Chiron In Aries – Beautifully Human

Chiron In Aries – Saying YES To Life

On February 18th, 2019 Chiron enters Aries, to stay here until 2027.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, the starting point of everything else. Aries is where a new story begins.

Aries is the YES we say to life. Aries is an affirmation of humanity. We come into this world for a reason. Aries knows that every single individual has a mission. 

Chiron is the Wounded Healer of the Zodiac.

Too many people play small in life because they don’t believe their existence matters. That they can truly make a difference in this world.

Nothing can be farther away from the truth, but this wound around the existence, this uncertainty, this constant doubt it’s Chiron’s way of asking you to look deep inside yourself and face some deep truths about what makes you human, what makes you special and unique.

Chiron wants you to see that you’re beautiful, that your true nature is beauty. That you couldn’t NOT be beautiful even if you tried.

Chiron In Aries – Your Existence Matters

Chiron in Aries has something very important to tell you: your existence MATTERS.

The world needs you because you have a particular gift that no one else has. And the way to find this gift is through Chiron. No wonder Chiron’s symbol is the KEY. You need to put it in the lock and open the door.

But the best way to understand Chiron is through stories. I am happy to share the stories of three amazing HUMANS, Naomi, Eva, and Julie, who have transcended the initial Chiron wounding and have transformed it into heart-touching music, beautiful art, and spiritual healing.

Chiron Story – Naomi Wachira

Naomi Wachira is an incredibly talented musician and human being. She was born with Chiron in Aries in exact conjunction to the South Node, and opposition to the Moon.

If you want to know what to expect from Chiron in Aries, listen to her song Beautifully Human.

If Chiron in Aries was a soundtrack, then it would be her song Beautifully Human.

Here is an interview with Naomi. I’m sure her story will inspire you as much it has inspired me. If you want to learn more about Naomi, make sure you listen to her music and check out her website (details below).

Astro Butterfly: What’s your story? Can you tell a little about yourself?

Naomi: “My name is Naomi Wachira and I’m an Afro-Folk Singer-Songwriter. I was born and raised in Kenya, but moved to the US 20+years ago. I’m also a single mom to a delightful and life-giving daughter. Ever since I was a little girl, I knew that I wanted to change the world, but more specifically I wanted to offer hope to the world.”


“I grew up in a Christian home and that upbringing definitely influenced my worldview because it embedded the idea that spirituality is an essential part of my existence. I’ve spent most of my life trying to understand what that actually means and how it shapes who I am and what I do with my life.”

Astro Butterfly: Chiron, the wounded healer, plays a very important role in your chart. What was your wounding experience?

Naomi: “As early as 5yrs old, I felt like there was something missing in my life. l carried this fear that no one understood me, which created feelings of loneliness and isolation. Everywhere I went, whether at home, school or even social gatherings, I felt that I didn’t belong, but I could never reveal this to anyone. I just pushed these feelings as far away as I possibly could because I didn’t know what to do with them. Even now as an adult, I still carry that feeling of isolation and it has always felt like I’m looking at life from inside a bubble.”

Astro Butterfly: How did you react initially to this event/wounding experience? What were your first attempts to heal it?

Naomi: “The first time I tried to do something about this feeling of isolation and loneliness was during my sophomore year of college. I knew something was wrong with me, but had no idea what it was. I talked to one of the campus counselors and she told me I was suffering from depression. She suggested I take some anti-depressants, which I did for 6 months, and they helped elevate me from the dark fog so I could process all the complex emotions I had been suppressing for most of my life.”

“That first look into my unprocessed emotions was the beginning of a journey that has been both painful and liberating. It’s something I’m still doing 20 years later and still feel like I’m still scratching the surface. Now I’m aware that what I’ve been chasing after is my true identity. One that goes beyond what is expected of me, how I’ve succeeded or failed, what I’ve done right or wrong. In a way, it is like slowly peeling layer upon layer of stories I’ve told myself or have been told of who I should or should not be, to get to the core of what/who I really am.”

Astro Butterfly: When did you have the breakthrough? How did you use music to turn the initial wound into something greater?

