Lunar Eclipse In Capricorn – Re-parent Your Inner Child

On 16 July 2019 (or July 17th, if you live in Asia or Australia) we have a Lunar Eclipse at 24° Capricorn.

This is a Lunar Eclipse, meaning the Earth is crossing between Sun and Moon, blocking the light of the Moon.

Unlike a Solar Eclipse, when the Moon overshadows the Sun, when we have a Lunar Eclipse, the Moon is overshadowed by the Earth. This means that at this Lunar Eclipse you are guided by the instincts of the Earth, and not by the light of the Sun. You will do what feels right to you, not what the Universe expects you to do.

The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn is a South Node Eclipse, meaning we need to let go (South Node) of outdated Capricorn themes: power, rules, hierarchies.  


This Lunar Eclipse is conjunct both Saturn and Pluto. So we basically have the Moon, the South Node, Saturn and Pluto all aligned in Capricorn.

There is something inevitable about this eclipse. Is not that you didn’t see it coming. Pluto is in Capricorn since 2008. Saturn since 2017, and the South Node since 2018. The energy has been slowly building up. And now it has reached the point of no turning back. 

Your life may or may not be disrupted. But something will never be the same again. The change may be as subtle as letting go of a memory that has been lingering in your dreams, or as profound as finally deciding which career path to take. 

Capricorn means different things to different people, depending on where Capricorn sits in your natal chart. But we can all agree that Capricorn is about structure, hierarchy, authority, systems, responsibility, and a strong work ethic.    

Since 2008, Pluto has shown us the dark side of society. The abuse of power, the corruption. Saturn has taught us that there are rules that cannot be changed. And the South Node has shown us that ultimately, what goes around comes around.   

Many people say that Saturn, Pluto and South Node in Capricorn are all about restructuring patriarchy. While it is true that Capricorn and the 10th house represent the father, let’s not forget that Capricorn is a feminine sign. Saturn and Pluto both rule feminine signs (Capricorn and Scorpio). The South Node of the Moon is feminine as well. 

So the Capricorn stellium and the Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn are not really about restructuring patriarchy, but about restructuring something much more fundamental about human nature. 

Cancer And Capricorn – Inner And Outer Security

We cannot think about Capricorn without thinking about the opposite sign, Cancer. We can only understand the essence of a sign in relation to the opposite sign. Two opposite signs have the same energy, but they express it in completely different ways.  

Cancer-Capricorn is the axis of security. With Capricorn, we look for security outside. We climb the ladder. We get promoted. We get diplomas, awards, and certifications. We get recognized. All in the name of security. 

With Cancer, we look for security inside. We draw our strength from within. We have solid emotional foundations. We build a home. We express our feelings with no fear. We have strong relationships with our family. We embrace our culture. 

Cancer is the lowest point in the zodiac, and Capricorn the highest. Capricorn is the tree, Cancer is the roots. We cannot have one without the other. With no solid roots, the tree will never grow strong. With nothing to grow into, the roots don’t have a reason to exist. 

Cancer is a water sign and represents our emotional security. Capricorn is an earth sign, and represents our material security. 

In the past, material security meant survival. Having a piece of land meant your family will have something to eat. Having a stable job, getting a good degree or being a business owner served the same purpose. We relentlessly pursued our goals, so we can feel safe, so we can survive. 

But if we only look for security outside we never feel truly safe.

No matter how many degrees we have, how successful we are, how much money we earn, we never feel we have enough – because really, we don’t. 

This doesn’t mean that Capricorn values – perseverance, rules, hard work, being an adult – are not important. They are important. But they become truly meaningful when they are rooted in the truth of who we are (Cancer). 

No matter how many degrees you get (Capricorn) – if you don’t feel worthy, safe, and in touch with your emotions (Cancer), the degree won’t make you feel any better about yourself. If we don’t have a family, a safe emotional space to nurture and to be nurtured, our efforts lead to nowhere. 

Lunar Eclipse In Capricorn – Re-parent Your Inner Child

Eclipses are a balancing act. We cannot make the best out of Capricorn if we don’t balance it with Cancer energy. And this is exactly what the Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn will help us do. 

At the time of the Lunar Eclipse, the Sun, Venus and the North Node are all in Cancer. Sun is our identity and Venus is what we value. Sun conjunct Venus represents our deep emotional needs to just be and be loved. Right now, you don’t have to ‘work’ on yourself, do more, or try harder. You just have to remember who you are, and embrace the child within. 

What does still hurt your inner child? Do you feel insignificant when someone doesn’t return your call? Or when you get sick and no one seems to notice? When you have to cook dinner, do the dishes, be there for anyone in need – but yourself?

Some studies have shown that we take better care of our pets than we take of ourselves. If your pet gets sick, you take it to the vet. But if you get sick, you ignore the symptoms and push yourself even harder. 

Capricorn is about learning to become an adult. But when you’re not taking care of yourself – sometimes at the expense of others -, you’re not being an adult.  You’re an adult only when you take proper care of yourself. 

The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn will show us the consequences of living a life on auto-pilot. Of trying too hard to be what we are not. Of putting all our energy in fulfilling other people’s agenda. Of getting into power for the wrong reasons. 

The Lunar Eclipse in Capricon is a wake-up call to fulfill our mission in the world from a place of emotional truthfulness and authenticity.

At a Lunar Eclipse, the light of the Sun (reflected by the Moon) is overshadowed by the Earth. The Earth is more powerful than the Sun. Right now, taking care of yourself is the best contribution you can make to the world.  

