Venus’ Descent Into The Underworld: From Evening Star To Morning Star

Venus Retrograde – Venus’ Descent Into The Underworld

Venus goes retrograde less than any other planet, but when it does, it touches us to the core of our heart.

Venus retrograde is similar to a descent into the underworld: a part of us must die so that a new version of ourselves can emerge.


Did you know that Venus, our sister planet, is the 3rd brightest object in the sky, after the Sun and the Moon? Venus affects us deeply, and when it changes direction, our life changes too.

Venus retrograde is so much more significant because it happens only once every 1,5 years of 584 days. And Venus retrograde is nothing else but the beginning on a new Venus cycle.

Yes, just like Sun has a cycle (365 days, or a year), just like Moon has a cycle (29 days, or a lunar month), so does Venus.

What is spectacular about the Venus cycle is that it has two distinct phases: Venus morning star, and Venus evening star.

For 9 months (btw, did you know that Venus cycle correlates to the human gestation?) Venus rises before the Sun. This is her morning star phase.

She then disappears from the sky for approximately 2 months. After 2 months, she rises again, this time as an evening star. After that Venus disappears again, this time for only two weeks. A new Venus cycle starts, with Venus rising again as a morning star.

Complicated? Venus’ movement back and forth, before and after the Sun can seem confusing. It was confusing for our ancestors too, and some cultures believed that Venus was two different stars!.

Venus’ metamorphosis from an evening star into a morning star occurs in the middle of the Venus retrograde cycle – that is June 3rd, 2020. 

The Rebirth Of Venus

Venus retrograde happens exactly at the end of a Venus cycle when Venus shifts from an evening star to a morning star. 

Venus changes her clothes and metamorphoses from an evening beauty into a morning warrior.

When retrograde, Venus has to leave behind her beautiful evening gown (Venus evening star) and embrace the purity of nature (Venus morning star). 

Venus retrograde is nothing else but Venus’ rebirth.

The transformation is a complete metamorphosis. No wonder Venus retrograde completely turns our life upside down, too.

Venus retrograde is a process of transformation that is absolutely necessary. 

Venus is retrograde for 40 days. Many myths and historical events have been connected to the 40 days period: Jesus was tempted in the wilderness for 40 days. Buddha is said to have fasted and meditated for 40 days before reaching Samadhi.

But perhaps the most significant Venus retrograde myth is the Sumerian myth of Inanna’s descent into the underworld. 

Venus And The Myth Of Inanna

Inanna is no one else but the Sumerian counterpart of Venus. Inanna was the Goddess of fertility and abundance and the most important deity of the times.

Her morning and evening phase were indicators of agricultural productivity. Food was the most important thing for our ancestors, food basically meant life. No wonder Inanna (Venus) played such an important role at the time.

The myth of Inanna’ descent into the underworld is nothing else but an allegory of Venus’ retrograde cycle.


  • The myth starts with Inanna deciding to travel to the underworld to visit her sister Ereshkigal, the Goddess of the Underworld. To the Sumerians, Venus disappearing under the horizon meant Venus went to the Underworld
  • Inanna passes through 7 gates to Underworld and she has to remove a piece of clothing or jewelry at each gate–> she needs to let go of her old identification of the self
  • She finally arrives in the Underworld, but her sister decides to kill her –> this is the phase when Venus is conjunct the Sun and a new Venus cycle starts. To start anew, a part of us must die
  • The goddess of the Underworld who strikes Inanna dead is nothing else but our shadow side, which we need to learn to integrate
  • Emissaries from the Earth come to rescue Inanna and resurrect her. Inanna is resurrected and comes back to Earth –> this is the phase when Venus appears again in the sky, this time as a morning star.
  • Inanna’s myth is the story of Venus retrograde when Venus ‘shapeshifts’ from Evening Star to the Morning Star.

To recap

  • At the beginning of Venus retrograde, Venus appears to change her direction and starts moving backward
  • Venus becomes invisible in the evening sky as she is approaching the conjunction with the Sun
  • Mid-retrograde cycle Venus conjuncts the Sun and a new Venus cycle starts
  • 7 days after the conjunction Venus appears again, this time in the morning sky
  • And 10 days after her appearance, Venus finally starts to move forward again.

