Jupiter Sextile Saturn – Follow The Crumb Trail

On June 19th, 2023, Jupiter (at 7° Taurus) is sextile Saturn (at 7° Pisces). 

Jupiter sextile Saturn is one of the best transits of the season. 

This sextile is especially important since it’s the first aspect of the famous Jupiter-Saturn cycle that started in December 2020 at 0° Aquarius. Back in 2020, an Aquarius seed has been planted somewhere in your chart.  

However, when we have a conjunction, we don’t necessarily see anything concrete happening. A conjunction is like the dark New Moon – things are happening in the background, but we may not be aware yet of what’s going on. 

Now with the sextile, a concrete opportunity will present itself. This is the first sextile of the 20-year-long, 2020-2040 Jupiter-Saturn cycle. This is our first step into the unknown. This is when we test the waters. 

Jupiter And Saturn – Let’s Do It

There is a reason why the Jupiter-Saturn cycle has been the most important synodic cycle since astrology has basically been invented. 

Jupiter and Saturn are the slower-moving visible planets in the sky. When Jupiter and Saturn meet, a new 20-year Jupiter-Saturn cycle begins, and that’s a big deal.

We have one Moon-Jupiter or one Moon-Saturn conjunction every month. We have one Venus-Jupiter or Venus-Saturn conjunction every year.

But we only have a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction every 20 years

It is believed that the Star of Bethlehem was a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. The Jupiter-Saturn cycle is THE most important planetary cycle because it speaks of long, 20-year-long projects that require a lot of time and energy to complete.

The typical person experiences 3 or 4 Saturn-Jupiter cycles in a lifetime. These are our big milestones in life. This is our life’s legacy.

When Jupiter and Saturn form an aspect, this marks an important milestone in our big, life’s legacy projects.

And while nothing concrete may happen on the day of the aspect – rest assured that things DO happen in the background. You may not be able to pinpoint anything in particular – but when you’ll look back some years from now, you will know that this was an important time in your life. 

How do Jupiter and Saturn work? At first glance, Jupiter and Saturn are antithetic energies. Jupiter is about growth, Saturn is about contraction. Jupiter is abundant, Saturn is restrictive. 

But Jupiter and Saturn have more in common than we might think.

Both Jupiter and Saturn are social planets that deal with groups of people and society as a whole. Jupiter has a more spiritual energy, Saturn a more concrete, material energy. With Jupiter, we dream big. With Saturn, we put in the work to achieve those dreams. 

With Jupiter, we set an intention. With Saturn, we follow through. Jupiter is talking the talk, Saturn is walking the walk. Jupiter is what we believe in, our moral compass, Saturn is what we actually do – the step-by-step implementation.

To achieve our human potential and leave a legacy, we need to embrace both Jupiter and Saturn and find a balance between the two. 

Think of Jupiter and Saturn as the tires of a car.

If it is too inflated, the tire can explode, and if there’s not enough air, the tire will wear badly and will possibly be damaged. That’s why we want to find a balance between expansion and contraction, between dreaming big and actually following through. 

Jupiter sextile Saturn – Follow The Crumb Trail

And to help us achieve these big, 20-year life legacy projects, Jupiter and Saturn dance together in the sky, forming different aspects, from conjunction, sextile, to square and opposition. 

The good news is that Jupiter and Saturn are now sextiling each other. 

The sextile is a supportive aspect – but unlike the trine, which brings things effortlessly (sometimes so effortlessly, that we don’t even notice them and we miss the boat), the sextile is the opportunities we consciously create

There are 2 types of sextiles: opening sextiles (sextiles that happen just after the conjunction) and closing sextiles (sextiles that happen towards the end of the cycle, after the 2nd square). 

Our current Jupiter-Saturn sextile is an opening sextile, because it’s the first Jupiter-Saturn aspect to happen after the Jupiter-Saturn 2020 conjunction. The opening sextiles are like the Moon’s crescent. This is when things get activated, this is when a new opportunity emerges.

The opening sextile has a 3rd house energy (unlike the closing sextile, which has an 11th house energy). So the opening sextile is really about venturing outside our comfort zone. 

And when we do that, we need some assistance. We need some help from other people, or we need to put some systems in place so we can feel comfortable about our new endeavor. 

When we go for the 1st time to a new city, we use a map or navigation. When we learn something new, we hire a teacher. The opening sextile is really about taking those first steps into the unknown. 

The good news is that this new adventure doesn’t feel scary. The sextile is a friendly, supportive aspect. We feel excited about the new adventure. We are eager to explore. 

We might not feel ready yet – and that’s the danger of the sextile aspect. A sextile is not a trine – is not that inner confidence that “I got this” or “I know what to do”.

With the sextile, we are not entirely sure about how we are going to go about things, yet we have that inner curiosity and excitement to try something new.

That’s why at this stage of the Jupiter and Saturn cycle – the opening sextile – it’s really important we actually say yes to the call, and go on a small adventure. We seek help. We reach out to others.

We follow the crumb trail. 

This is a longer influence – Jupiter and Saturn will be in a sextile aspect for a few more weeks. 

In the next couple of weeks, pay attention to any opportunities that come your way. If you read something interesting, follow through. If you get a phone call from an unknown number, answer. If opportunity knocks at your door, say YES. 

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  1. Your smart analysis is always coming from a wisdom of a higher degree standard, very similar to the Jupiter-Saturn sextile , following throughout the meaning of life existence.
    Always Reading with passion and Gratitude .

  2. Most of what you’ve said the effects would be, in that time frame, have happened to me. I’m not like you, but I am YANG JUPITER’S SIBYL…I have been taking dictation from HIM. Unfortunately Saturn hasn’t been Well enough to follow His planned future,..so YANG JUPITER says that HE has had to take over completely. It will be a while before things take you also down a new Path, much Appreciated.

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