Astrology Of November 2023 – The Hero’s Journey

Welcome November! October is now over which means the eclipse season is officially over. 

The last Lunar Eclipse in Taurus came with power cut-offs; I didn’t have internet access for a few days. 

Power cut-offs are very archetypal eclipse energies. At an eclipse, one luminary is ‘eclipsed’ or shadowed so it doesn’t operate in the same way it usually does. When we have a Solar Eclipse, the disk of the Sun is eclipsed or shadowed by the disk of the Moon. 

At a Lunar Eclipse (like this one we just had) the Moon is eclipsed by the shadow of the Earth. At a symbolic level, this means that there are earthy circumstances that interfere with the Moon’s plans, demanding our immediate attention. 

If there’s one thing I learned about astrology, it is to always go with the universe’s timing, not with my personal timing. The universe always knows best, simply because it has a greater perspective. 

But there are times when our individual perspective matters. 

If in October we had the eclipses, and the most prominent planet was fated and transformative Pluto, now in November, the most prominent planet is Mars, the planet of personal will. 

We are in Mars-ruled Scorpio season, we have a New Moon in Scorpio conjunct Mars, and a brand new Mars synodic cycle starts in the sign of Scorpio. 

This is interesting because Mars is the lower octave of Pluto, which means there’s a relationship between these 2 planets. 

If October brought us eclipses and fated events (Pluto), in November it’s time to take a step back and look inside. What does it all mean, from an individual perspective? 

Mars is our drive to assert ourselves and go for what we want. When we activate our inner Mars, we walk the path.

We are on our hero’s journey.

We learn about the world around us. We fail, we get back up, and we fail again. We eventually get to the finish line, which, irrespective of the outcome, is a victory in itself.

What happens when we don’t activate our inner Mars? We stop trying. We give up. We close up in our little bubble. 

But the world doesn’t stop spinning. Planets don’t stop circling the Sun. We still experience things happening to us. And because we lack the Mars training, we don’t know how exactly to deal with life’s challenges and adversities.

That’s why mastering our inner Mars is soooo important. This month, especially mid-November, between the New Moon in Scorpio and the exact Sun-Mars conjunction, is your chance to get in touch with your inner Mars and start a brand new 2-year Hero’s journey. 

In November, good things come to those who dare.

But let’s take a look at the most important astrological events of the month: 

November 4th, 2023 – Saturn Goes Direct

On November 4th, 2023 Saturn goes direct at 0° Pisces. 0° of any sign is a powerful degree. It’s the purest energy of the sign, as archetypal as it can possibly be. Saturn’s station invites us to reflect on this transit’s significance in our life. 

How do you experience the taskmaster of the zodiac in the boundless, imaginative realm of Pisces? 

Are there any specific themes (revealed by the natal house triggered by Saturn) that are surfacing in your awareness? How can a Saturn in Pisces approach help you navigate these themes and improve your life?

November 8th, 2023 – Venus Enters Libra

On November 8th, 2023 Venus enters her domicile sign, Libra.

In electional astrology – where astrologers pick auspicious transits to time an event, they particularly look for planets with strong essential dignity, i.e. when the planet is either in the sign of its domicile or exaltation. 

Why is that? It is believed that when a planet has strong essential dignity it operates at its best, producing more favorable results.

What does it mean? When Venus is in domicile in Libra, Venus-related themes, events and activities are favored. Do you want to start dating? Go to a party? Make some financial investments? Get yourself a new wardrobe? Now it’s the time! 

The house that transit Venus triggers in your chart will reveal more about the specific areas of life that will benefit from these favorable Venusian energies.

November 10th, 2023 – Mercury Enters Sagittarius 

On November 10th, 2023 Mercury enters Sagittarius. Talking about essential dignity, Mercury is in detriment in Sagittarius. 

Does it mean Mercury in Sagittarius is a negative placement? Not at all.

It’s just that the archetypal Mercurian energy – facts before intuition, individual perspective vs. collective perspective, or analytical thinking vs. abstract reasoning – aligns very well with signs like Gemini or Vigo, but not so much with Jupiter-ruled signs like Sagittarius or Pisces. 