The Real Meaning Of Venus Retrograde

Two things are important to keep in mind about Venus retrograde:

  1. Venus changes from an evening star to a morning star–> Venus retrograde is about a metamorphosis from one state of being to another
  2. Venus starts a new cycle –> Venus retrograde will come with a new beginning in your life.

Venus retrograde and a new beginning? This can come as a surprise to you because you probably have a long list of things you should NOT do when Venus (or any other planet) is retrograde.

But now that you know that Venus actually starts a new cycle when retrograde, it makes sense it comes with new beginnings.

Author Steve Wagner, IG stevewagnerart

That’s not the case in the first half of Venus retrograde. The first 20 days of Venus retrograde are about letting go of the old, and NOT a time for new beginnings. This is when old lovers or unfinished things from the past come into your life – so that you can finally deal with them.

So yes, the first half of Venus retrograde is about letting go of something we value. 

However, when we start the second half of Venus retrograde things take a completely different turn.

Born Again

This is a little-known secret but exactly in the middle of the Venus retrograde, when Venus is conjunct the Sun and closest to the Earth, this is the best time for a new beginning. This is when you have more free will than ever. In the heart of the Sun, you can manifest whatever your heart desires.

This can also be a time of confusion. When Venus is conjunct the Sun, she is “invisible” disappearing in the glare of the Sun. Things may not be what they seem. But now, more than ever, it is important to listen to your heart. 

Let the heat of the Sun burn you, just like Venus throws herself into the arms of the Sun, just like Inanna is killed by her alter-ego, Ereshkigal.

If you do it, you will finally shed your old skin, and let go of whatever is no longer serving you.

And then, just like Venus is born again, this time in the morning sky, a new you will emerge.

At the time Venus is conjunct the Sun, she is as close to the Earth as she can be. This is the time to have an honest look at your core values and discover what you hold most dear.

Yes, Venus retrograde can initially come with a loss. You will have to let go of old values, relationships, or your attitude to these relationships. But if you do it, then your life will be completely transformed.

Even if Venus conjunct the Sun will come with great insights and clarity – this doesn’t mean you should make big decisions yet. It will take a few more days until Venus will appear in the sky again (Venus will rise as a morning star for the 1st time around June 10th, just before sunrise). This is when things will start to make more sense to you.

Venus Morning Star, Venus Evening Star

Venus retrograde is that part of the 19 months or 584-day Venus cycle when Venus changes from an evening star to a morning star.

Venus spends half of the cycle as a morning star and the other half of the cycle as an evening star.

These two faces of Venus correspond to the two signs Venus rules: Taurus and Libra.

Taurus has the characteristics of Venus as a morning star, and Libra has the characteristics of Venus as an evening star.

When Venus rises a morning star, before the Sun, she is straightforward, sensual, and keen to meet her needs and desires.

Venus morning star is about self-love – about learning how to love yourself for who you are, straight and simple. 

You were born with Venus as a morning star if your Venus is before your Sun in your natal chart.

EXAMPLE: If you are a Virgo, but your Venus is in Leo or Cancer, you are a Venus morning star. If you are a Virgo and your Venus is also in Virgo, Venus has to be before the Sun (e.g. Venus is at 10° Virgo, and Sun is at 20° Virgo) to be a Venus morning star. 

When Venus rises as an evening star, she has (hopefully) already learned how to love herself. She is now is concerned with the love for another. That’s why she appears in the sky AFTER the Sun has set (the sunset is a Libra symbol, by the way).

Venus is now interested in others. You were born with Venus as an evening star if Venus is after your Sun in your natal chart.

EXAMPLE: if you are a Virgo, and your Venus is in Libra or Scorpio, you are a Venus evening star. If you are a Virgo and your Venus is also in Virgo, Venus has to be after the Sun (e.g. Sun is at 10° Virgo, and Venus is at 20° Virgo) to be an evening star. 

We can see the two faces of Venus everywhere in nature, and in art.

Let’s take two famous painters who depicted Venus in their masterpieces.

Firstly, there is Titian, who captures the raw sensuality, materialism, the physical love of Taurus, or Venus as a morning star. Look at her, she oozes sensuality! 


