Venus Retrograde 2018 – What To Expect

Venus Retrograde 2018 starts on October 5th at 10° Scorpio. Venus retrograde will last for 40 days, until November 15th when Venus goes direct at 25° Libra.


Venus is the Goddess of love and relationships. When retrograde, your relationships are being tested.

You have 40 days to review, revisit, re-evaluate your love life and your relationships.

If Venus Retrograde 2018 is already giving you chills, listen to this: Venus goes retrograde in Scorpio, the most intense sign of the zodiac. Death, sex, finances, and taboos – in general, what people never talk about – are Scorpio’s territory.

Can you imagine what it means to have the Goddess of Love going through Scorpio? The Valley of death, the inferno?

Let’s put it like this: If Romeo and Juliet was an astrological transit, it would have been Venus Retrograde in Scorpio.

An Alchemical Process Of Transformation

But no reason to be afraid: Scorpio’s death is metaphorical. Nothing will literally die during this Venus retrograde, but your life will be transformed to an extent you never thought was possible.

Venus Retrograde in Scorpio will be challenging, but it will bring a rebirth of the heart.

There’s no coincidence that Venus is retrograde exactly for 40 days. Number 40 is a sacred number in pretty much every religion and is usually associated with fulfillment of promises, BUT ONLY after a period of testing, trial and probation.

The purpose of the “trial” or the retrograde period is to guide you back to your heart.

Venus Retrograde will thrust you out of your comfort zone and into the unknown. Yes, it can be challenging. Yes, it can be painful. It can feel like an unending, uphill battle against the world. But it will be totally worth it.

Venus In Scorpio – All Or Nothing

As you know, Venus is a symbol of the feminine. Venus rules love, relationships, money, and personal values – the most important things in life. The key word here is value – Venus is our unit of value exchange.

What about Scorpio? Scorpio rules the big cycles of life and death, our legacy, what we “share” with others and with the universe as a whole, those things we have no say in. You have no say when you are born. You have no choice but to die, sooner or later.

Scorpio rules the deepest corners of our psyche – our instincts, our reflexes, our reptilian brain. Scorpio also rules our secret desires, our taboos, all the things we choose to keep secret from others, and sometimes, even from ourselves.

In Scorpio, Venus is deeply seductive. She craves all-consuming love and deep emotional connections – and she’s not afraid to dig through the dark side of things.


Venus Retrograde in Scorpio will remind you of that one thing you always wanted to have but never got. And it will inspire to try to go and get it. This time, it’s all or nothing.

The first part of the Venus Retrograde 2018 (from October 5th to October 31, when Venus is in Scorpio) is highly intense. You can experience obsessively intense feelings and all-consuming attraction.

Venus In Libra – It’s All About Relationships

But there’s much more to this Venus Retrograde than the obsessive intensity of Venus in Scorpio.

While Venus retrograde starts in Scorpio, Venus Retrograde ends in Libra.

And this is where (in Libra) we will have the final outcome, the resolution of this transit.

Libra is the sign of the ‘other’, the sign of relationships so the outcome of this Venus Retrograde will likely be connected to your relationships.

Libra is the only sign of the zodiac that is not a human or an animal – it’s the only inanimate object of the zodiac. Libra is the sign of reason.

The ultimate goal of this Venus Retrograde 2018 is to show you how to find reason in passion, how to find objectivity in what otherwise is your subjective perspective.

This can take different forms. Maybe you will learn that in order to get what your soul craves so much (Scorpio) you need to first understand what the ‘other’ wants (Libra). If your deepest desires aren’t being met is maybe because you need to revisit the underlying principles of ‘give and take’ and strike to find a better balance. 

The Dance Of Venus And Venus Cycles

We cannot talk about Venus Retrograde without talking about the strikingly beautiful dance of Venus.

The Earth-Venus dance for 8 years creates this beautiful 5-petal flower with the Sun at the center.


As you can see, the tight inward loops represent a Venus retrograde.

Every 8 years (and 5 Venus cycles) Venus comes back to the same area of sky, activating the same area of your chart. In any given century, there are only 5 points in the sky where Venus goes retrograde.

Venus doesn’t go retrograde in Libra, Sagittarius or Pisces for example. Venus only starts her retrograde in one of the following signs: Scorpio, Leo, Gemini, Aries, and Capricorn.

Why Is This Venus Retrograde So Important?

From all Venus retrogrades, Venus in Scorpio retrogrades are the most profound and bring the greatest transformations.

Many of my clients mentioned the Venus retrograde in Scorpio as being the most life-altering Venus retrograde of their lives.

For years I wondered why is that. What makes that portion of the sky (the first decan of Scorpio and the last decan of Libra) so special?