Eclipses And Karma

“I can’t wait for karma to hit me!” – said no one ever.

People fear Eclipses. Eclipses are known to be karmic.

But karma doesn’t have to be negative. Karma means consequences. Good and bad. The law of action and reaction. Astrology at its core is based on the principle of karma.


We have a natal chart (our karma) and then transits and progressions bring our karma to life.

From all astrological transits out there, Eclipses are by far the most fated, or ‘karmic’. If you keep track of Eclipses and how they influence your natal chart, you may have already noticed that the most important things in your life tend to happen around the Eclipses.

Why is that?

An Eclipse is like a power outage. The light of the Sun or Moon is blocked, and the sky goes dark. We have a Cosmic Reboot.

Think of a computer – any computer needs to be turned off from time to time to work properly. If you don’t turn your computer off, it will slow down. You need to clean your PC’s random-access memory from time to time if you want it to work at a decent speed. And to do this, you have to reboot your computer, by completely disconnecting it from the power source.

In the same way, when the sky gets overheated, we need a celestial blackout, we need to shut down the power source. We “turn off” the Sun or the Moon. That’s an Eclipse. And when we “turn on” the Sun or the Moon again, the Universe starts afresh.

The Lunar Nodes And Karma

An Eclipse happens when the Sun or the Moon conjunct one of the Nodes of the Moon. We have 2 Nodes of the Moon: the Head of the dragon, pointing towards our Future (The North Node) and the Tail of the dragon, pointing towards our past (the South Node).

The North Node and the South Node always come in pairs, and they are always opposite each other. The past and the future permanently adjust to each other. Our actions in the past can influence the future. Whenever you chose to do – or not to do – something, you re-write the script of your destiny.

The Nodes of the Moon are called the compass of the soul. They always guide us in the right direction.

Let’s say your parents raised money so you can go to college. They sent you to the best schools and teachers.

However, your soul has another plan. While in college, you discover college is not what your soul needs, and you decide to embrace a spiritual path instead.

Let’s say in the 2nd year of college, there is an Eclipse which hits your Sun. You suddenly drop out of college, and your family is outraged.

What happened?

The Eclipse came to help you realign you with the path of your purpose.

Because the college (the legacy from the past) was on the way of you manifesting your purpose (the North Node) something had to happen. You had to leave (South Node) college in order to move forward (North Node).

This is how the Nodes work together. Eclipses are a Karmic reset, a cosmic readjustment so you can actualize your mission in this life.

There is nothing to fear about Eclipses. Eclipses are fundamentally positive astrological events which point you in the right direction.

Eclipses can be experienced in a myriad of ways. If you’ve been going against your mission (let’s say you didn’t listen to your intuition and chose to stay in college) then the Eclipse can be experienced like a dramatic and unexpected event. Maybe you run out of money and you have to drop out of college. Or you fail your exams. Something will happen anyway.

When we resist the Eclipses, we can experience them as negative, stressful events, or “bad luck”.

However, if you’re already on the path of your Purpose, the Eclipse will not affect you negatively, but will take you to the “next level” on your path.

For some people, Eclipses can be extraordinary positive events and can bring incredible advancements and progress.

The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 16 is a challenging eclipse. But ‘challenging’ doesn’t mean it’s not good for you. No matter what happens, keep in mind that it happens for the right reasons. The universe always works in your favor.

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10 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse In Capricorn – Re-parent Your Inner Child

  1. Love this! Have nn 24Capricorn on the nadir/sn conjunct midheaven . It’s all upside down lol

  2. Right on the money in relation to what I feel I am currently experiencing so thanks for posting.

    1. Thank you..what should i expect if my nnatal venus is in cardinal libra at 24 ddegrees?

  3. Great insight, but “taking care of ourselves” depends too upon our willingness to tolerate others. Rather dangerously, I’ve little tolerance for others & I’ve struggled to keep one relationship (Capricorn sun, ironically) in balance…

    I know only what my sun sign is, (Sagittarius) but knowing more than this might have helped enormously… perhaps. Circumstances & my own highly sensitive nature, some would undountedly say, “insensitive, more likely”, 😅 has led to many dis-attachments over the years & creating new connections becomes more difficult, with age.

    Perhaps, as we age, we naturally develop a lower tolerance for many things in life that, earlier in life, we also once regarded as VITAL!😅 This growing disregard may simply be a coping mechanism, preparing us for the Great Disattachment all mortals must resign themselves to, no matter how good or bad life seems at any point but especially as we approach certain decades.

  4. WONDERFUL INTERPRETATION!!! Thank you so much.

    I have started to take better care of myself, in both Cancer and Capricorn ways. And this has made a huge difference in how I feel — acknowledging my vulnerabilities and being aware of and taking care of my “little girl”. Plus, I’ve also started to be more “grown-up” by decluttering, organizing and beautifying my home (all without spending money).

    I have very minimal family support (my cousin’s family who live 45 minutes from me whose lives are very busy), and I have no car since Sept. Plus I lost 2 close friends recently. So I am learning how to be my own mother, father, sister, brother, and loving friend.

    These are the results so far of going thru a Dark Night of the Soul.

  5. I found this to be really validating to what I’ve been feeling lately. Had a few tears. Thank you for sharing.

  6. I appreciate this article and the new insights it gave me. Thank you. I’m hungry for knowledge in this area. Especially about this eclipse because it fell almost exactly opposite my natal sun (24’08”♋️). Also my natal nodes are at 20 ♋️NN/♑️SN. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Namaste 🙏🏼

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