And then there is the famous’ Botticelli “the birth of Venus”. He focuses on the delicacy, beauty, perfection, and serenity that are Libra – or Venus evening star qualities.


Venus is depicted naked. She is naked just like Inanna was left naked when she arrived at the Underworld, got killed and then resurrected. Her nudity represents the essence of love, those values that never die, true love and beauty.

Venus: Self-Love And Selfless Love

We need both types of Venus in our life: self-love (Venus morning star) and selfless love (Venus evening star).

Your Venus natal phase tells you which type of love you were born to master in this lifetime.

Are you a Venus morning star? You then need to master self-love. You need to learn how to love yourself. Attention, narcissism is not self-love, it’s, in fact, a lack of self-love masked as self-love. True self-love does not need validation from the outside. 

Are you a Venus evening star? You then need to master selfless love, the love for the other. This doesn’t mean you have to become a doormat and do whatever it takes to please the other. It simply means to love ‘the other’ for who they are.

No matter what your natal Venus phase is, Venus retrograde, or Venus’ metamorphosis from an evening star into a morning star, is a reminder that in order to fully embrace Venus, you need to explore both. You cannot love the other if you don’t love yourself. And what is self-love alone, if it cannot be shared with another? 

Venus retrograde is a promise that just like Inanna rose from the dead, your heart can rise too, into more and more love, with every Venus retrograde cycle.

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47 thoughts on “Venus’ Descent Into The Underworld: From Evening Star To Morning Star

  1. Thinking further of last Rx in early 2017, there were zero metamorphosis changes. I did find out about a medical condition- female related. I think I may hsveneed jsd 1 last life karmic Situation with a man to whom I wasn’t remotely attracted to. He tried in vain to manipulate me – Hollywood producer trying to get laid by hopeful talented writer – you know the pathetic story by now. So a lot 8 months later he triggered PTSD flare due to his unwanted touching and advances (and he only had the courage to do this while drunk … I do not drink) and I confronted him because it seemed as though if he had more alcohol he’d try to rape me. Told him that too. He got super embarrassed and lied more to me and disappeared without upholding his end of our quid pro quo working deal. So I didn’t sacrifice anything, I was just my usual self respecting self. He’s the one who lost out. I don’t think the reveal of female medical problem is Venus territory since Uranus was in my 6th house of Health and Jupiter was in my 12th house at that time. I gained weight and had to have surgery too. If anything I became more disgusted with males in general. (Scorpio)

  2. Are all Pisces a morning star? I am a Pisces with Venus in Taurus so I immediately thought Evening due to the calendar but technically all signs are before Pisces. Not sure how to figure this. Thank you!!

    1. Woow, av learned what i didnt know before in this post.Thank you again.Am Virgo of 1st Sept 1970 and my Venus is Libra (2nd H) @ 24 degrees. How will i be affected? My wife devorced me in 2015 when saturn came to my 4th H.She took my two sons and desappeard with then.I love my sons so much bt i have no access to be with them.I feel like she ended my life by taking my boys out of my life. In this Venus retrograde i hope she would change her mind and bring my boys back to me.She is a Scorpio from 29th October.

      1. I am so sorry to hear this! I lost my twin “nephews” in 2012 when my cousin and wife started telling them I was a loser after I babysat them for 7 years. I felt like these kids were my own

        Six years later I finally repaired the relationship with all of them. To do this, I had to own (and share) what I myself had done to create this painful situation.

        I believe you can go to court and ask for visiting privileges. I was a Case Manager Assistant with foster children for a couple of years, and I believe that you can get “supervised visits” with your kids (even if you’d mistreated them somehow).

        Scorpio Suns are not very forgiving persons. Go the court route instead. Good luck from Sally

    2. With a Venus in Taurus you are an evening star. This is because Taurus rises after Pisces. If your Venus was in Aquarius you would have been a morning star 🙂

    3. Not all Pisces would necessarily be Morning Stars as it would depend on the degree of Sun and Venus as stated in the article 🙂 Each planet has the potential to be at 0-29 degrees of any sign. As far as I know, someone’s Venus is usually close to someone’s Sun (usually same sign or one sign before or after Sun Sign). If someone has their Sun in Pisces at let’s say 10 degrees, to be a Morning Star, Venus would need to be before 10 degrees of Pisces (0-9 degrees Pisces) or in any degree of previous signs (Aquarius or Capricorn). In this same example, to be an Evening Star, Venus would need to be 11-29 degrees of Pisces, however in Aries or Taurus it seems it would still count as “after” even though Pisces is the 12th sign and Aries is the 1st sign but that rule doesn’t seem to be specified in the article. I’d say you’re likely Evening Star?!