And then it finally struck me.

What makes Venus Scorpio retrogrades so special is that almost everyone alive has a transpersonal planet (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) on Venus’ retrograde path (25° Libra to 10° Scorpio).

And transpersonal planets are the most mysterious, life-changing energies in the universe. When a personal planet like Venus travels over a transpersonal planet, it comes with once-in-a-lifetime, fated events.

No wonder everyone feels Venus retrogrades in Scorpio much more intensely than any other Venus retrograde.

Let’s have a look how Venus Retrograde 2018 will affect you depending on which transpersonal planet she makes a conjunction to…

Venus Retrograde Conjunct Natal Neptune – The Longing Of The Heart

If you are born between 1953 – 1962, your Neptune is on Venus’ retrograde path. This means Venus Retrograde 2018 will conjunct your natal Neptune.

Neptune is the planet of higher love and idealism, but also the planet of fog and confusion.

Neptune blurs the lines between reality and imagination and paints beautiful pictures that may or may not be real.


Venus with Neptune can make you want to drown in love. Your desire to experience an out-of-this-world connection is stronger than ever.

Venus Retrograde 2018 conjunct natal Neptune can make an ordinary connection with another human being feel fated and can confuse the most rational person on Earth. If you are born between 1953-1962 you will have a longing to experience a soulmate connection.

Venus Retrograde Conjunct Natal Uranus – Heartbeats

If you are born between 1973 – 1977, your Uranus is on Venus’ retrograde path. This means Venus Retrograde will conjunct your natal Uranus.

For you, Venus Retrograde 2018 will be an unsettling transit, for good and for bad. Something will change, suddenly and irremediably.  

Venus conjunct Uranus makes me think of the machine used to bring patients with cardiovascular arrest, back to life.


With Venus and Uranus, it’s of course, a metaphorical return to life.

When you don’t live from your heart, you are a walking dead. You don’t even know who you are and what you want any longer.

And in this place of apathy, all you need is a trigger, an impulse to connect you with your heart again. 

If you’ve been feeling apathetic, Venus Retrograde 2018 conjunct Uranus will change that. Expect major changes of heart, even if nothing seems to be happening in your life right now. This transit may turn your life upside down, but by the end of it you’ll be free and live more authentically.   

Venus Retrograde Conjunct Natal Pluto – The Essence Of Love

If you are born between 1981 -1988 your Pluto is on Venus’ retrograde path. This means Venus Retrograde 2018 will conjunct your natal Pluto.

Pluto’s intensity can be sometimes too much to handle for lovey-dovey Venus. Pluto will get to the core of the matter, and will ‘distill’ the characteristics of Venus. A metaphor for Venus-Pluto is perfume.


Perfume is made by extracting oils from flowers by pressing and steaming them. Perfume oils are then aged for several months or even years. It’s a laborious process. But then the result is the very essence of that flower.

The flower may have died years ago, but its essence remained. The essence – the perfume – is in the same time ‘less’ (thousands of flowers have to die to make a perfume), and in the same time, ‘more’ (the fragrance is much more intense than of a thousand flowers together and can last forever).

Venus with Pluto will make you want to experience that type of love that never dies.

During this transit, you will feel that there is no sacrifice not worth taking so that you can experience such love.

If you were born outside these date ranges, you don’t have a transpersonal planet (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) on the Venus retrograde path. However, you may have other planets (Moon, Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn), an angle (ascendant, descendant, IC, MC) or a lunar node in Libra or Scorpio. To find out, generate your natal chart and check whether you have any planet between 25° Libra and 10° Scorpio.

Is Venus Retrograde 2018 A Bad transit?

Venus Retrograde 2018 can certainly feel like a difficult transit. And this is because Venus Retrograde can bring unfinished business back into your life: past lovers, (including past life lovers), old friends, or repeating patterns in your relationships.

And we humans are wired to avoid having to deal with unfinished stuff. Otherwise, we would have dealt with the ‘stuff’ in the first place.

Unfinished stuff is heavy, energetically consuming and requires hard work and sacrifice. But if you don’t solve it, then it lingers somewhere in the background, and it ends up consuming even more energy and effort in the long run.

And this is where Venus Retrograde chimes in. She will challenge you to change what you are most comfortable with. 

Let’s say you’re used to be the “giver” in relationships. Venus Retrograde will make you see the reality for what it is. Maybe people take advantage of you. No more hiding and fooling yourself that these people love you for who you are.

Or maybe you are the one taking advantage of others. Venus Retrograde will expose any unfair advantage or manipulation attempt in order to maintain power.

