Total Solar Eclipse In Cancer – Free Will Meets Destiny

On July 2nd, 2019 we have a magnificent Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Eclipses are as old as the Sun and the Moon. The earliest records of eclipses come from the Babylonians, who noticed that eclipses preceded important events such as the death of the king, the birth of a future king or unusual weather patterns.


Nowadays, kings won’t necessarily die when we have an Eclipse, but important events will still happen. If you have a look at your chart, and you will see that the most important evens in your life happened when an Eclipse triggered your chart. 

The Solar Eclipse on July 2nd, 2019 is at 10° Cancer

Cancer is like a homecoming. We all have a place we call home. Sometimes ‘home’ is not a physical place, but something that makes us feel secure and happy. Maybe ‘coming home’ is taking the long route back from work to wind down. Maybe it’s listening to your favorite song. Maybe is hugging your cat. 

Having a place we can call home gives us power and strength. We cannot go and slay the dragon and conquer the world unless we have strong foundations, unless we know who we are and where we come from. 

It’s not easy to find that place of strength and inner comfort when the world always seems to want something from you. The Solar Eclipse is opposite Saturn and the South Node, which are conjunct at 17° Capricorn. 

Saturn in Capricorn wants to climb the ladder. But this comes at a price. When you put all your energy on the outside, you neglect yourself. 

Saturn conjunct the South Node means that those foundations that are not solid or authentic will crumble

If what used to work in the past doesn’t work anymore… it’s time to come back ‘home’. The Solar Eclipse in Cancer will show you the way home. This is a North Node Eclipse, so it’s not about retreating from the world, but rather about regrouping so you can bounce back stronger than ever. 

Eclipses – Metonic Cycles And Saros Cycles

Eclipses have two cycles, Metonic cycles, and Saros cycles. The Solar Eclipse in Cancer belongs to both a Metonic cycle and to a Saros cycle.

The Metonic cycles repeat every 19 years at the same degree. So the previous eclipse at 10° Cancer happened 19 years ago, also at 10° Cancer. Needless to say, if you have planets or angles around 10° Cancer, this is going to be an important eclipse for you. The previous eclipse took place on July 1st, 2000. If the summer of 2000 was a significant time for you, it may be so again. Look for a common theme.  

An eclipse from the same Metonic cycle falls in the same sign and the same part of your chart. Try to remember what was going on in your life 19, or 38 years ago. Similar themes can come into focus. If for example 19 years ago you moved homes, you can expect something similar now. If 19 years ago you had troubles with your boss, this time you can also expect some sort of troubles with your boss or with other authority figures.

The Saros cycles repeat every 18 years. Saros eclipses don’t happen at the same zodiacal degree, but they have the same ‘energy’ because they share the same originating ‘mother eclipse’. Every 18 years, a Saros eclipse moves 10° along the zodiac, from the degree of the previous eclipse. 

The previous eclipses from the same Saros family took place on June 21, 2001, and June 11, 1983. This Saros eclipse family carries the energy of Mercury and Pluto, so the Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 2nd will also carry the energy of Mercury and Pluto. The Eclipse will bring some important news. Something will be revealed. The truth will come to the surface.  

Eclipses – Fate Or Free Will? 

Eclipses are nothing else but times of cosmic re-adjustment. Eclipses are always conjunct one of the two Nodes of the Moon: the North Node, your soul’s purpose, and the South Node, your karma. The South Node is where we come from. And the North Node is where we’re going. The Nodes of the Moon co-create our destiny. 

If life was fate, we would only have the South Node. But life is a miraculous mix of fate and free will. The North Node is our free will. The North Node is our potential, is what’s possible, is the darkness from which anything could emerge. 

We feel drawn to the North Node, but we also fear it. And we retreat in our South Node comfort zone.

But it’s only when you resist your North Node, your true star, that life gets tough. This is when eclipses can bring difficult experiences. But when you embrace it, you dive into a world of pure potential, a world where everything is possible. You can overcome your karma, and co-create your destiny with the universe. 

The Solar Eclipse in Cancer is a North Node Eclipse, which means it comes with opportunities to change your destiny. You now have more free will than ever, but you have to be willing to break free form Saturn’s chains and plunge in the unknown. 

All About Eclipses 

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6 thoughts on “Total Solar Eclipse In Cancer – Free Will Meets Destiny

  1. Hello! <3 I have my True node at 15 Can 41' 6". Is it important for this eclipse? Thank you!!

  2. I`m finding this eclipse emotionally very hard. 19 yrs ago I was about to marry (15.7.2000), I`m now divorced and not in a relationship. The eclipse is in my 7th hse right next to Saturn. So not only is it an eclipse, it is also a Nodal return, but natal Saturn opposite transiting Saturn. I`m weepy, knackered, going over old ground, bit of a mess actually….at the same time happy as I have a new life beginning which includes horses, past friends coming back to my life yet a feeling of loneliness is almost acute! Very bizarre, very hard to harness the new and shed off the old skin.

    1. Thank you for sharing this …. now I have hope maybe something good will come of it all. 🙏

  3. Love love love your reading/interpretations.
    Thank you for the details and depth of what is occurring. Bring it back to the 19 and 18 years ago.
    Thank you dear soul 💚🙏🏻😉

  4. Thank you for sharing this story with us. Everytime when I read your forecast some peace of answers find me. Thank you for your passionate. I am sending love to you from Serbia

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