      1. Yes, a Pisces Sun, with a Venus in Aries or Taurus is an evening star, because Aries and Taurus rise after Pisces (the zodiac is anti-clockwise)

    4. Ha! Just noticed there was a reply from Astro Butterfly:

      “With a Venus in Taurus you are an evening star. This is because Taurus rises after Pisces. If your Venus was in Aquarius you would have been a morning star 🙂”.

  3. I also get confused because I don’t know if being in the southern hemisphere changes anything? I was born during Venus retrograde, so according to this article I think that I’m a Venus morning star?

    1. The hemisphere won’t change it. With a Venus retrograde you can be either, or. You have to check the degree of your natal Venus and natal Sun. If Venus is 3 degrees and the Sun is 5 degrees for example, then you are a morning star, because Venus is ahead of the Sun. 🙂

      1. I have Venus 7° and my sun 23° Scorpio so I think Venus is morning star? But I was born just before sunset? So I get so befuddled. Lol!

      2. Yes you are a morning star. Venus position in the sky is not connected to the time of the day when you were born. 🙂

      3. This is amazing and brutal. I’m literally on this path right now, trying to master self love but not under the false facade of narcissism… to actually believe I am worthy of just liking myself. I will probably write an article about trying to like myself again, and I want to link back to this article. I just don’t know how to do it. I think I’ve linked back once before? Successfully, I mean. Haha. Thank you for your articles. They are so wonderful to read!

  4. This is so beautiful, a very broad and yet delicate view of several Venus themes. Such an extraordinary transit for consideration. What is more important that for us humans to have the very best values? Thank goodness we keep having to revise them via Venus. Thank you for sharing so much precious wisdom in such a concise way. I really appreciate it!

  5. Re Venus going retrograde. I plan to have started advertising myself to help Highly Sensitive Children and their parents–as a babysitter and/or to work with their parents to help them understand how to deal with HSCs and/or to form sharing groups of HSCs and/or HSC parents.
    I’m 73, and this will be part-time work.
    I can’t wait until November — my money’s nearly gone, and I need money for my car and for my teeth. I’m going to start advertising next week.
    I’m sure I’ll be facing a LOT of lessons as I start to do this. However, with the summers’ eclipses and retrogrades plus going thru Chiron transiting opp. my natal Chiron, plus Saturn squaring my natal Chiron, I have transformed my approach to helping from ‘wanting to fix people” to “listening, understanding, accepting and offering but not insisting on relevant/helpful information”.
    Thanks for your great newsletters!!! Sally

    1. I’m replying to my own comment. On Sept. 21st I learned my Saturn Vue which has only 69,000 miles on it is unfixable and dangerous to drive.
      That stops my plans to work for now.
      Since I know from experience (and from astrology) that all difficult times (or transits) always lead me to a better place, I’m already finding a few blessings from this catastrophe — 1 – I’m getting to my neighbors much better and see that many of them are a source of info and support, 2 – i’ve started walking a lot, which I didn’t think I could do, but I walked 1 mile today, stopping 2 places, and it felt great. Plus I met people I would have never met otherwise.
      I have to work to earn money for another car, but I need a car to be able to work various jobs thru So now I’m finding all the various ways I can take public transportation, and since I’m older, my town has half-price taxi coupons.

      1. That’s amazing Sally, thanks for sharing! You’re so right, difficult times always lead us to a better place

  6. I forgot to say that I myself am a Highly Sensitive Person and have been part of an online group plus researched this area extensively.

    1. You need to generate your natal chart. You can go to –> free horoscope and then check the sign position and the degree for Sun and for Venus

  7. Thank you so much for sharing!! I learned so much!! I have Venus conjunct my Sun in my Natal chart in Aries. Venus is 1 degree after my Sun and in a different house. Is there a significance when Venus is conjunct the Sun but not Rx?