If the passion in your relationship has faded, you will want to do something about it: either by exploring new paths of intimacy with your partner, or by falling in love with someone else. This doesn’t mean you will start an affair (although this is certainly a possibility when Venus is retrograde) but you will most likely project this desire into something, or onto someone.

Because of all these examples, you may be tempted to believe that Venus in retrograde is a bad transit. Yes, Venus Retrograde will likely bring heartache. Yes, it will challenge you to the core of your being.

But Venus Retrograde 2018 is not a bad transit.

The reason Venus Retrograde comes with difficult choices is to allow a new you to emerge. A better you. 

You can only become this better version of yourself when you open your heart, do an honest introspection and explore your deepest needs and motivations.

This is what Venus Retrograde can help you with.

“Be thankful for every heartbreak, for they were planned. They come to your life just to reveal another layer of yourself to you, and then leave. Their purpose is to shake you up, tear apart your ego a little bit, show you your obstacles and addictions, break your heart open so new light can get in, make you so desperate and out of control that you have to transform your life. And you do.”

Venus Retrograde 2018 Opposite Uranus – A Once In A Lifetime Transit

The most important transit Venus makes while retrograde is an opposition to Uranus.

This is particularly important because it will last unusually long – until the beginning of December!

What normally is a five-day transit will last for 3 months. Uranus is disruptive even in small doses. This means this retrograde will be unusually disruptive.

When I say disruptive, I don’t mean it in a negative way. Disrupting your ‘business as usual’ can be a good thing, because it will ultimately bring you the freedom and liberation you desperately needed, even if you didn’t know you needed it.


Uranus will ask you to become honest with yourself and look into your heart in order to make the changes you need to make.

This transit is usually associated with “love at first sight” but what is really behind love at first sight, is the desire to acknowledge the truth of who we are and what we really want.

Who says love and freedom cannot coexist? The purpose of this transit is to teach you how you can have both.

Venus Retrograde 2018 Dates

In mythology, Venus (or Innana) is described as descending into the underworld as an Evening Star during the first part of the retrograde, experiencing a rebirth while she’s invisible (conjunct the Sun), and then emerging anew as a Morning Star.

Let’s have a look at the most important aspects Venus makes while in retrograde:

PHASE  I – Venus dims as an evening star

  • September 3rd – Venus enters shadow at 25° Libra
  • September 8th – Venus (29° Libra) is square Mars (29° Capricorn)
  • September 9th – Venus enters Scorpio
  • September 12th – Venus (2° Scorpio) opposite Uranus (2° Taurus)
  • September 16th – Venus square the Nodes of the Moon
  • October 5th – Venus goes retrograde at 10° Scorpio
  • October 10th – Venus (10° Scorpio) square Mars (10° Aquarius)
  • October 15th – Venus is conjunct Mercury at 8° Scorpio

PHASE II – Venus invisible: Venus goes into the underworld

  • October 18th – Venus becomes invisible, falling below the horizon and into the underworld
  • October 26th – Venus conjunct Sun. A new 584-day Venus cycle begins. The conjunction marks the transition of Venus from an evening star to a morning star
  • October 31st – Venus (0° Scorpio) is opposite Uranus (0° Taurus)
  • October 31st – Venus goes back into Libra

PHASE III – Venus rises as a morning star

  • November 5th – Venus becomes visible again, this time as a morning star
  • November 9th – Venus (26° Libra) is trine Mars (26° Aquarius)
  • November 15th – Venus goes direct at 25° Libra
  • November 30th – Venus (29° Libra) opposite Uranus (29° Aries)
  • December 2nd – Venus re-enters Scorpio
  • December 18 – Venus gets out of shadow at 10° Scorpio

Take Action

Even if every Venus retrograde is different, Venus retrograde cycles follow a clear pattern.

Unlike other retrogrades, like Mercury retrogrades or Mars retrogrades, Venus retrogrades are very cyclical. Remember the beautiful flower pattern?

Venus cycles repeat in fact 5 times over a period of 8 years. Each Venus retrograde is a repetition of the Venus Retrograde that happened 8 years ago, 16 years ago and so on.  

Every 8 years Venus goes back to the same area of your chart.

Last time we had this was October 2010Venus retrograde activated the same area of your chart. What happened back then in your life? Check your diary, look at your social media feed, or search your mailbox to find out what was going on in your life.

To find out how Venus Retrograde will affect you read my blog post How Venus Retrograde Will Affect You

To learn more about the Venus cycle read my blog post Venus’ Descent Into The Underworld – From Evening Star To Morning Star

To discover more Venus Retrograde stories read my blog post Venus Retrograde Stories

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100 thoughts on “Venus Retrograde 2018 – What To Expect

      1. I. The article about Venus retro in Scorpio , you explain what it means based on birth year . However, you skipped from ‘77 to ‘81.
        Great article otherwise!

