Chiron Retrograde – Become Your Own Medicine

Chiron goes retrograde on July 20th, 2022 at 16° Aries. Chiron is retrograde until December 22nd, 2022, and turns direct on December 23rd, 2022 at 11° Aries. 

If you have your natal Chiron in Aries, or if you have planets or angles between 11°-16° Aries, you want to especially pay attention to this transit.

Chiron is the Wounded Healer of the Zodiac. Chiron is a sensitive point in our chart – it is where we feel broken, ashamed and inadequate. 

Now that Chiron is in Aries, these feelings of brokenness and inadequacy are about the very foundation of who we are (Aries is the sign of identity). Basically, with Chiron in Aries, we feel that something is wrong with us.

But Chiron is also where we have the opportunity to heal ourselves. These ‘Chiron’ feelings of woundedness, pain, and vulnerability are a symptom of a healing crisis. Something inside has cracked. Healing is about to happen. 


Let’s say you have an infection on your leg and you take antibiotics treatment. After two or three days you start to feel sick. Why that? The antibiotic has killed the infection. Now your body deals with the toxins and dead pathogens.

Your body is temporarily overloaded – and that’s why you feel sick. This temporary sickness is, in fact, a sign that the treatment has succeeded, even if it doesn’t feel that way. 

In the same way, you first have to bring whatever is ‘wrong’, repressed or unacceptable about yourself to the surface – so you can deal with it. 

If you want to heal, there is no other way around. You have to face the pain. 

What happens if you don’t deal with the pain?

If you bury these feelings inside, if you keep them away from your awareness, you start to dissociate from a part of yourself.

With time, the feelings and mental models things that are not “acceptable” only grow bigger and stronger. Much like cancer, they create a new living organism – your shadow. Soon, without even realizing, there will be two of you: the Acceptable You and the Unacceptable You

There are two people sharing the same body, but not communicating with each other. At best, they will ignore each other. At worst, they will start to fight. There can be only one of you, right? This is what sickness – physical, emotional, spiritual – is. A split, a conflict between two ‘foreign’ entities. 

Yes, you can take antibiotics and kill the ‘enemy’. But because you created that enemy in the first place, it’s only a matter of time until you create it again. That’s why many times we have remissions when the disease is chronic. 

The disease comes back because THAT you are trying to kill with pills, with fasting or other treatments – is a part of YOU.   

When we process pain, we, in fact, accept that pain is part of us, and ultimately, embrace that part of us we were trying to hide. That’s how we heal. 

I’m not saying that pills, exercise, or healthy food are not good for you and are not going to heal you. But if you have a Chironic illness (and we all do), then trying to ‘cure’ what is ‘wrong’ with you, trying to ‘fight’ the enemy is not going to work.

The only way to heal from a Chironic illness is to accept yourself fully. 

Chiron shows us what’s split inside us, and also what we need to do to bring these broken parts into a unified whole. 

Just like Chiron was half-human, half-horse, half-mortal, half immortal, we too are a sum of broken parts. There are parts of us we accept and identify with, and parts of us we despise and reject.

When you feel shame, guilt, or inadequacy, ask yourself: which part of myself I am trying to hide, or to ‘fix’? That’s exactly that part of you that you must learn to love. 

Chiron Retrograde – Become Your Own Medicine

When Chiron goes retrograde, this search for integration moves inwards.

When Chiron is direct we look for answers outside. We go to the doctor, to the shaman, to the spiritual guru, to the coach. We travel to faraway places. We find mentors and people who can teach us things we don’t know. 

With Chiron retrograde, we look for answers inside. We become our own medicine. We become the Shaman. 

When Chiron is retrograde we apply what we’ve learned while Chiron was direct, and we heal. Chiron retrograde is when we make sense of everything we’ve learned on our own terms. 

Unlike Mercury for example, which is retrograde for only 3 weeks, Chiron spends almost half a year in retrograde motion (when in Pisces, Aries and Taurus). Chiron, as well as the other outer planets, take time to integrate. We need more time to process its energy. 

From now until December (when Chiron goes direct again) you will dive into the healing waters of Chiron by diving inside. You will become your own medicine. 

Chiron is a maverick. His knowledge goes beyond our limited Mercurial knowledge. When you’re ready, your inner Chiron will know what to do, your inner Chiron will heal your physical, psychological, emotional, or spiritual illness. 

When Chiron is retrograde, you are Chiron.

Bring all of your broken parts together, including those you are ashamed of the most. Make peace with ‘the enemy’. Accept yourself fully. When you own your shame, your inadequacy, your vulnerability, your shadow, this is when you become whole, this is when you heal. 

Do you want to make the best out of Chiron retrograde? Here is a Chiron guided meditation that will help you integrate your broken parts:

Chiron is currently in Aries. Read more about Chiron in Aries here: Chiron In Aries – You Are Here For A Reason 

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13 thoughts on “Chiron Retrograde – Become Your Own Medicine

  1. Something bizarre just happened. I was reading a chapter out of Marriage of spirit and thinking how I need to overcome my identity problems and how to cure my chronic insomnia with the help on Paul McKenna, and just right then this email appeared at the top of the screen. I’ve got Chiron 6’ in my fourth hse, I was abandoned by my father at an early stage and NOW, right now am I ready to deal with that pain. And now I know how. Thank you, AstroButterfly – you are The High Priestess 🙏🏻🌟of my life and I’m grateful to Life for that 💕🌸

  2. Thank you so much for this post. I love each and every blog you write. You are one of the few who are able to write about difficult processes in a way that is easy to understand for someone who hasn’t studied astrology for at least 6 years. I read this post and sighed with relief.
    I cannot thank you enough for making astrology easier to understand for ‘beginners’.
    Today you described exactly what I feel ready for now: to deal with the pain, instead of pushing it away, which I’ve done for most of my life.
    I’m sooooo grateful for your posts. Thank you, AstroButterfly for giving words to my emotions.