    1. If Venus is after the Sun you are a Venus evening star. When Venus is direct and conjuct the Sun the meaning is a bit different, because Venus is farthest away from the Earth (when retrograde she is closest to the Earth). I will cover all Venus phases in my next course so if you want to study more in depth the Venus phases you can sign up for the course (announcement coming early October). ❤️

  8. Another amazing article!! I was looking forward to a new one 🙂 I’ve been studying astrology for 14 years and never have I come across articles like this that are both chalk full of info and yet so easy to read and comprehend! Keep it up!! And thank you! I was born with venus retrograde (my venus is 28 Capricorn and my Sun 4 degrees Aquarius). I’m under the impression I’m a morning star? Does the retrograde motion of venus affect this, since venus was head of the sun at one point a few days/weeks before my birth? Thanks!

    1. Look at what degree is the Sun and Venus. If Sun is for example at 5 degrees Leo and Venus is at 20 degrees, then you are an evening star, because Venus is after the Sun. And the other way around for the morning star 🙂

  9. Does Venus change from evening star to morning star during ONE cycle, so half of 584 days as evening then the other half as morning, OR is it one 584 day cycle as morning star then the retrograde happens (every 19 months) then she becomes evening star for another 584 days? (I hope that was clear!!) Also, do the events that happened during the last Venus retrograde (in Aries, early 2017) come to play during/have anything to do with this retrograde?? THANKS! 🙂

    1. 584 days in total (half morning star, half evening star). The events that happened in 2017 are not connected to this Venus retrograde. This particular Venus retrograde is connected to the Venus retrograde we had in October 2010. Venus cycles repeat themselves every 8 years 🙂

  10. Wauw! Thank you for this enlightning article on Venus <3 very helpful and informative and plain lovely! -I have a venus morning star 14º scorpio and my sun is at 27º sagittarius, I definately need to learn self love… <3 and this article helps <3 thank you <3

  11. Thank you for another beautiful post. 🙏 So, I got it Venus retrograde is more than “don’t make important decisions”, still, should I wait until november to make a change in my contract with the school I am working with? I will be working in the same place, but some important changes in my status appeared necessarry at the moment. They are connected to more clarity on my position there and more financial investment on their part, as a school. Should I go for it or wait until November? Thank you very much! 🙏❤🌸

  12. Hi Astro Butterfly

    Your posts are very…to the point. And trere is a lot of sense, if you connect the dots. Some of my experience, below.

    –Venus morning star:

    I have noticed that morning star Venus is almost always a narcissist in both women’s and men’s horoscopes. Men are very swallowed with opposite sex and usually don’t look for charisma(s) but they are more oriented for “trophy” wifes or girlfriends. The “end game” for them is what/it’s/make/ME/look/good… and that’s it!
    You know, like a walking accessory.

    In a woman’s natal chart this is (in many cases) even worse.
    First of all can be, So, so, so selfish.
    They DO love themselves so much. They DO love money (to the extreme).
    They DO think that they are God’s gifts on this earth.
    Often they DON’T have any idea how dysfunctional they are and
    they DO use sex as a weapon (Venus in water signs).
    Or they DO use money for having sex (Venus in fire or earth signs). –They see/use money as power–.
    Also they are very,very materialistic. They don’t know (really) how to love others beside themselves. A lot misfortune marriages and relationships I have seen in both sexes, with Venus in this position. If Venus forms an aspect with Jupiter (any aspect) then is attitude is magnified even more.
    Is also a given that they think they are better than others.

    I have seen a woman to live (near to misery) and she was taking clothes from the neighborhood for herself and for her two daughters (she and her husband were earning a good income) but nevertheless she was “begging” for clothes and every summer they have been in 6 weeks vacations and she was drinking 35euros cocktails. But she never bought new clothes for her girls. The worst of all this, is that she was so proud of herself. So smart about the way of “spending the money”. She never consider the way how other kids look (down) her daughters which was dressed with 3 year-old clothes from their classmates. She never bother about the psychological impact.
    She was so lame.