      2. Reading your article 2.5 years later made me think how venus rx in scorpio brought me an upside down event to my life.
        Fisrt of all, I have natal venus in 9° sc conjunct uranus…so I believe venus rx its even stronger when conjuncting N venus. I read somewhere this is a very powerful event.
        Anyhow, I met someone during that period and from the beginning felt it was fated. It was so powerful that I’ve realized my life had to change.
        Venus was transiting my 11th house and after a while, entered my 12th…you guess…something hidden and forbiding. Two months later I ended a LTR where I wasn’t getting any fulthfilment at all. With all the consequences throwing back to me but I ended a cycle that should be ended long time before.

        That was my venus rx scorpio experience.
        Thank yoj for your lovely insights.

    1. Oh wow my little Cosmically delicious Butterfly! I am overjoyed with excitement! OMG something major is happening! I just found my way back to my ever loving fairytale romance lover at my core self after years of trying to turn it off! Idk what’s in store but in my love at first sight, mind body and soul connection, I desire a love romance that will turn the meanest most evil being to a child in training. The knowing deep in my soul that I DO IN FACT GET THE ETERNAL LOVE OF ALL LIFETIMES, a love that will give ppl faith and believe in magic again, a love designed by Fate, Neptune and Venus themselves.

      I am a Scorpio (Pisces Rising… can you tell, lol?) who has natal Venus and Pluto in Libra at 10 degrees and Uranus in Scorpio at 4 degrees.

      I’m so excited! Lately I’ve received lots of universe messages: 1212/ 1111 and baby crickets jumping on my heart and on my forehead, and others but those are related to acquiring wealth. That Pisces full moon has me singing and dancing and laughing spinning around like a little girl and elated with my life!

      Do you want me to tell you what happens as things develop?

      Oh fanciful fairy mermaid stars, I’m so excited for my future!

      1. Thanks. Nice creative images and spirit. You do give me faith and belief in magic again.

        19 ‘ Sag Sun. 22′ Libra rise .Venus, Mercury, and Neptune in Scorpio in 1st. 20′ Uranus Leo. 20′ Trs moon 20’ cusp 7th 8th. Feeling squared yet idealistic and optimistic to emerge elated with life.

  1. So, if you’re not born during one of the years you mentioned, it shouldn’t affect us strongly or specifically? There are some years not included in the 60s, 70s, 89s, and 90s.

    1. If you are not born in one of the periods mentioned, it means you don’t have any transpersonal planet on Venus’ path. Hoever, this doesn’t mean it will not affect you. It depends on your natal chart. Maybe you have personal planets or angles (ascendant, IC, descendant or midheaven) in Libra and Scorpio, and if so, Venus retrograde will definitely affect you. And even if you don’t have any planet or angle in Libra/Scorpio, Venus will still transit an area of your chart (the houses where you have Libra and Scorpio). 🙂

      1. Astro Butterfly, can I ask you what it would mean if my midheaven and Mercury are both at 4 degree Scorpio and my sun is 8 degrees Scorpio and Neptune is 15 Scorpio? I also have Venus in scorpio 25 degrees. lol

    1. Everyone will be affected, but if you are born in 63 you don’ have a transpersonal planet on Venus’ path…but this doesn’t mean it will not affect 🙂 It depends on your natal chart

  2. I appreciate and value your teachings. How does Venus Retrograde affect those born between 1963-1972? Did I overlook your comments?
    Lisa. Nov7-63

  3. I’m surprisingly looking forward to this. Maybe it will bring me and the one I believe to holding the other end the red thread together, maybe it will part us in this life. Either way, it may bring what I most need.

    1. Exactly, retrograde cycles always bring adjustments that are necessary. Venus retrograde does not have to brig the end of a relationship, but it will bring a re-assessment, so that the relationship can become even stronger, if it is meant to be

  4. Love, love, love everything shared in your posts. A regular highlight in my email. This one was particularly profound and made for some significant reflection on my part that lead to a post I created in a new blog a literally just started. I hyper-linked your site and this post in my second post to my new blog. I anticipate that the reflection I gain from your insight will be a source of future thoughts I pose in my blog.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  5. October 2010 I had to close my business with pain in my heart. Hopefully this time around there will be less painfull events….born 1952 I’m not one of the mentioned above. 3 of my kids are so maybe I have to assist them in their process…..will see. Scorpio is in my 8th house, Saturn in Libra 7th house

    1. Sorry to hear about that. The good thing about these repeating transits is that they get better with time. If you have your descendant line in late Libra, or if you have other planets late Libra early Scorpio you will still feel the effects, hopefully, more beneficial this time 🙂

  6. I am so very bummed to read this. I have planned and purchased tickets for my first vacation in four years. As a Gemini I was very careful to avoid Mercury Retrograde and was so looking forward to this dream vacation in Mexico. As a single woman traveling alone, I was hoping it would be sprinkled with romance but after reading this I am thinking it would be best to avoid it – although Mexico would be so much more fun if it involved a new romantic connection.

