relationship, now you will decide whether this relationship is what you want. If you started a new project, this is when you will ask yourself “does it make sense? Does it feel right? If not, what can I change about it?”.

After the 2nd square, it’s Mars’ turn to go retrograde, so soon after, on November 9th, 2020 Venus opposes Mars retrograde (Mars is always retrograde when opposite Venus, the two cannot form an opposition unless Mars is retrograde). Venus will be at 15° Libra and Mars at 15° Aries. 

Venus opposite Mars is the highlight of the Venus-Mars cycle (it is similar to a Full Moon). Venus is now stronger than Mars (which is now retrograde) so you are driven by your values. You now have full clarity where you stand.

This is when the creative project you started at the beginning of the cycle culminates and bears fruit. In relationships, this can be the final test “to do or not to do” “to go forward or not to go forward”. 

On February 20th, 2021 we have the final Venus-Mars ‘contact’ when Venus (at 23° Aquarius) is square Mars (at 23° Taurus). This is a time to make the final adjustments before a new Venus-Mars cycle begins.

Depending on how things have been going, this can also be a time when you reap the rewards. You decide what you want to take on with you in the new cycle, and what do you want to leave behind. 

The current Venus-Mars cycle will end on July 13th, 2021 when the two lovers meet again at 19° Leo. 

Venus Conjunct Mars – How the Venus-Mars Cycle Will Influence You

Have a look at your natal chart and see whether you have any planets or angles around the degrees where Venus and Mars aspect each other (use a 1° orb): 15° Aries, 23° Taurus, 14° Gemini, 27° Cancer, 4° Virgo, 15° Libra, 27° Capricorn, 23° Aquarius, or 14° Pisces. 

The more planets and angles you have around these degrees, the more significant this Venus-Mars cycle will be for you. Of course, the most important degree to look for is 4° Virgo, because this is where the love story begins 😉 

If you’re interested in past (or future) Venus-Mars cycles, you can find a list with all Venus-Mars conjunctions dates at this link

Even if you don’t have planets or angles around these degrees (or if you’re not sure you do) – Venus conjunct Mars will still influence you, because the conjunction will transit one of the houses of your chart. This is the house where you have Virgo – and this is where you can ‘birth’ something new. 

To make the best out of Venus conjunct Mars, make sure you set a creative intention on August 24th. The seed that you plant on August 24th will flower in the coming 23 months.

The intention can be around starting or improving an existing relationship, or about any other creative project you want to bring to life. 

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22 thoughts on “Venus Conjunct Mars – A New Creation Cycle Begins

  1. You mention Cancer/Capricorn 27 degrees in the ‘look for planets or angles around the degrees where Venus and Mars aspect each other in your chart’ section but I don’t see those degrees anywhere else in the article. When do Venus and Mars touch Cancer/Capricorn 27? Pertinent to me as I have Venus at 28 Capricorn and Mars at 15 Libra so this cycle will definitely affect me more than others 🙂 thanks! Love your newsletters!!

    1. Forgot to mention that I literally just found out that my Part of Fortune is Virgo 4 degrees last week. I don’t know much about Part of Fortune though… gotta find out! This Venus/Mars cycle really interests me because it will touch many hot spots in my chart!!

  2. Well, I better make sure to set my creative intention tomorrow. It’s conjunct the planets on the apex of a Yod (NNode and Pluto) in the 5th house with Mercury and Jupiter at the base.
    Thank you, as always, for your intriguing newsletters, I love them!!!

  3. Thank you for this, AstroButterfly. I’m really hoping this will set my life path on course and help me to lift of my business of the ground. The conjunction is exact with my natal Sun 4 in Virgo, trining Mars in Taurus and my NN in Capricorn. A new Love would also be very welcome! ❤️😊👍🌸

  4. So,will be exactly on my ascendent 4,30 Virgo, near to sexstile with natal retrograde Mercury in my 3th house,where is my Sun.I dont have a relationship, or even i dont start something. What will be the result for me?

    1. The conjunction is on your Ascendant, so it is about YOU, the way you see yourself, your appearance, your health, you can become more assertive and confident, you can decide to go for what you want

  5. I am learning so much from your article. Huge gratitude.

    My natal Venus in VII is conjunct this Mars-Venus conjunction. Am curious and hopeful.


  6. The conjunction happening in my 3. house in Virgo and the Venus/Mars also in conjunction (or very close?) with my natal Pluto 0’06 and all of them opposite with my natal Venus in Aquarius at 27” .
    That is so big for me!!! Pluto will bring up or turns everything upside down about the masculine and feminine energy for me ?! Also in November 9 2020 Mars will meet my natal Sun in Aires 14’06 and Venus will meet my natal moon in Libra 17’30. I don’t know if I need to be happy or scared about that transits but definitely a big “opportunity” to sort out my (s@its) issues?! Or what ?

  7. My Asc is 1 degrees Virgo and Moon is 9 degrees Virgo but it’s not quite conjunct to this. Does it stil affect? I also have Sun, Pluto and South Node in Virgo

    1. It’s quite close to the Ascendant, so yes, it could affect you. It depends on whether your birth time is accurate. If the birth time is accurate, the conjunction is on the ASC/Moon midpoint, so something to do with YOU, your appearance, your self-image, your health. You can also become more popular (Moon the 11th house ruler).

  8. Thank you butterfly 🦋. Transit falls in my natal 11th house & my Rising 7th. No natal planets or angles as mentioned above close to those degrees with the exception of Pisces is at 16d. On the 24th I’m taking my adult son (a Virgo/Virgo) ) car shopping & helping him with down payment. No plans or anything else going on but the usual Saturday mom-chores. Can’t think of any new creative project (I already have dozens that are unfinished). I’m thinking With helping my son finally get a car = his dreams (car) coming true and a new (contractual) relationship (car loan) for him manifest – I’m a bystander/a “helper”. I suppose by a far far stretch this influence is manifesting… just not for me exactly. Though I do want to see my kid happy & doing well – I don’t think that’s a 7 or 11 house thing seems like more of a 4+8 house … idk. Does having those influences happen around you count or no, if the energy manifestation isn’t for you specifically ? It’s such a far stretch I’m thinking “No”.

    1. It doesn’t have to impact you directly, it can indeed impact your family members, your spouse etc. I am not sure I understand what is the 11th and 7th house reference. The conjunction takes place in one house only. What’s your ascendant sign?

  9. thank you so much for this post, I feel like this cycle will manifest and shape all the energies I was collecting thru many years not knowing where to direct myself. I have the natal sun and chiron on 4″ Taurus, merqury on 15″ Aries, pluto exactly opposite, and DC on 23″ aquarius and venus on 27″ Taurus….and what I see is that venus will form her first angle squaring the natal pluto in Libra and on the second she will sit on him challenging the natal merqury/pluto_9/3 house opposition…omg…If the comments stay open in two years I will write here an update! thx again, love your writing…<3

  10. Hi! Thanks so much for your posts🙏🏽 I discovered your blog, quite by accident a couple of weeks ago and love your insights 🥰 ! How does mars Venus transit affect me since it’s taking place in my 12th house?

  11. I have mercury, venus ,mars and sarurn at 27°, Jupiter at 28° my ASC at 26° NN at 25°. I’m very curious about this??

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