    –Venus evening star:

    In terms (of Venus) as an evening star in natal charts they are usually “giving” persons and a lot of people can take advantage of them. They are more passive and easygoing. Unfortunately this attitude others can “translate” it as a weakness but if the person (with this natal position) have enough patience he/she will try to show you that they aren’t there to be your servant (or slave) but to help or love you
    -depending the situation- (if you want and if they can). But If you don’t want to understand that, then they can show you that they know how much (do) love themselves (lesson have learned) and how “easily” they can be selfish too. Then the other(s) realize that they aren’t doormaps.. Venus as an evening star is way more fortune in relationships. One very negative aspect is when Sun semi-squares Venus (e.g. sun 10 deg Gemini, Venus at 25 deg of Cancer).
    With semi-square, the mates (of this people) are (in most cases) cheaters. If this is in a woman chart can be very difficult and devastating because it can happened a lot of times in her sex life. In a man’s chart it can goes both ways. He can be the cheater too. I give a very tight orb (+/- 1 degree) because it is a semi-square. Nevertheless this is a lesson to be learned too.

    –Venus retrograde:

    When I see rx Venus in a man’s chart its a given (regardless the sign) that he is a cheater. I suggest to stay away (from him) unless if you really don’t care about him. If you do care don’t ever get married.
    He will NEVER change.
    In a woman’s horoscope can goes with two ways:
    a) can be very shy and insecure and she will not trust easily or
    b) she will act like a man.
    All this is depending from the whole chart.
    The reason is that the retrograde Venus have two actions,
    can act like (direct) Mars or
    like (also direct) Neptune.
    She (Venus) can be very ruthless, straightforward AND with a huge sex drive (like Mars actions) or she can be very Neptunian blurry, liar, foggy without guilt or remorse or mercy. She can look like the victim BUT in reality is the predator. Seductive and elusive. You just never know.
    In a lot of cases natal charts with retrograde Venus look like the person have two Mars or two Neptune(s). This is specially true (with 2 Mars) in a man’s horoscopes because they don’t think twice before they cheat. This is so natural to them like breathing.
    In a woman’s horoscope (if she cheats you) she will try to convince you that was a sacrifice for her and for you. Doesn’t make sense?
    Because too much Neptune usually doesn’t make any sense.
    And now you know.

    –Venus unaspected:

    Is the worst case scenario of all the above. This can combine both morning star Venus AND retrograde motion Venus at once.
    The only worst than that IS Venus (both) retrograde AND unaspected. The only chick I met with this combination was cheated her husband with his brother and she got pregnant and her second child is her brother in law but the happy hubby doesn’t have a clue about it. Besides that she is spending all of his money in long weekend parties every weekend all year round. The cherry on the top is that she is acting as a victim and she is trying to make her husband to feel guilty for a number of reasons. (His Venus is morning star & semi-square his Sun). He is a very swallow guy who his only consideration was that his wife to look nice….and she did. For the first 2 years. But 3 months after the waddling everything changed. Her character (first of all), her attitude, and her body weight (she took about 100 pounds in each birth/she lost just 40 pounds in total). It’s already a miracle that they had stayed married that long. His is, also, having a retrograde Mars which isn’t the very best for a man’s expression of personal drive, not even to express his anger. His is the absolute victim.

    This case is a John Oliver’s line:
    (Who truly means anything but..)


    P.S. I believe that is very important to know personally all this people. I’m not a professional astrologer and I don’t betrayed my clients trust. But also they can’t hide behind an email or a phone call which is very easy with someone which, you don’t really know. They also can’t lie because you already know them. You already know how they think and how they act. A client can tell you a bunch of lies before even admit a small fraction of truth. I do know people (from both sexes) who they want a “professional opinion” and they are lying about their birth year (they “remove” 10 years). NO sense.
    I study astrology the last 12 years and the interesting part is the psychology of astrology.
    We are who we are and astrology can confirm a lot of this AND not the other way around (we are like that because of the planets).

  13. when there’s only 1 degree difference between them, does it mean she didn’t appear in the sky at that time? For example Venus 8º and sun 9º. Is it still Venus morning star because it is before, or it is in that phase when venus is behind the sun already?

  14. Sun in 1’11” Scorpio and Venus in 7’45 Libra. I believe that’s an evening star. Libra is 23′? degrees before scorpio. Am I correct?

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