    1. Don’t worry! Travel plans are not affected by Venus retrograde, only by Mercury retrograde. You can have a romantic connection, but with Venus retrograde things don’t happen as planned.

  7. Hi! Looove your articles! Every single!

    WELL.. This will be BIG time for me. I HOPE. Yes, it will be painfully, but in the end of retrograde will be a good birthday present on November 15th (I will be 33 years old). Saturn will also conjuct my ASC for a very last time.

    In my natal chart I have Venus and South node (7°,10 house) conjuct MC (6°) and Pluto (5°) in Scorpio.
    My ASC is on 7° Capricon. Saturn is right now sitting on my Moon/Neptune conjuction (2°) and forming very great aspects. Hope they will help. I am already feeling urge to break free old patters which no longer serve.
    Moon is lord of my 7th house. and I have also natally Sun (22°) conjuct Saturn (29°) in 10th house/Scorpio.

    In year 2010 I started seeing with someone. It was just sexually and hidden.. He found me on Facebook (we were on same high school).Ohh Yes I remember October 2010! Everything was so intense. We started game running and chasing. In both way.Too intense to handle and to live this. He run away from me because he told me that I am in love in him. I was running away because he wanted just raw sex. He didnt want to commit and still does not want (Venus square Uranus. Uranus is lord of seveth house)
    Most of time we were single.
    We found each other last year, when Jupiter started journey in Scorpio. Now is even worse! More agressive and quick sexuall phone texts, passion,magic and than.. coldness set in. And pain.

    He is a very special to me ( I cannot deny), but he is my worst pain. We have composite DC in 27°Libra!! (he have also natal Sun in 27°Libra)..,and in Scorpio: Pluto (3°) which conjuct Moon (5°) and Sun (10°)- all in composite seventh house. We have also other planets in seventh house: Venus (19°), Saturn (23°), Mercury and Mars (24 and 26°). So,Jupiter will soon hit our comp. Venus, and move his journey trought our comp. 7th house for last time. The first day of Sagittairus, will also our comp. progressed ASC change sign to Sag.

    I hope that soon I will get all answer and final break down! I cannot explain the heaviness in my heart. It is like “Pluto twin flame” stuff feeling, .. veeery painful and stressfull. I cannot move in my life since last August.

    I turned him down week ago. Finally..thanks to end of retrograde summer (sure..i have feeling–not for long).
    In synastry I have Chiron square his Moon, Mars square Mars. Ohh..and in another hand ( IC/MC/Venus-mine/Mercury-his) conjuction in Scorpio, Pluto sextile Moon double yammy, South node contact (he also have Venus in conjuction South node natally), Venus conjuct Saturn, Moon trine Venus, Vertex conjuct ASC double yammy, and so on.. more.

    I think and I feel that lot of changes must be made. For better and worse and forever now. My image (to myself, to others)-(he is my mirror of my darkness), unfinished school (scare to finish), boring job, living with parents, no kids. Nothing.

    1. It sounds very intense indeed. With Venus retrograde conjunct natal Pluto, you will have to give away your love, to completely surrender. This is especially the case in your chart because you have Pluto conjunct the South Node and natal Venus. Pluto problems arise when we try to ‘control’ Pluto. Venus retrograde conjunct Pluto will ask you to let go of any expectations of what love is.

  8. Im a Libra with my natal Venus in Scorpio. I think this means Im screwed for the next couple months? Haha. Should I avoid dating any new people during this period?

    1. It depends whether your Sun (in Libra) and your Venus are between 25° Libra and 10° Scorpio. If you don’t know these degrees, you can generate your chart at If your Sun and Venus are between 25° Libra and 10° Scorpio, you will feel this Venus retrograde more intensely. Not necessarily avoid dating but wait until Venus goes direct to make important relationship decisions.

      1. Thank you for the reply. Also wanted to say that the New Moon in Virgo post was incredible. Looking forward to all your posts!

        I checked and I am 10 degrees Libra and 24 degrees Venus in Scorpio.

