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Mercury enters Libra on the 7th of October

Mercury will transit the cardinal Air sign of Libra for about three weeks until October 25th when he moves into Scorpio.

During this transit, we’re more diplomatic and find it easier to see another’s point of view. Libra transits always draw awareness on the areas of our life where balance is needed. Are we too judgmental or on contrary too accommodating?  Are we so stubborn that we cannot accept other people’s viewpoints, or too wishy washy, going back and forth and never seeming to make up our mind? Whatever it is, Mercury in Libra will help us identify the imbalance, and direct us towards those areas we need to adjust in order to create more balance in our life.


Another characteristic of this transit is that our ideas, our communication – in any form – will become more artistic. Music  and painting are beautiful mediums of communication – and Mercury in Libra a has a strong desire for harmony and aesthetics. He loves fine music, poetry,  a good art gallery or performing arts.

Last and not least, Mercury in Libra will sharpen our negotiation skills. If the answer to the question “what is in for me” does not satisfy us, we are more likely than usual to take action (Libra is a Cardinal sign after all) and do something about it: discuss, fight and make up with our spouse, get things straight with our business partner, ask the boss for a promotion. The good news for the spouse, business partner or the boss is that Libra in Mercury will also make us reflect on “what is in for the other”. The magic of negotiation happens when we truly understand our needs, we truly understand the other’s needs, and then we agree on what is the proper ratio of “give and take” to have happy and healthy relationships.

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Mercury Conjunct Venus in Leo

Venusian charm is combined with Mercury’s emphasis on communication in the sign of Self Expression (Leo). 

The result?

The mind and the heart are fully in tune, our communication is harmonious and we feel confident and optimistic in expressing ourselves.

The transit promotes great conversations and intelligent as well as exciting relationships. Even the shy ones of us will find it easier to speak up. It’s easier to be confident and articulate when you speak from your heart. This is the message of this transit.


In the photo we have Michael Jackson and Slash-> they both have the Mercury Venus conjunction in Leo in their natal chart.

The duo collaborated on “Black and white” and “Give into me”. Both songs capture the essence of the Mercury Venus in Leo magic: self-expression, authenticity and the need to be loved for what one is.


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Grand Water Trine

We have a Grand Water trine with Mercury in Cancer, Mars in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces.

During this transit we feel more at ease to express our emotions, even those we kept buried inside for years and years. The energy is very healing and flows – literally – like water.

To get the best of this transit, tune into the healing powers of water. Go by the water if you have the possibility, and if not, try a meditation that is centered on water, or simply listen to the sound of a river steam of to the sound of the waves.

A meditation you can use to tune in:

Find a quiet space inside your home or outside in nature. Start by breathing deeply to calm down your mind. Then imagine you are next to a stream, or by the sea. Listen to the sound of the water, and let it fill the space in the head until there is nothing but that sound. And then, as you go into the water, feel it against your skin. How does it feel? Then picture yourself as water. This could be a drop of rain, an ocean, a river, a waterfall, even a teardrop. Imagine yourself merging with the water, and let it guide you. Reflect on the feeling of being one with the water until you feel relaxed and at peace.


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Intimacy is the bond that grows when we learn to express our own thoughts and feelings, and in the same time carefully listen to the other.

The following days are some of the most intimate days of the year:

  • Sun is conjunct Mercury in Cancer
  • Venus in Cancer is trine Mars in Scorpio
  • Slowly Venus and Mars will approach Chiron to form a beautiful, intimate and healing
  • Water Grand Trine

Intimate AstrologySun is our identity, and Mercury, Venus and Mars are personal planets. We don’t have very often all these bodies in sync in the same time, AND in water signs. The energy is very caring and intimate. We crave deep emotional connections with others, and because Mercury is in cazimi with the Sun, and Mars just turned direct and is more powerful than ever, we also dare to express our needs and desires.

In a relationship or single, these days make sure you have contact with other people, even at a platonic level, even only for handshake, because you need this human contact, and you are likely to benefit a lot from it. Being intimate can trigger feelings of vulnerability, but that’s ok. Stay with them and let your heart break open. Some hurtful things have to be let go so all that is left is pure love.

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Jupiter Turns Direct

On May 9th we have 2 very important astrological events.

Firstly, Jupiter turns direct, which means that faith, optimism, and hope will be restored. This is an excellent transit, also because Jupiter is part of the grand Earth trine (a configuration we have in the first weeks of May) supporting us in turning our wildest dreams into reality.

The 2nd important transit is Mercury conjunct Sun which means Mercury is firstly combust, creating chaos in our communication, then for a few hours is forming a so called cazimi aspect (which means that out of the sudden our intellect becomes very sharp, and we can have great intellectual insights), and then is combust again for the rest of the day. Not only we have this transit, but this time Mercury passes directly between the Earth and the Sun (this is one of those rare occurrences, only 13 every 100 years – when Mercury’s orbit intersects with Earth’s orbit) which means that Mercury will work in a close sync with the Earth and will relate to our earthy matters more than it usually does.


To recap, we have Jupiter and Mercury playing a central role in the sky, and both celestial bodies are overcharged with energy. Because Jupiter amplifies everything it touches, we will have an explosion of Mercurial energy. Unexpected news, tense conversations, events related to transportation and short trips, anything is possible. This morning, one friend of mine used Google maps to take a ‘shortcut’ on a highway, only to be guided to the opposite lane (he got the full meaning of Mercury retrograde…), while another friend forgot to take his laptop to work…so he had to turn back home and waste a few hours in traffic.

These examples look like a series of rather annoying events…However, let’s not forget that both Mercury and Jupiter and in Earth sigs. The Universe wants us to have a daily schedule and calendar that speak to what we value. ‘What we value’ are the key words here – look at your everyday life – starting with routines, activities, even your job – are these truly reflecting who you really are, what you want to become? Jupiter is about beliefs. In Virgo, Jupiter draws our attention to the way we are taking care of ourselves, and how that has an impact on our vision about life, and the other way around. How is your health? Is your diet, are your daily habits supporting you in your goals?

We now have the chance to gain crystal clear clarity on what we need to change in our daily habits to become a better version of ourselves.