Chiron Return – When Your Soul Speaks To You

Chiron Return – A Turning Point

If you are born between April 1968 – May 1976 and October 1976 – March 1977 your Chiron is in Aries.

If you have Chiron in Aries,  you will experience your Chiron return.

Chiron return is a turning point in one’s life.


This is when people have major breakthroughs, when they completely change their lives, transform their careers, discover latent talents and gifts, and experience profound healing.  

If your Chiron is not in Aries, this means you either have already experienced your Chiron return, or you will experience it in the future, more exactly at the age of 50-51.

If you already had your Chiron return, go back in time and try to recall how your life looked like when you were 50.

If you haven’t had your Chiron return yet, this is definitely something you want to look forward to. Chiron ‘ripens’ at the time of the return and most people experience positive shifts and profound healing in their lives.

Chiron Return – There Is More To Life

Because Chiron orbits between Saturn and Uranus, Chiron return happens between your first Saturn return and your Uranus return. If you have your Saturn return at the age of 29, and the Uranus return at 84, the Chiron return is in the middle, more exactly at the age of 50.7.

Therefore, the Chiron return represents the in-between stage. By 50, when we have the Chiron return, Saturn has (hopefully) taught us how to become responsible adults, which is a necessity if we want to a). firstly survive, and b). make the most out of our lives.

But Saturn also has an over-cautious approach to life, and tends to do too much that is expected of him. That’s why Saturn has rings. We are bound to Saturn’s territory.

Uranus, the first ‘invisible’ planet in the sky, represents our liberation from the boundaries of society as represented by Saturn. A good metaphor for Uranus is the bird that escapes from the cage. Uranus, the God of the sky, is pure spirit. Uranus represents the messages from other realms, and connects us with what’s beyond our limited ‘universe’.

Chiron return is when we start tapping into Uranus’ insights. What society expects from us is no longer enough. We want to break free from our limitations and explore completely new horizons. Uranus is our divine side. The Chiron return is when we finally become aware that there is more to life.   

You don’t have to wait for your Chiron return to work with Chiron in your chart. The more you explore Chiron before the return, the most remarkable your Chiron return will be. And the more you embrace Chiron after your Chiron return, the more you will open up to the divine insights of Uranus.

At a deep level, Chiron represents the process of reconciliation of your human side with your divine side.

You are not God (Uranus), but you’re not just matter either (Saturn). You are human, a mix of both.

Chiron is the connection between mind and spirit, the link between what can be seen and what cannot be seen. When your body communicates with your spirit, and when your spirit speaks through your body, that’s when Chiron is at play.

Chiron is a Centaurus, a half-horse, half-man who has learned not only to live, but to thrive with his dual condition.

If you have eyes to see, Chiron is everywhere. It comes into your life disguised as a teacher, as a life lesson, and sometimes, in the most literal of ways… as a horse.

Read about the incredible story of Julie Bradshaw, a psychic and intuitive healer who has discovered Chiron thanks to her horse, Scout.

With Chiron in strong aspect to the Sun and with an approaching Chiron return, Julie’s life is a story of the triumph of love over pain – and an example of the incredible opportunities that open up when you embrace your Chiron.

Julie Bradshaw is not only a gifted psychic and healer, but an Alchemist of the Soul. 

Chiron Return –  Interview With Julie Bradshaw

Astro Butterfly: What’s your story? Can you tell a little about yourself?

Julie: “I lived a majority of my life in sadness or turmoil, including the death of my father at an early age, sexual abuse, being shunned by my family, and having two children with special needs, but I have found the way out of that and having the insight around Chiron in my chart has played a major role.  I’m now a masterful conduit for Universal consciousness and energy healer for both humans and animals, across all time and space.”

Astro Butterfly: Chiron, the wounded healer, plays a very important role in your chart. What was your wounding experience? This can be an episode from your early childhood or a life experience that left your heart shattered. When did it happen?  

Julie:  “I know that my mom was pressured by my father’s family to have an abortion and that my mother resented me for many years, possibly even for my coming into existence.  I know that I don’t remember not having some inherent sadness even as a small child.”

“I will say a defining time of my life that was a catalyst to my broken heart but also eventually to my healing was my stepfather (at the time, not my current one) being mildly sexually abusive to me for several years when I was a teen and discovering that my mom knew it was happening and never tried to stop it.”

Astro Butterfly: What were your first attempts to heal your wound?  

Julie: “In reference to the experience with my stepfather, my resentment towards my mother grew over many years without my recognizing the cause. It festered into depression and anger when coupled with the pressures of a toddler and infant with special needs. I eventually confronted my mom, but finally realized that the only person I could make a change in was me.  And I discovered the power of forgiveness, of myself and others.”

Astro Butterfly: When did you have the breakthrough? How did you find about your psychic abilities? How did you use healing to turn the initial wound into something greater?  

Julie: “My discovery of forgiveness and my psychic abilities all came about in the same time frame, my late 30s. The forgiveness aspect came first which led to more insight coming my way of an alternative nature. But once the door swung open, it became a flood. Practicing forgiveness and teaching others about forgiveness became a mainstay of my life and my work.”