  9. This is interesting. A couple months ago I started a long distance romance, and as fate would have it our first in person dating opportunity is, by necessity of schedule and uncontrollable factors, the second week of October. So that’s the game plan, but do you have any thoughts on how to temper ones romantic hopes or plans to make the best or avoid the worst of this particularly powerful planetary picture?

    1. You know each other already so this is not a completely new ‘relationship’. I would meet the person, get to know them, but wait for important relationship decisions until after Venus goes direct in November 🙂

    2. I would love to know that too. I am in the same boat like you. My best friend and I started a being romantic With each other after knowing each other for years. But I loved from one state to another before we even knew about how our feeling well develop. So it’s a long distance now. I will see him miss month. I am happy for you

  10. I am libra Taurus rising Aquarius moon
    Venue in Scorpio and more… Yikes. Look out world
    Here I come!!!!👍🏻

    1. Indeed. Every 8 years, Venus goes retrograde in the same sign, a few degrees away (clockwise) from the last retrograde

  11. thank u for the wonderful venus retro breakdown but i did notice that in november when venus is at 29 degrees libra it is inconjunct uranus at 29 degrees taurus ..not opposite… but still… thanks for the breakdown…

  12. Thanks for the guidance, it accords with my feelings on the matter, she is also interested in astrology, so we are going to talk about the retrograde and be mindful about it.

  13. Hello Astro Butterfly!Thanks a lot for the wonderful analyse!In my natal chart I have Mercury retrograde at 8degrees Scorpio with my Sun and Uranus there,in my 3rd house.Venus retrograde will pass from there 3 times and together with the transit Mercury will conduct with my Mercury.Actually my birth Venus is in Libra,8gedree together with Saturn,in my 2nd house.My ascendant is Virgo.I would like to ask what can I expect from the Venus retrograde period,the closer meet with my personal planet’s in my 3rd house and the long staying in my sign?In which subjects of my life I will have changes and how to deal with them?Thanks in advance!

    1. Some skill / new interest / new responsibility at work can become a source of income, or you can at least envision a new way to make practical use of your skillls. possible some changes at the workplace

  14. Hi! I am looking for a date to get married , and I would like to know if getting married with venus in shadow (nov 15th) is something good or bad? what happens if it is in retrograde?

  15. Hi Astro Butterfly! thank you for the information. I wonder How affects venus retrograde transit over vertex 10° in Scorpio?

  16. Beautiful article, I’ve just read the extract on a FB page I follow and then gone to read the remaining part. But there is a little mistake in the transit parts: you wrote “Venus 29° Libra opposite Uranus 29° Taurus” Ops… it should be Aries, shouldn’t it? Blessed Be )o(
    PS I am Italian, but I am also an astrologer, so I will read other articles of yours with pleasure

  17. Thank you for the wonderful breakdown of venus retrograde..I was born born in september 1st 1970.Will the retrograde Conjuct my Uranus orthe first one?

    1. No, your natal Uranus is not on Venus’ retrograde path. Perhaps you have other planets or angles there (look for 25° Libra to 10° Scorpio)

  18. I have Neptune in Scorpio (3rdH) @ 26 degrees and my Venus is in Libra (2 nd H) @ 24 dgrees.My question us will this retrograde my money or relationships?

  19. My partner is October 17th 1959 and I am February 3rd 1962, I don’t know how to work out the fine details but it appears we are in for an interesting time, not sure what to hope for as long as it leads to being happy and peace.

  20. Sooo…I house just caught my eye in a neighborhood I’ve been wanting to move to for a while. I’ve lined up an appointment to see it tomorrow with my agent. Then I remembered the Venus retrograde. This house will move fast – but isn’t it a big ‘no-no’ to purchase a house during Venus Rx? What about if it’s a good deal – a bit underpriced for what it’s worth…? I’m a Scorpio 1 degree/Venus in Libra/Sun and Venus in 11th house.

  21. How about the conjunctions of Venus retrograde with transpersonal planets for people born before 1953? In 1940s? Thanks.

  22. Thank you for this detailed post on Venus retrograde. Very refreshing for me. From Feb. 2000 I started to pay attention to Venus cycles and gradually “perfected” my understanding on this beautiful regular cycle repeating every 8 years. Back in 2000 I had the chance to met a group with Daniel Giamario closed to Sedona Arizona. Thanks for all the special dates when Venus makes an aspect to Mars, or Mercury. Interesting is also that when Venus starts her direct motion, Mercury start his retrograde period next day on November 16th, 2018.