Naomi: “I feel as though my breakthrough has been gradual, like everytime I peel a layer, I have a small breakthrough. The biggest one happened last year when I faced a relationship that had always been difficult for most of my life. The simple admission that something hadn’t been right for a long time was so freeing and even though I didn’t have a blueprint for what direction the relationship would go, I felt like I had faced one of my greatest fears – and that was a huge victory.”

“Music has always been my home away from the world. I’ve always referred to it as the ‘safest place in the world’ because it is where I feel completely whole and one with myself. I’ve also tried to use music to create a safe space where their spirits can be animated. My mission statement is that I want to create, “an expansive, breathable space where anyone can feel empowered and inspired to be all they were created to be.”

Astro Butterfly: Your Chiron is conjunct the South Node. This aspect can show a wounding related to the past, or to the place of origin, but also the opportunity to liberate oneself from ancestral and collective karma. How does your experience of leaving Kenya and moving to Seattle relate to this?

Naomi: “I believe that moving to the US helped me look at life from a very different perspective. The stress and learning curve of being in a new country and culture brought up so many unprocessed emotions, which now looking back, was the gateway to start liberating myself from old narratives that didn’t really serve my soul or purpose for being on this earth.”

Astro Butterfly: What was your intention when you wrote the album “Songs of Lament”? Tell us about the creative process behind the album.

Naomi: “When I wrote Song of Lament, I was staying with my sister in Germany and I was in the middle of a really difficult time personally. I was feeling quite hopeless about how my career was going and was contemplating whether I should quit and return to a regular job. It was also at this time I became aware of what was happening to many men, women and children escaping violence in their home countries. Many were using dangerous ways to find new life in other countries and my heart was grieved at the lengths they had to go just find a dignified way of being.”

“I used my personal and collective grief to write Song of Lament. I felt it necessary lament for these fellow human beings who didn’t ask to be thrown into war. I wanted to weep for those whose lives were lost while trying to find a better way to exist or through senseless acts of violence. But it was not all about lament, I wanted to share my hopes of what could happen if we truly believed in the sacredness of every human life. Or that even when every part of our being feels like giving up on our dreams, we can keep running in order to fulfill our life’s purpose.”

Astro Butterfly: Chiron is now in Aries and will stay there until 2027. This transit will help us heal our identity wound, at a global level. How does your song “Beautifully human” relate to our collective identity wound? What would you hope to inspire and awaken in others through this song?

Naomi: “My strongest desire with my gift is to help us as a human race rise to our true potential. I think we are at a crossroad as a human race and we must decide whether we will continue to live in our collective shadow, where fear rules us or shall we liberate ourselves by remembering what we are truly capable. My hope is to awaken the Divine in all of us so we are not are looking down on ourselves or others based on whatever label or story we’ve placed on each other. That we can expand beyond our physical senses and discover the wonder we are.”

Astro Butterfly: What advice would you give others who go through a wounding experience? How can others transcend pain and suffering and become an alchemist, just like you?

Naomi: “One of the valuable lessons I’ve adopted lately is to see adversity/hardships/trials or even my wounds as an opportunity to reset my course or dig deeper to discover my true potential. There’s beauty and liberation working through the pain, instead of resisting it.”

“It’s not necessarily an easy thing to walk into your fears or your wounds, but being able to look them in the ‘eye’ and not run away, allows you to see that they are just shadows of what used to be and that each of us has been created with the capacity to rise above those shadows.”

Astro Butterfly: How can others learn more about you?

Naomi: “The best way to find more about me would be through my website: or on Instagram: or Facebook:”


Want to read more Chiron stories?

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24 thoughts on “Chiron In Aries – Beautifully Human

  1. As an Aries, with Chiron in Aries, just leaving the long Uranus cycle behind, i have gone through massive transformation in these past 10 years. I have my north node in Capricorn and I have spent the last 2-3 years discovering how i could evolve from co-dependency (cancer) to empowerment (cappy). I have looked my fears, wounds and weaknesses in the “eye”, after having experienced multiple dramatic narcissist relationships, that eventually brought me to my knees and left me with literally nothing (both materially and mentally, dramatically lacking self-worth). I have grown into a powerful, independent woman and gone through a spiritual awakening. I too, as a Chiron in Aries person, want to help make the world a better place, so I wrote a book about empowerment, rising from the ashes after multiple hardships. I signed a publishing contract in January and the book is due to launch by June 21st. It carries a powerful message and I really hope to reach a large public of readers who will recognise themselves and feel inspired to break free and step into their own power. I’m looking forward to this Chiron in Aries return, as I am sure it will lift me to even higher levels.
    Btw: AstroButterfly is stated as one of the references in my book 😉