Mercury in Sagittarius looks for the “meaning of it all” but in the process of finding the philosophical, absolute truth, it may skip some important details which may lead to not so fact-checked conclusions. 

But Mercury in Sagittarius can be a transit for many reasons. While it’s great to have a factual, objective Mercury in Gemini mind when we read the news for example, life is not only about reading the news or seeking cold, hard facts. 

Sometimes we need a good Sagittarius story. Mercury in Sagittarius is the storyteller of the zodiac.

When Mercury is in Sagittarius, our mind becomes more imaginative and explorative. Our communication, more colorful and engaging. Our perspective of the world broadens, and we start to see the world through the Sagittarian lens of possibilities and adventures.

November 13th, 2023 – New Moon In Scorpio

On November 13th, 2023 we have a New Moon at 20° Scorpio. The New Moon in Scorpio is closely conjunct its ruler, Mars. Sun and Mars are in close vicinity for the entire month, but at the New Moon in Scorpio, the Moon also joins the Halloween party. 

The mantra of the New Moon in Scorpio is “Tell me what you want, what you really really want”. 

Your desires are the most powerful force in the universe. Your desires are what the universe wants to happen in the world. Your desires are what the universe wants to manifest, through you. 

Becoming aware of what you want is the very first step. The New Moon in Scorpio is your celestial opportunity to gain crystal clarity about the nature of your deepest desires. This clarity will initiate a powerful co-creative journey with the universe. 

November 18th, 2023 – Sun Conjunct Mars

On November 18th, 2023 Sun is conjunct Mars. When the Sun is conjunct Mars, Mars starts a new 2-year synodic cycle, or yet another Hero’s Journey. 

On your quest, you sometimes run, sometimes you rest, other times you stop to catch your breath. You find new challenges on the way. You discover new strengths, and meet new people. 

You have no idea what’s ahead of you. There may be risks and dangers. Some of the obstacles may test you along the path. But it’s this journey that will help you grow, learn, and ultimately become a stronger and more resilient version of yourself. 

The Sun conjunct Mars transit sometimes goes overlooked because we have one Sun-Mars conjunction every 2 years. We experience an average 40 Sun-Mars transits in a lifetime. That’s quite a few hero’s journeys.

We have approx 40 opportunities to start again, with each journey learning a little bit more about ourselves and the world we live in. 

Each transit conjunction comes with a choice: are you in, or are you out? 

How many journeys have you said “no” to in the past? What will you do this time? 

Staying in our comfort zone certainly has its advantages. It’s cozy. Nothing can hurt us. But it’s also a little bit boring. What you truly want can only be found ‘out there’. Not on the couch. 

There’s something about the nature of desire that asks us to look for it beyond the boundaries of our familiar surroundings. It pushes us to explore, to take risks, and to embrace the unknown.  

November 24th, 2023 – Mars Enters Sagittarius

On November 24th, 2023, Mars enters Sagittarius.

After we got in touch with our desire (New Moon in Scorpio) and made the decision to embark on a new journey (Sun conjunct Mars), now with Mars in Sagittarius, it’s time to pack our bags and prepare for the adventure. 

November 27th, 2023 – Full Moon In Gemini

On November 27th, 2023 we have a Full Moon at 4° Gemini. We talked a lot about Mars this month and we are going to talk a bit more about it because the Full Moon in Gemini is now opposite Mars. 

We are now face to face with Mars, and this new angle allows to look at our desires from a more objective perspective, and acknowledge some otherwise hidden or overlooked drivers and motivations. 

The Full Moon in Gemini is the missing piece of the puzzle. By now, you may have a clear picture of what you want, but you may not exactly know how to get there. “Ah, this is why I want that, and this is how I’m going to get it”. 

The Full Moon in Gemini, with its inquisitive and objective energy, will reveal the answer. This time, Pluto (trine Full Moon) is also on your side, adding depth and transformative power to your quest. 

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