Astro Butterfly: How did you find out about Chiron?

Julie: “A very special horse named Scout came galloping into my life after 20+ years of not being owned by a horse. He had a lifetime history of abuse and neglect and a fear/anxiety that was bigger than he was as a result (and he’s a huge horse.)” 


“I was reading a book about the intuitive/spiritual side of horses and the author introduced me to the story of Chiron, the Centaur. I was in awe when I read that Chiron was shot in the right knee with the poison arrow.”

“A few years before he came to me, Scout had an abscess in his hoof that developed into a tumor that went up his leg into his knee. And it was his right front leg!!  And Scout’s energy is absolutely that of a healer and he helps me with clients to help them heal their trauma. I had a living and breathing Wounded Healer that had come to join me less than a year before I learned about Astro Butterfly and the Chiron course.”

Astro Butterfly: Your Chiron is quincunx the Sun. The Sun represents one’s identity. A quincunx asks the individual to reconcile two different energies that have little in common. But when the individual manages to reconcile these different parts of themselves, something beautiful emerges. The quincunx is the ultimate “alchemist” aspect.  How does this Sun-Chiron aspect play out in your life?  

Julie: “With my Sun in Virgo, I have a tremendous love of others which manifests in my desire to help others heal. With Chiron, my greatest challenge and wound in life was wanting others to love me as much as I loved them.  So, the two things that had little in common: my love of others vs. my love of myself.”

“And the reconciliation? Realizing that I had to truly believe that I am capable of being loved.  With my wound, I had come to believe that I must not be love-able, by either The Universe/Higher Power or other humans. So, I created a new belief to replace the old one….I am love-able!!  My gifts are coming full-force now and my relationships have shifted so that the ones I have are with people who confirm over and over that I am love-able. And the Universe is showering me with signs that It loves me too!”

Astro Butterfly: Chiron is now in Aries and will stay there until 2027. Your natal Chiron is also in Aries and you’re approaching your Chiron return. Can you feel the first manifestations of this transit? What do you expect from your Chiron return?  

Julie: Is there any doubt I’m already feeling the first manifestations? Yes, my relationships really started shifting when my Sun transited Chiron in Libra at the end of September 2018.  Quite a few relationships ended with people who were not willing to meet me in the middle in the relationship.”

“Looking back this is a clear manifestation of my approaching Chiron return. I am honestly practically giddy about my Chiron return because I have done the work and I think the results I’m starting to see are merely scratching the surface of my Alchemist role.”

Astro Butterfly: What advice would you give other people who go through a wounding experience? How can others transcend pain and suffering and become an alchemist, just like you?  

Julie: “My advice: honor the pain, but try not to live there. You may not understand the “why” of it at the time, but eventually, it will come. So, keep asking for insight and answers, and follow any trails that promise to give you the answers. Each answer is a piece of the puzzle.”

Astro Butterfly: How can others learn more about you?

Julie: My website is and my Facebook profile is


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  1. Thank you astro butterfly for bringing Jullie on board.Well,again sad story but chiron heald.I would ask astro butterfly to help me ss am not that good in astrology to look on my natal chart and explain me how my chiron is.I mean conjucting,inconjucting and what that then means to me during my chiron return.I have been so interested in learning sstrology since last year which has never happened before in my life.I have so many wounds in my heart.Well,i was born on the 01/09-1970 in Malindi,Kilifi County of the republic of Kenya.The time of birth was 5:30am.I hope you’ll open my eyes today. Can one take a course with you? If yes how?

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed your beautiful story Julie on Astro Butterfly. Wow, I could say so much about my Chiron return and all the pain and suffering I’ve been through. (I am 55 but do not know where my Chiron is in my chart.) Some of it is similar to your story with your mother… Not really being wanted and being inappropriately “approached” by my mom’s boyfriend. And then forgiving both my mother and her boyfriend. I can see how my career relationships have been affected by my sense of not being loved. What I thought is most interesting is that I used to live in Leander Texas and I am now back in Toronto Ontario. I also used to volunteer at Open my World, the equestrian centre that helps children with disabilities. I see that you live in Leander. Thank you again for sharing your story.

  3. I have Chiron in exact conjunction to the Moon in Aries in the natal chart. And now Chiron (this year 2019) is in conjunct to my Natal Sun. Yes I have Sun and Moon in Aries. This year is hard , much of pain , depression, sadness… Breaking from some way of being , thinking, self identifying, and now I’m try to forgive and love myself…

  4. I was googling Chiron conjunct Chiron. So glad to see it’s your page. I get your offerings! I’ve just recovered from breast cancer (need to have dr check reconstruction this week) and need to see about a pacemaker. I feel to young for this crap. I was actually looking at my family’s charts for how Uranus sq Mars affects them and I saw im 7’ from Chiron conjunct Chiron in the first house. Or is it just Chiron return. .. but I’ve already been thru the ringer for half a dozen years, and Pluto in 2012. Idk if I can handle much more. Btw 02/19/74 NC unknown birth time. Perhaps I’ll have a healing too..

  5. Thank you My birthday is in a few days June 20 and I’m having my Chiron return I’ve been obsessed with vision boards and Forgiveness prayers

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