  23. Sorry, for this remark, on November 30th Venus 29° Libra opposing Uranus 29° Aries, not Taurus. 🙂 I have Mercury in Virgo squaring Uranus and Moon in Gemini )

    1. If you are born outside the ranges mentioned, it means you don’t have a transpersonal planet (Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto) on Venus’ retrograde path. However, you may have other planets there. Best is to generate your natal chart and check wheter you have any planets, angles or lunar nodes between 25° Libra and 10° Scoprio

    1. No, but you may have other faster moving planets in late Libra/early Scorpio. You need to check your birth chart to find out, you can generate it at horoscopes

  24. Hi. I have Venus in Scorpio natally at 2°55 and Moon in Taurus at 3° opposite it. I guess both Uranus and Venus will shake things up for me?

    In my solar return in September Venus was conjunct natal Venus and when Venus is retrograde and conjunct natal Venus, the transit sun will also be there same degree Scorpio

  25. We are about to put an offer on a house but feel nervous to do so during venus in transit. Should we wait until the end of the month? We are getting a great deal and I would hate to miss out.

    1. If you are getting a great deal then definiely put the offer. There are many factors to look for in an electional chart, and Venus is just one of them. Usually I advise against signing contracts in the first half of Mercury retrogrde, but that’s not the case now.

  26. this venus rx will transit over both mine and my partner’s North Node

    his NN is 10 degrees scorp, exactly where venus will go into retrograde (my natal venus is also 10 degrees scorp, conjunct his NN)

    my NN is 26 degrees libra (conjunct natal sun 24 degrees libra) and venus will end her retrograde at 25 degrees libra

    is there anything in particular i should expect, work on, or prepare for? thank you

    1. (i’m so sorry, i just realized this comment posted before i was done writing, ah! i apologize for the double comment!)

  27. Your statement about transpersonal planets…”What makes Venus Scorpio retrogrades so special is that almost everyone alive has a transpersonal planet (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) on Venus’ retrograde path (25° Libra to 10° Scorpio).”… is completely confusing and misleading. As a professional astrologer of some 28 years standing, I for one have no such placements and in fact have no planets at all in this area. When I check my client and family list it is the same story. Where on earth did you come up with this kind of statement?

    1. How did I come up with this? By checking ephemeris tables 😉 check again the date ranges mentioned in the article “before coming up with this kind of statement”

  28. My Birthday is on November 16th and I wanted to get my hair cut on the 8th as I am travelling to London that weekend. I have seen that some astrologers say not to get a new hair cut during Venus Retrograde. Do you agree?

    1. I would say it’s absolutely fine to get a haircut. Venus retrograde may not be a good idea if you plan an drastic change of look (e.g. plastic surgery), but a haircut is fine. And anyway, 8th of November is after the new Venus cycle starts (on October 26) so even from a Venus pespective you can start something new

  29. Back in 2010 October, is when i found the love of my life. We literally could not stay away from each other. But it wasn’t glittery stars through out. Pushing, pulling, separation etc. But still we maintained contact and re-reconciled afterwards. But ever since Dec 2015, I am in a cloud of uncertainty, with no answers what so ever about this relationship. Will this year’s Venus retrograde cycle in Scorpio/Libra bring about a similar theme to that of 2010 October? Can i expect to get answers of this relationship, or will my lover come back?

    1. Yes this current retrograde has a similar energy to Venus retrograde 2010. Difficult to say what will happen exactly but similar themes will come for sure.

  30. hi astrobutterfly! this was a really great post, thank you so so much! (i’ve subscribed to your blog – you’re amazing!)

    and by far the best post i’ve found about this coming venus rx. i was wondering if you had any opinions about this:

    this venus rx will transit over both mine and my partner’s North Node.

    his NN is 10 degrees scorp, exactly where venus will go into retrograde on oct 5 (my natal venus is also 10 degrees scorp, conjunct his NN)

    my NN is 26 degrees libra (conjunct natal sun 24 degrees libra) and venus will end her retrograde at 25 degrees libra

    basically… this seems like a lot will be happening. would you have any thoughts, interpretations, suggestions, or recommended resources for this? thank you so so much in advance.

  31. Hello Astrobutterfly and thank you so much for this article on Venus Retrograde <3

    I have an interesting question… I plan to marry my love (me born in ‘85 and him in ‘82) on October 24th and I’m wondering is this a most magical choice or a really terrible one?!?!

    It definitely feels like the type of love that never dies!!

    Thank you! X

    1. If you already set the date, I am sure there is a date that makes absolute sense for your life’s journey. I wish you a blessed marriage <3

  32. i feel left out lol. none of my transpersonal planets are in the retrograde path. pluto 3° libra, uranus 21° libra and neptune 4° sag. what ephemeris shows that i should have a planet between the venus retrograde degrees?

