The Astrology of January 2017 – Full Steam Ahead

January will be a highly active month. Starting with 8th of January when Mercury turns direct ALL planets will be in direct motion. It is only once a year the skies are blessing us with a Karma-free window of opportunity, so make sure you take advantage of it. All planets in direct motion will  propel everything we start during this time frame forward at a high speed.

From 15th to 18th of January and from 29th to 31st even the North Node is direct  – make sure you mark the dates in your calendar – this is the time of the year when you have full freedom to manifest your future.

January is dominated by Mars, the most active planet of the month which will also enter its own sign Aries at the time of the New Moon on the 27th of January. The martian energy combined with the pragmatic Capricorn energy AND all planets in direct motion make January an excellent time to start new ventures.


Let’s have a look at the most important transits of the month:

  • On the 2nd of January Venus enters Pisces, the sign of her exaltation. In Pisces, Venus is dreamy, imaginative and has high romantic ideals. This is an important Venus transit: usually Venus spends around 4 weeks in a sign, but because she’s now moving slower than usual – culminating with a retrogradation which will start in March – Venus will spend quite a bit of time in Pisces.  More exactly,  from 2nd of January until 3rd of February, and then again from the 3rd of April until 29th of April. We will have almost 2 months of Venus in Pisces energy. Venus will enters the Rx zone on the 30th of January.
  • On the 4th of January Mercury retrograde re-enters Sagittarius to spend one more week in the sign of the Philosopher. This short stay will reactivate some discussions or projects we started at the end of November, beginning of December.
  • 6th of January marks the yearly meeting of the Sun with Pluto, at 17° in Capricorn. People born around 6th of January will have a highly transformative year ahead. But because Pluto is so strong and intense, all of us will encounter some sort of Plutonian themes – such as power, transformation around this date.
  • On 7th of January Venus is conjunct the South Node of the Moon and opposes the North Node of the Moon. This will be a very important day in matters of the heart, especially if you have planets at 4° in Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces).
  • On the 8th of January Mercury goes direct marking the yearly time frame when all planets are direct – this window of opportunity lasts until 6th of February.
  • On the 10th -11th of January Sun squares Uranus and then Jupiter, activating the Jupiter Uranus opposition. Some themes of the Jupiter Uranus opposition (the most important transit of the year) will start to emerge around this date.
  • Mercury re-enters Capricorn at the time of the Full Moon on the 12th of January at 22° in Cancer. Time to manifest the projects we’ve started at the time of the New Moon on the 29th of November.
  • On the 16th-17th of January Mars activates Chiron and Saturn. Time for a reality check! This is a rather challenging transit because Mars and Saturn are very different. While Mars wants to assert himself “Look at me!” and conquer new territories, Saturn is the “ummm, maybe not” severe teacher who sets the boundaries and tells Mars what he is allowed to do and what not. Chiron is literally the KEY to transcend this never ending dynamic. With awareness we can have both: assertion and discipline to turn our initiatives into reality. Remember, we are the only ones who can set limits on what we can do.
  • Sun enters Aquarius on the 19th of January and our idealistic natures are stimulated. Some fresh Air energy is now more than welcome.
  • On the 25th of January Venus will conjunct Chiron at 21° Pisces releasing some old wounds from our hearts.
  • The New Moon in Aquarius takes place on the 27th of January, and in the same time Mars enters its domicile Aries. This will be a highly active new Moon – time to make some bold moves 😉
  • On the 29th Mercury is conjunct Pluto at 17° Capricorn – this time we won’t escape those serious conversations we’ve been postponing since Mercury went retrograde, less than a degree from Pluto.
  • January ends with a Mercury Uranus square on the 31st again activating the infamous Jupiter Uranus opposition. We will get now even more clues about what to expect from 2017.

You can get the Astro Butterfly calendar with all the transits of 2017 here

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