    1. Thanks for sharing Vic! The Nodal return is a significant time in one’s life. Good luck with your book, would love to learn more. Send me a link to your book when it’s published <3

      1. I made a note, I will make sure to send you a link when the time comes – thank you for all your all your precious insights, always.

  2. What a beautiful story! Completely resonates with me! Can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading all of your blogs. Extremely informative and has guided me in the right direction discovering the things I’ve needed to at the precise time. Many thanks and loads of gratitude!!

  3. Err…. I’ve written about a character (aspect of myself) and I called her Anna Chiron, my neurotic transmitter “operator, please” from outer space who has such a bad sense of timing she is the inspiration for the word “anachronism”. LOL
    Neuroplasticity and metacognitive behaviour activities through linguistic studies… something something, I can’t exactly remember but that was how I discovered my inner “alchemystic” self… yikes, I don’t think my trail of words makes sense…

      1. I would but I’m experiencing a lot of drama with my site at the moment as it got deleted and now I’m trying to figure out how to make it visible to the public again. 😣 it’s very very frustrating.

        I’ve got my domain back up but it is hell to try to navigate. I did manage to finally find this though. It doesn’t have the graphic I made to represent Anna Chiron though. Because… I made graphics since then to clearly demonstrate different aspects of the self. With different actresses, names, roles, maybe a bit of a background explanation. Etc etc. It comes across as schizo or borderline personality, but… it’s not like that for me. I use them as characters, like acting (drama/theatre), to express a message. To teach (legit, I’m a teacher). And I dunno. I’m unemployed and I get depressed without purpose. But this stuff online is PRETEND purpose because I’m imposing myself here, acting as if I have any authority and should be listened to, when really I don’t.
        My Chiron is in Gemini, 2nd house. The only other thing in my 2nd house is black moon Lilith and she’s like 29′ something on her way to cancer in 3rd. Poor lonely Chiron. LOL the way to heal is to just… keep talking. And be accused of being 2 faces because i can see both sides. My foundation is built on words, my identity is built on deeds. But people don’t count “speaking” as an action, so I’m lazy… But they’re happy to blame me for misinterpreting my words, that I shouldn’t have said anything at all. Or explain3d it differently. I just don’t know how my words are interpreted unless I’m told..? But I am expected to know what I don’t know.

      3. Thanks so much for sharing! I will have a look in the next days and come back to you. Love

  4. Wow a very inspiring story from my Kikuyu sister.Am a Kenyan too and have Chiron in Aries.The story is almost about me.Only my wound is not yet healed.I am a virgo sun from 1st of Seotember 1970. I have lst almost everything in my life the last 10 years during Uranus in Aries but also Neptune in Pisches as my nodes are 2degrees in pisches.Then again saturn in my 4th house amd pluto in my 5th house was in hard angle with saturn and my life was dead. Now i would like more about my Chiron in Aries direct from astro butterfly.Mine is at 28degrees if you can check my not so good in astrology and want to know how i should act.Greetings to Mss Wachira.Thank you Butterfly and God bless you. plz help.Francis

  5. such a beautiful song, thank you!
    I lived in Kenya for a few years a long time ago when I was a young girl.
    Kenya is a beautiful country.
    I feel the song, it touches the heart.
    I am a Aries ascendant with cheiron in pisces.

    1. Kenya is wonderful indeed! If you have Aries ascendant, Chiron in Aries will conjunct it in the coming years. This is a highly significant transit and is associated with healing of the identity and/or healing of the body

  6. Am a Kenyan living in Kenya.Virgo sun and have Chiron in Aries.Naomis story is exactly mine only i am not yet healed!

    1. In the coming years you will have your Chiron return. You will hopefully find healing during this very important transit. Love

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