    1. Lucky you 🙂 you are not on the radar that much. You may have other planets there, you can check your chart on horoscopes/ exteded chart selection

      1. Oh, definitely. Your Venus is exactly where the Sun Venus conjunction takes place (3° Scorpio) on October 26. So you can expect a new begining related to Venus

      2. yeah, i saw that 🙂 funny thing is, the sun is conjunct venus on this retrograde venus return, but in my solar return in september, venus was also conjunct venus. its all kinda sync’ing up. the last venus return for me in december falls with venus in the 7th, so im hoping that by then its gonna work out well. thank for your replies 🙂

  33. Very thorough – thank you!


    The *reason* this is such an “Intense” Retro, might actually be because it’s in the Path of the VIA COMBUSTA – approx Libra 15 > Scorpio 15.

    In Latin, it means “The Burning Way” – I can verify my life has not been the same since my Progressed “New Moon” conj my Natal Pluto at 18 Libra.

    I now have a Progressed Stellium in Early Scorpio, including Sun and Venus.

    I am still not out of the Burning Path; I can tell you!

    I have no Transpersonal Planets in that path; I have Pluto 18 Libra and Uranus 18 Scorpio.

    …but you’ve got me thinking; maybe *this* is why WE are in KALI YUGA (not Goddess Kali, but Demon Kali – spelled differently in native tongue).

    Maybe, since MOST PEOPLE ALIVE have TP Planets along the VIA COMBUSTA, “WE” are in a Terrible Time.

    The dates you left out – between 1977>81?
    Is said to be a mini-pod of it’s own Generation.
    In my experience and gnosis, many are “Indigo” Generation Souls; old, wise, sweet, pure.

    Born out of the Path of Danger – for Karmic Reasons. “Just Visiting” – lol
    But; not immune to collective initiations.

    1. hi iris – i would love to know more about this Burning Path – where can I find out more?
      i have sun 24 degrees libra, true north node 26 degrees libra, and venus 10 degrees scorpio haha so it sounds like it applies pretty strongly 🙂

  34. My ex contacted me the middle of September and after a couple weeks I started feeling the same way I did when we broke up. Stopped communicating on Oct 11th. Is Venus responsible? Is it over for me or will thee be more drama to follow?

  35. What is this retrograde transit going to be like if you are born with Venus Rx natally? All I’ve been able to find from other sites online is that this Scorpio Venus Rx transit should be “easier” for those born with venus retrograde.

    (I’m asking because I have 5 planets in Scorpio being hit by this transit: my Sun-Pluto conjunction, Mercury, Venus, and Mars! Eeep!

    And my partner was born with Venus Rx in Aquarius, so he might not be feeling this as much as I am? Not sure if I’m the only one re-evaluating things?)

    Thanks for an insightful article – one of the best Venus Retrograde articles I’ve found online!

  36. This is really interesting because I broke off a karmic relationship of 4 years in October 26th (Venus conjuct Sun). We did broke up during the Mercury retrograde on Christmas 2017 and shouldn’t have gotten back together after it turned direct. This makes me think that this Venus Retrograde has put me on the right path in my life, so maybe it is a good thing after all (my natal Venus is already retrograde so I guess I’m used with messy stuff relationshiop-wise…)
    Jupiter will enter Saggitarius on my 7th house (I’m a Gemini Sun, Mercury and Venus ) so maybe I will have some kind of reward after the emotional downward spiral of these last 8 years.

  37. So strange. Around October 2010 I walked away from the person i was madly in love with because of the way I was being treated. He has re-surfaced a few times every couple of years, but we never gave it another shot. Now, out of the blue, all I can do is think about him but I am with someone else. I want nothing more than to just reach out and say hello. What do i do????

  38. Thanks for your great article about Venus retrograde that has helped me understand what’s going on right now in my life. My biggest hobby is astrology (past lives, Solar Return, etc.). I’m an Aries (1954) with Scorpio Moon and Neptune at 24° Libra. On Nov. 4th, I met a much younger woman in Ukraine, (I live in Paris), born in 1981, and we both felt attracted to one another right away. My astrological knowledge shows me that it is a karmic encounter and that we were in a love relationship in a past life. She wants to build a family, we have started writing each other, but now I am thinking that although I like her she may not be the one for me: I feel too old to start a family. At the same time I am confused and don’t know what to do (Venus retrograde conjunct natal Neptune). Venus will go direct tomorrow and I wonder if that will bring me to a decision.

    1. Thanks for sharing your story. Yes, Venus direct should help you clarify your feelings. Keep us posted with what happens 🙂

  39. The third Venus opposite Uranus will happen exact on my natal Sun in Libra. My Sun is in my 10th House and Saturn will just have had its third square to my MC around the same time… any idea what might happen to me on Nov 30?

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