  3. I love this. Such a great way to explain what is happening. The very thought that we are our own healers is truly empowering. I only wish more people can read and understand this and then apply it. Thanks again for all of your work and messages.

    1. No, it actually is not “work,” IMO. It’s awareness in order to even be aware of how shame runs one’s life in a myriad of ways: bad relationships that enhance feelings of inadequacy, unsatisfying work and a negative mindset in general. We always have a choice on whether or not to sit with ourselves, however. That is where free will comes into play. 😊

  4. This is beautiful and so insightful! Thank you for sharing this wisdom with us! This also provides a lot of clarity about topics that other assume we understand. Thank you and God bless you for this gift.

  5. Great article! In Februrary I became electrosensitive because of living next to 36 electric smart meters. I totally went nuts, trying to figure out what to do by fearfully and endlessly researching the Web.
    Then, mid-June, I went to visit a city in Iowa that I thought would not get 5G soon. I stayed in an Airbnb house and woke up with stabbing pains in my head — I’d been sleepiing 12 feet from an electric transformer (and receiving a huge amount of magnetic field EMF). When I got home 2 days later, I found my ankles and lower legs were covered with bright red blotches, and the next day I realized these were due to driving 13 hours in a newer model car which had all types of EMF, irradiating my lower legs.

    After I began to feel somewhat better, I realized that I was actually going thru a DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL. I read a lot about this and realized that, with Chiron making a Grand Cross with my Mars, Saturn, natal Chiron and Neptune, I had come to a point in my life where I need to make deep changes: Instead of letting my brain take the lead, I’ve now slowed way down and am becoming a much better “mother” to my inner child. And I’m no longer worried about EMF like I was before, because I see that I’m going thru a massive deconstruction and then reconstructioin (transformation) which will totally change my prior habitual approaches to life and my “in-my-head” identity.

    I’ve surrendered to the Dark Night, which feels right, and my number one priority is taking care of myself.

  6. woaw that is great Article ! well done the author !

    i did experiencing some heavy sadness last night from my pastlifes and also some roots chakras issues due to my unhealthy relasionships with money energy because i found myself not able to pay the rent , so i had a lots of stress and i migh find a solution few hoyrs later but that was from my account closed for no reason, i am ok and i am taking all the lessons of the life, to LEARN because i am here LEARN / TEACH things from my emotional history of this life time.
    i never been that emotional since I awake up 1 year ago, that is is defenetely the end of DARK SOUL .
    hat i make to forward is anility to learn with a centered hearth approch, and with courage to share to vulnerability that eliminate mask of the ego, an then as that out you will will feel the PAIN in order to HEAL IT . as you feel it, you heal it. that is the only process to get ligher and lighter in your live. give you time and love that is most precious gift you can give to anyone on this planet. love and light !!! Love has won 🙂

  7. i don’t know who you are, however, i too find it amazing that you appeared at the exact “right” moment that you did. i’m in my 7th year of my experiment, and everyday, signposts, like yours, keep appearing, letting me know everything is gonna be alright. oh, and i love the name – astrobutterfly, thank you!

  8. I can attest to the wonderful healing power of Chiron and why you need to become your own medicine.

    I had Transit Chiron retrograding back and forth over my Sun and my MC a few years ago. The Transit opposed my Natal Saturn, then Tr Saturn was conjuncting my Natal Neptune in 6th House. Needless to say, it was one of the toughest periods of my life.
    It manifested as a Meniscus Tear in my knee which left me unable to walk. I did everything I was suppose to do medically, but to no avail. In fact, the Cortisol shots I took for the acute pain stopped working and I was now in pain 24/7. I had been forced to use crutches to move about, and even with that the pain just got worse. Spent tons of money and nothing worked. A particular Surgeon told me there was no other options but surgery, yet that came with its own side effect – I was guaranteed to have Osteoathritis some years after the surgery – wtf?!
    Thankfully, I understood spirituality and Astrology, and knew this challenge was happening for a reason. I needed to find out what it was. So I surrendered to the lesson and that’s when my Chiron took over. I had many things to learn. I was broken down to the most humble version of myself. All my life I had always thought that I was IN CONTROL. In fact I had no sympathy for anyone who couldn’t be in control of their life. According to Louise Hay, the knee represents Pride, and boy, was I unconsciously proud?!
    Additionally, it turned out that my knee was connected to a past life trauma and wounding that had come up for healing. I surrendered to it.
    Months and months of learning and healing later, I began to find my way back to me. Through it all, I learned that Chiron helps you learn the lessons that Saturn is trying to teach you.
    After almost 2 years of pain and crutches, I now walk completely pain free without crutches and without surgery! And without worrying that I’d have to deal with with Osteoathritis in the future. So I completely understand this post to a T.
    Thank you for your wonderful insight.

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