Venus In Pisces – The Mermaid

The Greek legend says that Venus was born from the foam of the seashore.

Venus is frequently pictured wafted on a large seashell to shore as a gift from heaven, symbolizing the watery female principle, essential to the generation and balance of life.

No wonder in astrology Venus is exalted in Pisces, which means that is in this watery placement where she is able to express herself at her best.

Pisces is ruled by the mystical Neptune, the God of the sea, who is also the higher octave of Venus.

In Pisces, Venus brings all the Venusian attributes of love and beauty to higher realms – of enchanting beauty, spiritual and compassionate love and receptivity, and authentic connection.

Photo by Igor Bulgak

Just like the ocean, deep and wavy, love has now the power to conquer all the oppositions and differences. The struggle of duality between the Lower and the Higher Selves, represented by the two fish going in opposite directions (the Piscean symbol) seems to dissolve now.

Venus In Pisces – No More “Me” and “You”, Only “Us”

In the higher realms of Neptune, there is no more “me” and “you” – the spirit of Love dwells everywhere.

Another theme of Venus in Pisces is the one of sacrifice.

Looking through the Neptunian lenses, sacrifice becomes the supreme gift, not out of generosity.

But because in the last sign of the Zodiac, the sacrifice becomes the natural vibration of life.

Life can only exist and continuously recreate itself when we have a ‘giver’ and a ‘receiver’ playing along. In this way, life propagates through all matters of existence and returns to its immortality. Later, it will re-emerge in a different shape.

Judas who betrayed Jesus was the 12th apostle (symbolizing the sign of Pisces). He HAD to betray Jesus because someone had to do it to fulfill the prophecy and save the world. In a way, it was only him who loved Jesus enough and sacrificed to do the ordeal.

Venus In Pisces – Surrender To The Unknown

In Pisces, Venus likes to dream, and the border between dreams, imagination, and reality may change just like the boundary between the ocean and the shoreline changes with every wave, inviting us to surrender to the unknown.

Bathing in the Neptunian ocean of neverendings, Venus becomes the mermaid, the elusive and mysterious half-woman, half-fish creature which can swim in deep waters and then emerge to the surface to allure sailors with her grace and beauty.

Just like a mermaid, there is a longing in each one of us for the depths of the ocean, for that primordial environment we all emerged from, millions of years ago.

During the Venus transit in Pisces, we can feel an intense longing to merge with the divine, and to escape from a reality devoid of meaning.

And this is because Venus in Pisces craves for connection. Not any connection, but a spiritual connection that can last the span of lifetimes.

We look now not only for romance, but for a love that will bring us a sense of higher purpose. If we start a relationship when Venus is in Pisces, we will feel like the Spirit/God/Source/Universe has conspired for us and the object of our desire to meet.

Venus In Pisces In Love

In relationships, the transit of Venus in Pisces will bring a long-awaited period of warmth and connection. You will find it natural now to reestablish intimacy. You will find it easier to communicate about any issue that is causing distance between you and your partner.

In a relationship or not, this is the time of the year when we all crave a fairy tale romance. We now long for a deep soul mate connection, we want not only to love, but to merge with the other.

Our intuition is highly developed now, and we can relate deeply to art, poetry, nature and music.

Whether you are in love right now, or longing for love, Venus in Pisces is a great time to:

  • focus on your spiritual practices
  • read poetry
  • visit art galleries
  • read fantasy books
  • go to the church or to the ashram
  • or simply buy beautiful clothes, scarfs, shoes or bed linens

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