New Moon In Scorpio – The Good, The Bad, And The Unexpected

On November 13th, 2023 we have a New Moon at 20° Scorpio

The New Moon in Scorpio is closely conjunct its ruler, Mars. It is opposite Uranus in Taurus, and trine Neptune in Pisces.

This New Moon is exceptionally potent, to say the least. 

Let’s talk about the good, the bad and the unexpected of the New Moon in Scorpio. 

The Good: New Moon Conjunct Its Ruler And Trine Neptune 

The New Moon is conjunct Mars. Mars is in domicile in Scorpio. This is definitely good news! Mars in Scorpio is powerful, resilient, and deeply connected with his desire nature. When Mars in Scorpio wants something, he goes and gets it.

Our desires are the most powerful force in the universe. Our desires are what the universe wants to manifest, through us. 

Mars in Scorpio knows that oh so well. When Mars, the Sun and the Moon align at the New Moon in Scorpio, our desires and intentions gain incredible momentum for manifestation. 

The fact that this Marsy New Moon is trine Neptune in Pisces is a nice bonus. This soulful water trine adds a touch of almost psychic intuition. We just ‘know’ what to do, as if the universe itself is guiding our steps.

The Bad: Mars Opposite Uranus

HOWEVER. It’s not all sunshine and roses. The God of the sky himself, Uranus, is directly opposing the New Moon from Taurus. With Uranus in the mix, that flowy Sun-Moon-Mars-Neptune water trine could easily turn into an electrical storm.

Not that Mars-Uranus oppositions are bad per se, but there’s definitely a potential for disruption. 

Mars can get angry. Uranus is unpredictable. The Taurus-Scorpio is the most fixed (read stubborn) axis of the zodiac, so both Mars and Uranus will stick to their guns. 

Mars in Scorpio realllly wants to get his way. But Uranus, with its erratic, freedom-loving and rebellious energy, won’t yield easily. This clash of wills can lead to impulsive actions, rebellious behavior, and a tendency to push the boundaries. 

The Unexpected

At the New Moon in Scorpio, we have a purpose-driven Mars. A supportive water trine with Neptune. And a potentially disruptive opposition with Uranus. 

What could happen? As the Uranus saying goes, “expect the unexpected”

Let’s talk a bit about the “unexpected”. 

We may dread the unexpected. We may fear it, resist it, or try to control it. We may secretly wait for it to ‘rescue’ us from an unfulfilling routine or a monotonous existence.

The ‘unexpected’ is that part of us that has been silenced, repressed, or unacknowledged. At the New Moon in Scorpio, that part of us wants to be seen. It wants to come out. 

Of course, there are things in life that happen to us. Sometimes we are at the whimsical mercy of fate. But many times – and especially when we have an opposition aspect – it’s us who trigger what appears to be an unexpected turn of events. 

With Mars opposite Uranus, it’s important to realize that it’s our actions – or inactions – that call in for Uranus. It’s our desires – expressed or repressed – that ignite the spark leading to change. 

New Moon In Scorpio – Obeying His Conscience, A Soldier Resists Orders

The Sabian Symbol of the New Moon in Scorpio is “Obeying his conscience, a soldier resists orders” couldn’t have been more apt to describe the energies at play. 

This is a very interesting metaphor for many reasons. First, it speaks about the importance of asserting our personal values, even when they go against the demands of society. We will stand our ground and face the consequences, no matter what. 

But the Sabian Symbol also invites us to reflect on the “conscience – orders” polarity. One way to look at it is that ‘Mars’ (conjunct the Sun) is our ‘conscience’, and ‘Uranus’ – the unreasonable ‘orders’.  

But the twist – and with Uranus, there’s always a twist – is to reflect whether it’s our own Mars conditioning (“I’ve always done things this way”) that is ‘ordering’ us what to do – through ingrained, default patterns to ‘act’ in a certain way; whereas Uranus, as our higher – and much more intelligent – Self, is the ‘conscience’. 

In other words, just because you (think you) want it, it doesn’t mean it’s the right thing for you. 

New Moon In Scorpio – Resentment And Redemption 

But as we agreed, Mars in Scorpio doesn’t take no for an answer.

The New Moon in Scorpio may trigger our default patterns of passive-aggressiveness and resentment. 

Resentment is a psychological state that gets triggered when we feel we deserve “more”. That’s especially the case when we feel we’ve done more than our share, and we still haven’t got the results we expected, whereas others seem to effortlessly reap the rewards.

We then feel ‘cheated’ and aggrieved. Many people go to great lengths to get “justice” or vindicate themselves by proving others wrong or by not letting them “get away with it”, even when this goes against their own best interests. 

While our sense of justice is undeniably important, it’s also important to keep in mind that there is always the other side of the story, and there might be a bigger picture we don’t fully grasp. 

If we haven’t got what we wanted (yet) there is a reason for that – and that reason may have nothing to do with others, but with ourselves. Uranus in Taurus reminds us that sometimes in life, things are exactly as they appear to be.

New Moon In Scorpio And Uranus In Taurus

Sometimes there’s no Scorpionic complexity. There’s no need to find explanations or dig for hidden meanings. 

There is a simplicity and naturalness about Uranus in Taurus. It does not need to prove anything. Nature has nothing to prove. When we resist Uranus in Taurus, we resist reality. 

Instead of forcing our way towards our goals and future aspirations, it’s better to stay in the reality of the present moment, even if it’s not as we want it to be.


Because it’s exactly the quality of being present that will help us invite positive change into our lives. It’s our ability to accept reality, that will help us see opportunities and open new doors. 

The New Moon is a reminder that we can always start again. At the New Moon in Scorpio, don’t knock on closed doors. See which doors naturally open. 

Soon after the New Moon, the Sun and Mars will meet at 25° Scorpio, initiating a new 2-year Hero’s Journey. But more about the Sun-Mars conjunction in the next blog post. 

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